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March 24, 2023, 01:37:01 AM

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San Portello

Started by Nealos101, August 17, 2007, 02:23:06 PM

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Los Porablos
Los Angeles; low density, exotic beaches, big freeways and a gangster's paradise.  This city will grow up with some areas boasting good education, low crime and an excellent police force, while the other parts will be run-down, with residents either planning to move or to become the greatest gangster in 'da hood' within a crooked police catchment area. (Hopefully I'll get some of these parts to riot to create a good close-to-LA-style history).


First Development... Update 2
Time for a quickie... Update 6
Have you missed first city ... Update 7
Welcome to beachead... Update 8
Marrast Financial develops ... Update 9
Triad Colonisation suspected... Update 10
Los Porablos reaches International Shores ... Update 11
Los Porablos reaches 1,000,000... Update 12
Los Porablos ... Update 13
Orton Point Housing Assosiates... Update 13a
Some Pictures of the Beaches... Update 15
Teaser pictures of LPX... Update 25
Beverly Heights Develops!... Update 26
Los Porablos impresses Big Office types!... Update 29
Los Porablos GLR - Stoopid or What?... Update 45
Beverly Heights develops & expands... Update 46
LPX???????!!! ... Update 47
Los Porablos International News Flash... Update 50
Shingdu & Beverly Heights... Update 69

City Story...
The Gangsters and weasals are all out on lunch in Los Porablos, exchanging thier stories of thier struggle and life down in the rotten cesspit which unfortunatly is thier city. Will you trust in the Greens? Or will you side with the Triads? Or will you join arms with the police to crack down these unjust and unwanted criminals?

Los Porablos: A Gangster's Review; Part 1 ... Update 12a
Los Porablos: A Gangster's Review; Part B ... Update 40

San Fernandes
San Fransisco; barely any run-down areas and the place to be when you want to see a good downtown district.  Boasting the golden gate bridge! You'll find her behind the mountains north of Porablos.


San Fernandes first Shots ... Update 4
San Fernandes sneak peek... Update 32
San Fernandes grows... Update 33
San Fernandes memorial park... Update 34
Common San Portello problems ... Update 35
Looking into the depths of the city... Update 36
San Fernandes Finance... Update 37
San Portello Government Times... Update 38
San Fernandes rail circle completion... Update 42
San Fernandes housing estates... Update 43
The traffic-modding facilities of the NAM introduced!... Update 44
Hurricane Carl; Part 1... Update 52
Fernandes, Boom or Bust?... Update 66
And now a quicky from San Fernandes!... Update 67
Big city, little city... Update 68
CAMming San Fernandes... Update 73

City Story...
A typical Sim goes by uneeded or unrecognised in a place like San Fernandes; yet one Sim's whole life is about to change with the introduction of a future given only to those that are strong and pure of heart.  Will he make it to survive until he grows old and frail? Or will he perish against the monster that approaches the place he calls home?

San Fernandes, A MySim life; Part 1... Update 39
San Fernandes, A MySim life; Part 2... Update 41 

Las Ventura
Las Vegas; casino-lined streets, exotic hotels and parkways galore! I'm trying to work my way to creating some custom casinos/hotels to put into the city, this is why it'll be 3rd from last to build.  I'll need help with this one though...


- To be made -

City Story...
Deep in the squalors and dirt of the typical Las Ventura Casino lies a man looking for a future; gambling away his money and his life like every other poor retched soul within this odd prison. However, fate is about to test him... He is about to win the biggest jackpot known to Simkind, and this whole story tells of his struggle to separate and fight the luxury and the price that comes from being super rich in the richest town in the Simworld.

- To be written -

Original concept, outside of the state.  Georgetown will be a mix of Chicago, New York and Hong Kong, with a busy downtown centre and endless tracks of medium-wealth housing.  Georgetown will be the city that marks the end of the state and the beginning of San Portello's declaration for independance from Simnation!


- To be made -

City Story...
Georgetown is up to its knees in criminal injustice and corrupt capatilist regimes.  The populace has no faith in the mayor, and the mayor has no faith in his own leadership.  The entire city is going to hell, and the only thing that can stop the fall is a superhero... And that is just what Georgetown got. Follow him as he becomes the legend that saves a city and helps name it the safest in Simnation, from sucess to total ruin, and then back up again...

