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Republique du Tient

Started by Amerikaner, August 15, 2007, 12:12:26 PM

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Well i guess its about time i move my CJ...or MD as yall say here to SC4D. I have not really been somebody that is active here, although i do love ya'lls exchange. Any way im going to start from the last update of my Cj so some things wont quite make sense as things like Fashion shows and DIA have been explained at ST. Anyway I do my MD in a magazine form, so please no "whats with all the ads"  &mmm or something like that , but do please enjoy it. Who knows maybe ya'll will receive some lucky little surprise that ST doesn't  :D




Great start here, my friend! I like your use of in-game and real life pictures! I'll be following along!


looks good so far, gotta love fashion week! I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future!


Fantastic start! Looking forward to more... ;)


I like it very much, Amerikaner!  :thumbsup:

The magazine form is very lively, I like such things! I don't need to have everything explained, I haven't it in real life too  :D

I see very interesting thing here: the way you expose particular object. I see it's a main theme of this update, but it is also important from the more general point of view. Many people put a lot of excellent BATs one close to another and they don't take care about their surrounding and general composition. If somebody wants to have great looking BAT in his/her city, he/she must sometimes arrange quite large space around it. And iI think you know about it  ;)

Good work, wait for more  &apls
Edit: Your photoshopping ideas are interesting too
One little note: picture titles look very good (nice font), but sometimes they are not enough visible. Maybe would you lik to think about any background for them?

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