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March 21, 2023, 10:22:53 AM

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Republic of Georgiapolis - Smyros, Kypakos, Yiannopolis

Started by Giorgos, July 27, 2007, 07:19:36 AM

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Hey guys, this is my cj from over at Simtropolis!
Ill start with my latest update, the city of Smyros.

It is the poor city of my nation. Soon I will also post pictures from my other updates.

Smyros is the third largest city in Georgiapolis. It is located on a coastal peninsular 345km north of Georgiapolis City. It has a climate of warm to hot summers with cool to cold winters. The city is currently experiencing a summer heat wave as is most of Georgiapolis.

The city has the highest Islamic concentration in Georgiapolis with approximately 12% of residence claiming Islamic heritage.  The city is also one of the poorest in Georgiapolis and with very little history after being built along with the discovery of gold mines in the 1910's. Since then, the city has been the place for refugees of Barbary Coast to settle down and make a new living. This large proportion of immigrants has made this city one with a very low standard income.

Crime is not high here however it is slightly above the average of Georgiapolis.
Today we will showcase to you the part of the city with the biggest Muslim population where some 80,000 Muslim people work whilst practising their religion each day. They represent 48% of the suburbs population and work mainly in the factories to the west of the city. The area also plays home to the largest mosque in Georgiapolis and is one of only 8 operating in the country.

Here are some images of the city from this week.


I like your city Smyros very much, and am loooking forward to future updates in this MD of the rest of Georgiapolis. Bravo Giorgos &apls
Check my MD:               


Thanks sebes!
Smyros is my latest city. It was made to be a little lower class and realistic.

I will also show my pristine glitzy areas later on though!


Great start you have here, Giorgos! Smyros looks wonderful so far, and I love the effects you've used on the pictures. I can't wait to follow along with you here and see how Georgiapolis develops!


very promising....great work....
I also enjoyed reading the background.... :thumbsup:
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A great start, Giorgos! That part of your city is looking fantastic! :thumbsup:


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I agree with others - very good start, Giorgos!  :thumbsup:

It's very realistic indeed, I like the light too!
I will see the rest of your region with pleasure  :)
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Salonique is an inland city in the north of Georgiapolis.
It is located 120km away from Smyros, the third largest city in Georgiapolis.

Salonique is a unique city because it is the only city in Georgiapolis to have a distinctive architectural style similar to that seen in parts of Europe.

The city has a population of 92,000 people and is home to the most prestigious educational institution in the nation, Kalamatonian University of Salonique.

It also has another university which makes this city a young and vibrant place to be. In the last census, 48% of participants claim to be between the ages of 18 and 35, the highest population of this age group in the country.

Although the city is very small, it has been influencial throughout history as an educational centre and today the top rated institutions pay homage to that important factor.

Pictures of the city during summer time when lessons are still going on.

Being in the north, the city must cope with cold and chilly winter days.

Bonus rain shot!


Wonderful new update! Great pictures! Also the rain shot looks nice! :thumbsup:

nova vesfalo

This MD is a really great ! The first city has that East Mediteranean , can I say balkanic ?; feeling ! Very nice , Giorgopolis has a "auto-sponteneous" layout that's great and you've find the perfect combination of BATs to get that feeling. For Salonic is a lovely work, love it, get it peculiar feeling with the arrangement of architectures , love the way you've ue W2W !


very nice pics...this is a great start to a MD, although I guess you've been doing this one for awhile over at ST. There is a great euro feel here, I hope you keep it going.


Thanks and ofcourse I will keep it going! Its a CJ in development for about a year now!
Can be visited at ST as well as SSC!


Great start here and awesome pictures.  The city does look very well developed.  I hope to see alot more pics....soon.  hehehe

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Great work on this CJ! It has a nice mixture of mediterranean, central european and medieval buildings. It looks very realitic and the photoshop techniques are pretty cool too!  &apls :thumbsup:

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Salonique looks simply wonderful, Giorgos! I love how the simple use of the color editing makes the pictures go from looking like a bright, sunny day to a cold, wintery day. Great work here!


This is the third update of Smyros...the poorest city of my nation! The new mosque is now one of the biggest in the nation.
Its a small update because I realised many of the images I took were not worth posting. Sorry about that!
Next I have another city in the works...stay tuned!


Another ver nice update.  It does look very poor with barren ground, nice modd, by the way.  Good use of customcontent to acheive the run down look.  But the pallace kinda stands out in my opinion as being not so poor, if that makes any sense.  At any rate, great pics.

Robin   ()stsfd()
Call me Robin, please.


The mosque looks wonderful, my friend! And I can't wait to see what that building is that being constructed in the first picture. I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Giorgos you have a very good MD here and i really liking the feel of it as well... great start/updates and i will be back in for more - pat

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