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Tropicana, an MD by Patriots

Started by Patriots1228, July 28, 2007, 06:11:20 AM

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pretty banner.........
this is my second MD, the first, Boston, was an expirement that failed and resulted in the slaughter of thousands of innocent pixels
Tropicana is a large tropical island off the coast of mexico. it is owned by the US, but has its own government. the US rarely intervenes. It relies on the US army for protection. in return, anyone Tropicanians who want to fight sign up in the US army. The capitol of Tropicana is.... :o Tropicana :o. we will go into more detail on this stuff later.


here is our region this time
http://img443.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tropicanatg0.jpg ( full pic)

(small version

So far i have developed three tiles.

Atlantis City

Atlantis City is a resort town located north of the capitol. It contains the islands second largest airport, and one of the largest resort districts in the world. Two of the islands most popular beaches are located here, along with a popular golf course. about 6000 people live in this town, tourist always outnumber citizens here. Atlantis city is considered the "gateway" to Krio Island, named after the legendary cheese grater enthusiast. i will name places after more people on ST/devotion soon.

Status: Complete

East Tropicana

East Tropicana is a gigantic suburb of 20,000, that is still growing.  it is known for its long avenue that features some of the best shopping in the country. it contains a busy cruise port, and a legendary historic district, full of rowhomes and bars, that was first built in 1598 by the legendary explorer Glenni the Viking (haha ). The Mjig Atolls are located off the coast of East Tropicana, and are a popular spot for tourists and cruise ships.

status: near Completion


Tropicana is the capitol of the island. Its famous skyline runs across the JVLM Channel and is constantly growing. its Oceania District contains beaches, hotels, apartments, and the world famous Dmscopio Feild, also known as "The Turtle" where the national soccer (football) team plays there games (matches ). In the central district, the fun stuff can be found. this district contains the city aquiariam, city zoo, the Cheese Grater Administration Building, the stunning modern baseball stadium known as Teemu Stadium, Central Park, City Hall, the City library, the island police headquarters, The Jacqualina Hospital, Tonks Station, and the Schulmanator Convention Center.

thats it, update later today or later tommorow (Patriots Training Camp in the morning! ;D)


I see a lot of beaches, and a lot of nice hilly terrain. Looking good - and, of course, looking forward to some closeups. :thumbsup:

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not alot of comments eh?

Emilin-thanks, got your closeups right here  "$Deal"$

This first pic is labeled 1.2, because 1.1 was having some problems getting on the internet. i'll post it tommorow. the first number is the update number, second is picture number.

Coastal area, with an airport an stuff. nothing much. move along.

Resorts. like them or else.

Worst. Photoshopping. Ever. you tell me, which is worse, the floating beaches or photoshopped water? after the beach is the buisness district, and then the hills start.

i have nothing to say.

Those who cant play the game photoshop. Those who can't photoshop make crap like this.

Same pic but at night with pretty colors.

nice lights. In the background is a bunch of mutant freak palm trees that turned blue.

Photoshopped water is so depressing it will make you need rehab.

HKBATs so good those two look like they arent part of the game. specially the lights.

Cruises are popular in Atlantis City because of the resorts. This is a fat camp cruise run by john kerry. i forget the joke, you remember krio? somthing about a fat kid eating a burger and john kerry not letting him.

train is the main system of transit (besides cars) because i had some nice train stations.

more downtown. need more diagonals!

THA END i expect more than one comment this time.


Best new MD since VALTIO debuted!

The angry attitude and all those "krio-isms" from my comments on CJs are the lemon of this drink. Mm..drink..

The pics are..anyway.  "Those who cant play the game photoshop. Those who can't photoshop make crap like this."  :D
And the John Kerry&fat kid joke, oh those good times!

I'm sure that in ST you receive much "funny" comments about your texts and maybe even some smart-ass "new krio boo came up something new!" comments, but as you are the "Krio II of ST" now you have my blessing  $%Grinno$%


very cool MD you've got going here.

and the name makes me thirsty for an orange juice, especially Tropicana...


Pats, so hey-  Tropicana looks really nice... just what an Alaskan needs- a tropical MD!  I'd find a slope mod and lose the edgy tone, but that's just me.  Usual solid stuff, though- I'm a fan.

Good luck!

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Wonderful pictures of Tropicana! Fantastic region! Great cities! :thumbsup:


interesting images...

the beaches in the region views are looking not so good, but since there is nothing against it... I had the same proplem unfortunatly
If you asked me: the buildings on Tropicana 1.6 don't fit together, they are too different... I know those are all hotel buildings but...too many diffrent styles make it look unnatural

why do you photoshop the water, if you know it looks strange...hmm beacause it really looks mysterious...

the woods could be more dense

well that's what I think, but it's always a matter of taste :)

I hope we ill see the suburban area soon....