- To be written -

Santa Neyorka
A coastal city inspired by the island towers of Spain, Morroco and Latin America. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also very dirty. The police are currupted and the ganglords kill just for a penny.  The city is going to improve though, unless of course an evil scientist gets in the state's way...?


Santa Neyorka... Update 54
Santa Neyorka begins... Update 55
Santa Neyorka: Industry! Industry!... Update 56
Market ... Update 57
Frogface Financial ... Update 59
All Hell breaks loose ... Update 61
Neyorka Bay ... Update 62
Hurricane Carl; Past-tense ... Update 64
The Great Water Crisis... Update 65

City Story...
Dr. Vu has done it; he has condemned Simnation to death by the impending destructive force known only as Hurricane Carl.  Millions flee for thier lives, yet hundreds of thousands stay in search for a way to save San Portello... But only one will truely make the difference... A woman whom falls in love with a man whom has been deemed the most dangerous criminal in the world... Or is he?

Santa Neyorka; A Love Story; Part I ... Update 58
Santa Neyorka; A Love Story; Part II ... Update 60
Santa Neyorka; A Love Story; Part III... Update 63
Santa Neyorka; A Love Story; Part IV... Update 74

In between cities are long, endless interstates and great tracts of land; I'm going to place some random towns here and there to make the countryside more like the real thing rather than the good-old endless world of skyscrapers and emptyness.  We're going to call this vast wildness Out-of-Town...


San Portello Begins ...   Update 1
Borders almost touch... Update 3
Golden River is complete... Update 5
The San Andreas Junction ... Update 23
Fernandes and Portello - Cities to be proud of?... Update 48

Misc Journeys/Updates...

Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part A ... Update 14
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part B... Update 16
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part C... Update 17
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part D ... Update 18
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers... Update 19  + Riots (20)
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part E... Update 21
Sculpting the I-30 through the Rockerfellers; Part F... Update 22

Journeys of the I-35 ... Update 27-Update 28
Journeys of the I-35 ... Update 30-Update 31

San Portello Main Story
The Story of Eddie Porablos as he flees his home city in search of fortune, love and most importantly... Survival.  The story that covers all of the cities... The story that takes you on a trip through a reigon built by me, Nealos101.  Will Porablos survive? Or will he be hunted down and killed by his enemies before he even has a chance to leave his name in the concrete of society?

San Portello Main Story - Act 1... Update 51
San Portello Main Story - Act 2... Update 71



San Portello Update 73: CAMMING San Fernandes

The City of Dreams after years of struggle.

Long ago, before the detonation of the nuclear explosive upon Portello's shores and further beyond the Republic's stride to power, there was a time of glory and celebration for the what was at that time, a puny and poor state.  Before this national celebration, common folk would wander helplessly thorugh the streets looking not only for work, but for a place to stay as well.

It was a terrible, terrible time for all that lived in San Portello.

...However, a storm was coming.

Many buildings, after being derelict and dangerously towering over the downtown area of San Fernandes for over a decade, were oblitered in a massive cloud of smoke and debris in what could only be the sign of change.  Useless and empty roads were torn up, homes were torn apart before being rebuilt, and dead skyscrapers that were vast in number were beginning to shine once more.

In the place of the wreckadge and debris, came Central Park.

But this wasn't all that was happening...

In a matter of months, weeks even, construction sites were moving in, and as the homeless and jobless watched with wonder, like thier hope and thier dreams, the construction sites grew taller and taller.

What was happening? They didn't know.

What was causing this boom in construction? Where did the funding for this come from? How could San Fernandes afford a massive expansion like the one occuring before thier very eyes?

The court of San Portello knew exactly what was happening...

The Shingdu Corporation had finally fallen into the clutches of justice through thier own greed and tyranny.

The people under the Corporation's greedy grasp began a massive riot in every city except Fernandes, taking every Shingdu corporation and selling it overseas.  Soon, the Corporation declared bankrupcy and the CEO, including each and every board member, were assisinated.  The Golden Age had begun!

"SHINGDU IS NO MORE! SHINGDU IS NO MORE!" Cried the people of San Fernandes when the new finally reached thier shroes.

The Freedom sparked a revolution... The revolution sparked a boom in Fernandes' economy.  The city became vast and huge, eating the land and gobbling up anything in its way.

