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March 21, 2023, 09:52:55 AM

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Buffalo County

Started by skell, July 24, 2007, 04:23:16 PM

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The Epic Adventures of John Hamilton

Welcome to my MD. It will chronicle the life of the intrepid young John Hamilton who has just accepted a clerkship with the Bradford Circuit Court. Through the events in his life, I'll show off the various parts of my region, Buffalo County. 

The region I'm using is the Buffalo map from over at ST.

Click on me!

The main city, Bradford, sits on the island in the middle. Currently it's population is hovering around 60k.  Development as spread over most of the main island and other cities have sprung up in the surrounding areas.  Here's an overview of the city as our hero sails to begin his new position.

John, being a bit melodramatic, decided to arrive in his new home on board a real sailing ship. This is despite the fact that he grew up in the next county over. As he disembarks, he strolls down the row of shops near the old sea village as the ship is unloaded and his car brought up from below.

Finally, he starts driving toward downtown. On his left is Bradford city hall. 

Then he cruises past the courthouse where he'll be working in about a week.


That's all for the first post here. John's explored some more already and I'll post some more shots later this evening hopefully. 

To come:

Shots of downtown, a bit north of the sea village area,

The home of Bradford United, the local third division soccer club,

St. Thomas Country Club and the Governor's mansion,

Bradford College


A local shopping center!
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Move over, John Grisham.  Watch out, Scott Turow.  It's skell, unleashed!

Quote...intrepid young John Hamilton who has just accepted a clerkship with the Bradford Circuit Court...

Only a lawyer, my friend, would note that as a plot point.

But enough- the pics look great, the story's just getting underway...

Waitin' for more!

Good luck.


D. Edgren

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WoW nice start here and some lovely pics and story too...
Also i can almost say that you gotten David Hooked as he
is a attorney also LoL... You bet i will be back for more as
well... - pat

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Great start, Skell! Wonderful pictures! :thumbsup:


Well, it looks like Buffalo County is off to a tremendous start here, skell! I'll be following along to see you things develop!


Oh boy, oh joy! Nice photos, good layout and a whole bunch of seawalls I can puzzle over!  :thumbsup:
And I'll ask the same of you as I do the other MDers I choose to follow. Could we see a region shot and a few zoom outs from time to time? Population and traffic data are nice to have, too, if it isn't too much trouble.

Until next time...


Thanks for all the encouragement!  Hopefully when I get home later this evening I'll get a few more shots up.

Jmouse: I can post some region shots though admittedly most of the other cities are ragged right now. I didn't think of posting traffic data, but I'll see what I can do.

Does anyone know of a good free program to make the mosaic shots that I see on here from time to time? 
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LoL Skell thats a good and easy answer MS Paint... That is what i used to make my mosaics for the first time and i think they turned out just find IMHO... All you need to do is copy from one pic to the other pic paste and make sure you stretch out the background to fit the new pic...

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Installment 1b

Moving In

Last we saw, John was driving into his new hometown. Taking his time, and getting honked at for doing so, he takes in the approach to downtown Bradford from the south.

John notes the Federal courthouse tucked away amid the office buildings. He makes a note that his job is at the state court house near the sea village.

Leaving downtown, he ventures into his new neighborhood.  In the distance he catches a glimpse of the soccer stadium, home of Bradford United. His apartment is in the cast iron lofts facing the square of bars and small shops next to the stadium.

After unpacking his meager belongings, he decides to cruise around town before getting a bite to eat in one of the neighborhood bars.  Heading east, he passes more residential neighborhoods packed with closely set homes. 

He spots trees and the edges of St. Thomas Country Club to his right. He notices the houses getting progressively nicer so he takes a turn.

Braking hard to avoid hitting a dog, he suddenly takes in the huge mansion at the back of the golf course. He mutters to himself, "Some day... some day."

Shaking himself from his daydream, he continues on past a large shopping center toward the edge of town.

Stopping in for some needed groceries, John heads to his new home to play his new Wii... a graduation gift.

Until later!


Well, I was going to work on my manufacturing town, but the city seems to have gotten corrupted. Maybe I used a lot that I haven't in a long time which caused it. Maybe it just happens at times. I don't know, but when I get to work on it again, I plan to stick to the newest stuff in order to avoid it again. Is there any solution rather than deleting the city and terraforming it back to close to what it was? I suppose I could render the map as something else and then import the same tile into this region but that seems like a lot of work. Suggestions?  Terraforming might be my best choice since I wanted to expand the area where the naval base was anyway. 

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Looking good, skell! Your town looks absolutely beautiful and I love the golf course. Keep up the good work!


Skell that was a good update... To answer your question at hand save a copy of your city in a
seperate folder that works too...

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A great country club you have there! Also the houses around it are looking wonderful! :thumbsup:


Good story, nice pictures and terrific update.
As for the corrupted city file, I had to replace mine and reterraform. I did trace the problem to a recently and incorrectly installed mod, but by that time it was too late. What are the symptoms - crash to desktop, etc.?