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
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LoL you ask you shall recive lol........ very good patriots &apls &apls

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Bengt-hey, thanks, attitude is inspired by Valtio lol. Yes good times picking on john kerry.No krio II comments yet, HAW must be away from his computer.

Sober-ah yes, orange juice, perfect drink for someone whose sober  ;D thanks

Dredgen-lol bet you could impress the neighbors if you got a tan from this CJ. i was pretty sure i had a slope mod, i dont know why that "foundation" was showing. also, whats an edgy tone? thanks

Bat-thank you!

Urban-yep, i dont understand why the beaches do that, but luckily hotdogs taught me how to fix it. Im not good with building styles, so im guessing it probably does look odd, but just so you know, i was aiming for a vegas feel, with all sorts of wacky colorful hotels and casinos. Water was photoshopped because of the beach problem, but now its fixed so we are good on that. i suppose i do need to thicken those woods a bit more. thanks for the comment and tips

Pat-thanks, but you have four hands? wow.

here is an expirement of mine, i was trying to put a video over a picture. its rather slow, an comes out more like a slideshow. its also very sloppy, but it took a lot of work to put a background behind each frame, and i thought it was cool, so i thought i'd share it.

Edit: sorry, its too big. how do i shrink it?

double edit: oops, thats the banner. not teaser. here it is.


Patriot that is very intresting... Expirement turned out pretty good and the teaser i take it is the pic in the background? if thats the case sweeet....

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Nice work, it is obvious that you spend much time with detail. Keep going, well done.


i reply to your replies to my reply to your replies to my post  ()what()

Pat-teaser is the last pic, background pic is from previous update. thanks

shoreman-thank you.

alright, today, i plan to reinvent the way we do CJing, by *drumroll* showing simcity pictures  :o

Special thanks to Ilikehotdogsalot (aka Iamgoingtoeatyou) for telling me how to fix beach problem.

first i have an animated picture of my airport

Its unrealistic, Its runways are most likely dangerous, and those airplanes are WAY too close to eachother for a PG-13 site  :p

You know what i dont understand? somehow, we criticise people who put palm trees on lots, because they mess up non-tropical CJs, but we allow seasonal trees, even though they mess up my tropical CJ  :angrymore: Must....Delete....

here i tried making beaches super bright and city super contrasty....unfortuantly my mouse hand isnt that steady so there are darker patches near the top of the beach. Its tough to see the mistakes though thank god. *waits for imageshack to pick up the pace*

a bay area that im thinking of naming Pedobear Cove ( ;D) shown without beach errors.......ah beach error free...so nice...

a poor neighborhood by the tracks.

that top road is a poor-middle class mix. you can imagine how peaceful that is *rollseyes*  ::)

Those dudes in the white houses have pools and hot tubs! they are so lucky.

A Tunnel that goes under the airport and connects the suburbs to the City Center. Driving under it while a plane takes off was voted "Most Peaceful Moment" by a carribean travel magazine ( yes, thats a lame attempt at a joke)

a golf course where you must go through the woods to reach the next hole because i forgot to add paths. it doesnt help that i made the woods extra dense either.

hmmm....now i wonder which building is more contrasty than the rest? :p

some wealthier homes near the waterfront.

watch out looking at the water too long hurts your eyes. A fishing place area thing near the waterfront.

silly geico. in 15 minutes i can do this AND save a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. www.geico.com (sorry got geico stuck in my head for some reason)

a good spot for a Freddy vs. Jason movie.

thats the update, may not update until wednesday cause i will be at Cape Cod this weekend. i may post a "Downtown Tropicana" teaser tommorow.

edit:what the heck? it goes 1.24, no label, 1.26, 1.25. no longer doing those annoying numbers lol.


LoL Patriots you are something else.... you are defintly a work of ummm art yeah thats sounds good lol....
i loved the update... about the numbers its good that you do it keeps better track of your pics but you gotta
remeber when pasting the code to get it right there as you upload to image shack it scewers your order upto
however it wants it lol.... over all very gooood update, see you next one - pat

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A lot of great pictures! Wonderful update! :thumbsup:


Pat-uhh...thanks...and umm...what did you say? &dance

Bat-thank you...hey look that rhymes, Pat and Bat hehe  ;D

consider yourselves teased. My cousins getting me photoshop so i should have better rain soon. For known Tropicana must experience hurricane rain.


Pedobear Cove  $%Grinno$% fine name, fine name and beach is looking great, but not as good as my beaches  $%#Ninj2

And do I see Maxis here  :o

Good update, keep it up and other positive stuff  :thumbsup:


LoL bengt verrrrry funnie and patriots yea talk about heavy rain lol

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Great shot, Patriots1228! Looking forward to more...


Bengt-You have beaches in qaddro? lol. thanks for the positive stuff im sure you'll enjoy the qaddroesq news story i got for tommorow.

pat-heavier than rosie odonell.


Rain in photoshop.