One man saw this expansion and saw the next monster coming; A Stock Market Crash unlike any other.

Being a generous and kind man that he was, he began to draw up a strategy to save at least a part of San Fernandes from the economy struggle that would follow, and eventually bring the rest of the city back to its feet.  This was Bobinator financial.

Bobinator chose this land to promote not only a stable economy, but also peace.  His 'Collosal' thoughts brought yet more business to the Bay area, and soon, like the monster Bobinator foresaw, it had come.


Traffic; the one thing that could destroy a city.  If a city is frozen in conjestion, then the economy will not boom.  IF the congestion is not resolved quickly; then the crash will be even harder on Bobinator's growing franchise.

Bobinator worked hard to raise money for his next idealist plan; he worked day and night to ensure that his corporation would not fail... Would not falter.  Everything was falling apart around his eyes; the buildings were being abandoned again or worse... knocked down!

He had to act and act fast!

The traffic issues were diverting with the millions that had lost thier jobs that no longer commuted to the area in question... So construction would be a piece of cake.

Quicker than a bolt of lightning, the GLER went up faster than monolith! Construction teams worked day and night digging, filling, welding and scraping in a fit of rage. Hope, as it seems... Was coming back.

The GLER was a triumph in it's own right - No other transit system in the whole world could second-best it! Sims from across the city would end up riding the GLER for a certain reason regardless if they even worked at Bobinator Financial.  It took every passanger and directed them either to another major transit system, or the place they needed to go to.

Success! Bobinator had saved the city once again and opened the doors for another golden era!

Unfortunatly he passed away not very long after the first GLER train made its journey.

The city was free... But for how long?



I am commenting on your mosiac ... very nice. You have a great skyline but even at that I note you still have some skyscrapers growing. Good Show. I enjoyed your pictures.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


OMG Neal you are alive woohoo... A super start wow, that mosaic is just sick man wow  :o the whole area... i so cant wait to see more of San Portello - pat

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Great start, Nealos101! Wonderful looking region and city! Also nice mosaic and pictures! :thumbsup:


Great pics.

I like the way you've shown us different stages of development.  It'd be good to see some close ups of the GLER that you put in place to save the city from traffic.

I look forward to seeing more.


Glad to see you transfer this over here. :thumbsup:

BTW check this out
Show us what you look like

Just call me Dave


This is amazing MD, it has always been  &apls

You can see, how great this is just looking region maps and with good story this will be at Classics-section in no time.


Mmmmmmm, Neal... San Portello!

This is tasty stuff, and it's great to see you over here.  Good Luck!



Quotethis will be at Classics-section in no time

Bengt, I was thinking about buying a lottery ticket...   -DE
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Wonderful start. Amazing mosaic and region view   &apls

looking forward for more   :thumbsup:

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jmyers2043: Thankyou Jim! I hate the perfect picture and the perfect skyline; something must be happening that draws the eye away from the spectacle in my personal view. That was my first mosaic and I am quite proud of it.

patfirefghtr: I shall never die so long as I am still around. If you haven't seen San Portello before then I shall reinburse your memory laterrr...

bat: Nice start? Dude, this reigon has been going since I started on Simtropolis in 2004/5! It was the beginning of the beginning for me! The whole reason why I started BATing in the first place... San Portello man! The place that started it all... The child of all children... In my view... My GOD.  Thankyou for the comment man!

paroch: Thankyou my good fellow! I shall get right on to that request after I introduce the SC4D community to the reigon.

NASCAR_Guy: We're in the leauge now! Thanks for forwarding that to me!

Bengt: I appreciate the warm comments my freind, and with a little pm to a moderator later, that dream was realised.

dedgren: It took me a while to get this far but it has gotten this far! Thankyou!

Berethor: Thankyou for your comments and applause! I shall continue always until the reigon is full... But even then I'd expand!

An update is on its way!



Hello Neal, great to see Son Portello in this site  :thumbsup:

really nice and intrincated mosaic ¡¡¡ a pleasure for my eyes ;)
I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

Autism Awareness;  A Father Shares
Mallorca My Mayor Diary


Thanks jeronij!

San Portello is back for the SC4D fans as an update as to where San Portello stands and an update to one of the stories of San Portello; Santa Neyorka, A Love Story...