Until next time...



I'm not advancing the story, but, for those who have been listening, due to the city corruption, I decided to post some shots of the city I've been working on. 

This is planned as the manufacturing, naval base city of the region. Edwinsport has about 18k citizens so far and the developments of an interesting area. The contractors building the barracks on the slowly developing naval base took some side jobs and built similar pieces of real estate just outside the gates for those sailors that have some money to throw around. Nearby are a couple of bars and strip clubs! Whoo! 

I'm trying to build this 'city' without any discernible downtown area.  Despite the scream for office space, I'm not going to give the Sims what they want. I want all that demand to flow toward Bradford.  We'll see if it works. 

Enough talk...

A bit closer in on the base... so far they constructed a few barracks, a parade ground, a dining facility and the headquarters for the fleet.  Way off to the west is the first part of the port itself, home of the local squadron of cruisers.  I'll get a shot one John Hamilton manages to get clearance to get on the base itself. 

Notice the midrise apartments around the base. Bland and repetitive. Can you say government at its finest?  Also, the base is protected by a canal and a double razor wire fence. Makes you wonder what the Sim Government is planning on doing around Edwinsport.  We might find out in the future. 

I meant to post a really wide shot, but now is not the time!  I will tomorrow if I remember...  this town is going to reach up into some small hills that mark the coastline. 


I hope this weekend to get this city up to a solid level of development with the naval base running at full capacity.  We'll see if it happens.

Thanks for stopping in!
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Awww skell that bites the bigg one... so no more John?  or will he show up in the army now....

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Great looking new pictures! :thumbsup:


Oh no, John will reappear, I just needed to repair the harm done before moving on. I think I should have said, "I'm not advancing the story now." The old base was fine, but this one is clearly going to be bigger and better than ever!
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First Day on the Job![/font][/font]

So our young friend, John, has settled into his new apartment in Bradford, scoped out the town and drives into work on the first day.  He gets shown his office and arranges his things. While reading, the judge he is assigned to, Judge O.W.H. Stone walks in and without looking John's way says, "Hey Jim, come in my office, I have something for you to do." John, not fazed by Stone's mistake of his name, quickly, too quickly as he catches his foot on the desk and trips, follows the judge down to his chambers. Eager to do exciting legal work, Judge Stone says, "I need you to go over to Carlisle and pick up my friend Mayor Vince Lumpkin. We're playing golf at 11:30."

Not the cutting edge legal work he was hoping for, John shuffles out the door and to his car to begin the drive to the neighboring town.

Winding through the farm lands outside of Bradford, John reaches Carlisle in short time.

Carlisle seems to be a neat clean little town across the channel from Bradford. Mayor Lumpkin has successfully defeated all pushes to develop any more of the land for residential use.  His plans are to cultivate the forest past the farm lands and devote much of the land to wildlife preserves. Lumpkin is not really an environmentalist at all. He just wants a convenient place to go hunting in the fall!

As John arrives at the town hall, Lumpkin, a giant of a man with a great belly hanging over his belt, comes storming out of the door. "Alright boy, time to go.  But first, I gotta show you my pride and joy!"  He tosses his clubs in the backseat of John's car, slamming the door so hard that the entire car shudders.  Talking a mile a minute about golf, hunting, small town politics and his archenemy Admiral Roberts that runs the navy base in Edwinsport, he points the way toward the edge of town. Clearing some trees, a huge shiny metal building rises up.

"There she is boy!  The finest meat processing plant in the state! Makes me want to eat a steak right now."  John eyes the birds circling around overhead and thinks that a steak is the last thing he wants.

Finally, exhausted just from listening to Lumpkin, John arrives back at the courthouse in Bradford to stare at his empty desk since the judge is gone and no work was left for him. He thinks to himself, "Maybe this job will be less exciting than I thought."  Wandering into a work room, he flips through a file for a pending case in Edwinsport. It seems the Admiral is intent on ringing the base with a canal system. But one old geezer, Wilby Tucker, refuses to sell part of his land to the town. Tucker has threatened to shoot anyone that crosses his property line.  John thinks, "Now this could be interesting..." as he starts reading all the material. 


Stay tuned. I like the looks of Carlisle. I think I'll just polish it a bit and add a little bit of commercial to the center of town but leave it about as it is.  There is land undeveloped that I didn't show that I do think I'll try to make into a forested area with tracks or something.  We'll see. 
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Very nice looking farmlands. And also - in the former update - very good residential planning. I still have to catch up on the story line so I won't comment on that now, but it seems your off to an excellent start. :thumbsup:

Not to sure about the coastline though - it looks a little bit artificial, but that is really no big issue. It could probably be solved by a better beach mod, but as I said - no big issue.

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Interesting story and nice update. I'm not much into military bases but yours looks like what it's supposed to be and that's good.
I'll be watching to see how your lack of commercial office space works out. I love to follow little experiments like that.

Until next time...