Update 74: Santa Neyorka; A Love Story - Part IV

Los Porablos

'The Harliquin upon the Peagan Sea'

San Fernandes

'The Crystal of The East Coast'


Santa Neyorka

'The Diamond Arrowhead'

All were cities to be saved and cities that must be protected from the fate that is coming for them in the form of clouds, heavy winds and massive torrential storms.

Hurricane Carl was approaching.

Dr. Vu was having a nightmare of sorts, tossing and turning in the cold, hard surface that was ridiculously called a bed.  His dreams were filled with his mistake, and the hurricane that wore his name like a serious commitment to death.  Vu slowly awoke in his room to find the shadow of a plump man standing by his bed.

"Don't turn on the light old freind," Dong-Sung-Jin asked Vu, making Vu shoot up from his blankets in horror as the deceased spoke. "What of the hurricane and the off-worlders?"

Vu calmed down for a moment. "They are still coming," Vu answered, before looking out of the only window overlooking the Bay of Neyorka and the masses of clouds afar that sat above Los Porablos like your everyday-Los-Porablos-Smog.  Dong-Sung walked over to window to look for himself. "That is only part of the hurricane - Unlike normal hurricanes Hurricane Carl spreads through a chain of supercells like that one - The supercell will expand and cover most of San Portello, and then..."

"...The Devil's time." Dong-Sung finished. "Tell me; what are doing to stop the hurricane?"

"What can I do?" Vu asked helplessly. "Nature cannot be controlled by Sims... Only the Aliens have the power to stop it now."

Dong-Sung raised a finger in appreciation of Vu's responce. "Exactly."

8 years have passed... The Hurricane... The Destruction... Everything... Has been wiped clean.

Vu was a shadow in a city that has forgotton zero hour; the day the Hurricane was stopped by Project X-2.  The appreciation was lacking some what; there was only one thankyou, and that was from some FBI girl that was infatuated with him.

6 years after the Hurricane came a new threat; the real Hurricane.  Shingdu.

"The Hurricane has passed," Vu replied as the clouds vanished to a normal Los Porablos morning covered in smog and distant skyscrapers. "We saved Simnation."

Dong-Sung smashed his fist against the bedside table. "You did not stop the monster that is the hurricane!" He shouted. "Cuttingwood is still out there preying on the weak and innocent, and here you are dreaming of a lost love and what to do with your miserable life!"

"Enough Dong Sung!" Vu shouted in return.

"Don't enfatuate me with your commands Vuvarious!" Dong Sung shouted in reply. "I give you a new mission now - The real mission! One that may take your life in exchange for freedom and justice!"

Vu looked at him curiosly. "What is it?"

"Find Sadina first," Dong Sung replied. "And bring her to the construction site... You remember the construction site, don't you?" Vu nodded. "Good - Take her there; to the floor where I was murdered!"

Vu awoke, and planned to find Sadina.

"...I got your call..." Sadina spoke from within the plaza.

"Thankyou for coming on such short notice," Vu replied. "I need your help."

"It has always been for help Vu," Sadina replied with a slow nod. "What is it this time?"

"I found a clue," Vu returned, remembering her beautiful face and those enticing lips. "Atop of the Construction tower were Dong Sung was shot..."

Sadina nodded. "So you want to go there?"

"Immediatly!" Sadina shook her head. "You need permission from the Neyorka Bay Hotel; it is there land now... They're planning on building a hotel in it's place; or something on those grounds."

"You're an agent!" Vu argued. "You can authorise it!"

"Not without civil athority," Sadina replied. "Shingdu is squeezing the FBI dry; we need all the public acceptance we can get... One slip up and Shingdu will crush us like they did with the police."

So they went to the Hotel and leasied with the manager.  Being in the interests of all business, the manager was quick to accept since it is Shingdu that wishes to buy out the hotel's rights.  And to even ensure victory, the manager gave them the best suite in the hotel so they had all the energy they need for the trip back and any perils they faced.

But it was more than just energy that filled Sadina's mind... Watching the man that was the greatest of them all overlooking Simgoober Colliseum...

Sadina stood beside him as he peered out into the world that he has come to know and love. "What is bothering you Sadina?"

Sadina was shocked and surprised to be asked this question, for she was the one that should have asked it. "What is bothering you Vu?"

"What does Cuttingwood have in store for this world?" Vu asked her and the skies above. "What is he trying to do?"

"I don't know..." She replied as she edged ever closer to him. "Why must you fight this fight?"

"I made a promise to a man just before his death," Vu replied. "He made me swear that I must stop the Hurricane... I must stop it from destroying everything we know."

"...Does it ever stop?" Vu turned and looked at her oddly. "I mean; do you ever get a chance to live?"

Vu shook his head and continued to stare. "There is no time for living for me... Time is unimportant... Only life."

Sadina's hand trialed across Vu's left shoulder as if comforting him. "It must be so lonely."

Vu turned again. "It isn't..."

Sadina stopped. "Why not?"

Vu embarresingly looked at his feet for a moment before continuing to stare at the mountains and the Collesium. "Becuase I love you Sadina."

Sadina's eyes lit up with suprise. "I... I..."

Vu looked back at her again. "Since the moment outside of the Opera House," He explained. "I knew it."

Sadina could not condure up any words, and after a minute of a silent stutter or two, she perked up the strength to say: "Make love to me Vu."

A few hours later...

"Look at it," Cuttingwood ordered his assistant as he looked at Santa Neyorka from Shingdu Tower. "The poorest city in San Portello yet I cannot own any of it.  Every other city on the globe has my corporate name imprinted upon it! But why not this one? What is there to be had in this city?"

"Perhaps," The assistant began. "It is thier sence of freedom?"

Cuttingwood snarled. "Freedom! Pfft! I would take their freedom and enslave them for the rest of thier lives! Yet they continue to walk and live free.  This city is the smallest city on the playing field yet it is the largest by heart.  What am I missing?"

"I left her in that hotel room..." Vu replied to Dong Wing within the Construction site. "Like a used prostitute."

Dong Wing. "In my city," He began. "That is a good thing.  Yet I see it was unwise of you.  Should you of not brought her along?"

Vu nodded. "I cannot let her see this," He replied. "Whatever it may be."

Wing nodded. "True indeed," He explained. "Dong Sung didn't want her to know before, and he doesn't want her to know now."

"But why is the Freedom of the Populace so important?" Vu asked impatiently as Wing guided him up the stairs to the hallowed level. "Surely they are not free now?"

Wing shook his head. "A free man may be enslaved through money constraint or life's test," He explained. "Yet he still has the power to break away from it and choose a different path; choice... That is freedom."

"My god..." Vu shockingly spoke as he looked at the plans laid out by Dong Sung. "Is it really that simple?"

Wing nodded. "Simple as simple can be."

"Freeze!" Came a shout.

Out on the floor.  Hands cuffed.  Knocked out.  Cold black darkness.

San Portello Reigon View

Sadina... If you can hear me... Santa Neyorka needs your help...



Again you show why this is a classic  &apls

Though I can't critize the story (not my speciality), it's good though. Realistic story with "normal" people. But the city itself is something fresh, it's a skyscraper forest but still it's so unique and realistic with those cranes and plazas. And the Bay park is stunning, I think I've never seen such large park near waterfront in such a big city  &apls


Excellent overviews of the cities! Beautiful new pictures! Also a fantastic story! :thumbsup:


Very nice update, great story and very good pics.  I'll have to watch for this one.

Robin   ()stsfd()
Call me Robin, please.


Neal wow a wonderful update and a great story as well....  I do have to comment though on your CJ over at ST, i got the chance last nite to catch up and seeing the progress and evolution is just stunning!!!!!

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An Update has been posted at this location.

Bengt: I enjoy making skyscraper forests sometimes I don't know what happens to me; ()sad(). But saying that, I did enjoy preparing the story for it though, and admittably there is going to be at least one more Skyscraper Forest before my time is over.  Hopefully the rural areas caught your eye too! And yes, that is a large park... The damn thing took me ages to build but it was worth it.

bat: A story is to be told in every city! Hold on tight!

rooker1: Thank you for watching and hopefully the next update will be just as good.

You read ALL of it? Holy momma... I salute you for your bravery!

Well, that's it for me today!



Yesss, Yess i did neal.... i love the little ending there Neal and i cant wait to see what happens..

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


She's coming..  :D But if we think like normal people, your update was good though pics were too small. Airport was good, are those terminals from new airport pack or? And what a farmlands :P I've never built that big area.