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March 24, 2023, 03:18:12 AM

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Rise of Kooriopolis - UN of Gondwanaland

Started by KooriSim123, January 16, 2007, 08:11:42 PM

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UPDATE 1 Rise of Kooriopolis
  G'day all and welcome to my Simworld called The Rise of Kooriopolis - UN of Gondwanaland.
First off let me introduce myself a little. I'm a 37 yr old Aboriginal man and i am currently living in Sydney. I have 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls and a little grandson named zachiriah who's 2.
My hobbies include dreamtime paintings (aboriginal), playing my didgaridoo, drawing, most sports, camping and of course SC4.
I'm a bricklayer/builder by trade and love and have a passion for designing eco-friendly homes using all the natural elements.
My ancestor's or tribe are from the Newcastle region in NSW Aus. We call ourselves Awabikal. Now that i have given you a brief description to you all about myself i will get on with the Region.

  The map i am using is one from STEX called greater Sydney, though i have modified and terraformed it quite extensively to suit my needs.
Here is a shot of the region

As you can see it is quite large with 61 cities which make up the UN of Gondwanaland

This next shot shows where it is positioned on the globe

catch ya all later
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Hey, KooriSim-

Welcome to the exclusive fraternity here at SC4D of Mayor's Diarists.  Great background info- very pleased to have you on board.  That's an ambitious map, I'm sure everyone will be waiting to see what you do with it.

Take care and good luck!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Wow, the map looks outstanding. I can't wait to see how you use it! Also, I've heard that it's extremely hard to play the didgeridoo!


Welcome! The map definitely has a lot of potential, my guess is you're gonna add quite a bit to the Mayor's Diaries section. Awaiting the next update!


Wonderful start and great update and pictures!

Looking forward to update 2!


Nice map. Huge isn't it.

7 children you have. How can you manage to still be able to play SC4? I have my hands full with only 3 (well mine are 1.5, 5 and 7 years old thats probably much younger than yours).

Looking forward to see the region development.



Interesting start. I am looking forward to your updates.
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David -  Thanks for the welcoming and cheers for the comments mate. I was wrapped to see ya dropped in as i have learnt so much from 3RR,  unbelievable stuff man and you deserve a pat on the back for your contribution as it has taught me heaps.

Thundercrack83 - It took a bit of time as i did alot by hand and not through sctf. The didge is a extremely hard instrument to play. I reckon the hardest but thats my opinion of course. I love the spiritual feeling i get while playing and try to give the listener a feeling of semi-conscious or dreamtime as we call it.Thanx for the comments mate

Nedalezz - G'day and thanx for dropping to comment it sure does lift ya spirits when you see a post. I hope you enjoy future updates.

Bat - Thanx for dropping by mate comments are so very welcome and give a great surprise cheers.

Nik Nik - G'day and thanx for dropping by. The map is rather big and i was actually thinking of cutting it back a bit but i thought bugger it, I'm in for the long one with this one. My chidren range from 8 - 22 and they all still keep me on my toes and from time to time try to pull the wool over my eyes though they never succeed lol catch ya later

Sebes - thanx for the comments i hope you enjoy.

  OK well i have a little bit to do in RL and i will have a full update later on tonight.
catch ya all later    &dance

Strong,Black and deadly
My brothers keeper

Shadow Assassin

QuoteThe didge is a extremely hard instrument to play. I reckon the hardest but thats my opinion of course.

I agree with you on that, having tried it out myself. :P

Very nice terraforming. I can't wait to see what you make of your version of Sydney. I expect it'll look quite cool, and uniquely Australian, eh?
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Nice map!  I bet that took a long while, looking forward to the rest of the diary.  (I will become a grandfather this summer!)
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Welcome KooriSim123,
      This looks to be an interesting diary.    I'll deffinately keep checking it out.
Do you knoe what terrain mod you are gonna use, if any?    You deffinately need to use the trees for the southern hemisphere.    I think they are by cycledogg.    Someone help me out with that.   I can't remember who made um.     I'm looking forward to seeing your work on this.


They say that the memory is the second thing that goes....
...dang , I wish I could remember the first.
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QuoteThe didge is a extremely hard instrument to play. I reckon the hardest but thats my opinion of course.

Yes, I tried to do replicate one once with a piece of PVC pipe and I couldn't even get the mechanics of playing it. I know that it involves circular breathing, but I wouldn't even know how to start learning to do that! Anyway, like I said above, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!


    Rise of Kooriopolis
G'Day all and welcome back to the Rise of Kooriopolis. Before i give the actual update i have a dilemma with the water modds and which one to use. First i would like to answer to comments and then i will give you a little more detail.

Shadow Assassin - Hey mate thanx for dropping by and i hope the region will eventually look uniquely Aussie to people like yourself. Did you enjoy playing the didge and could you get a nice sound?   

petercint - G'day mate glad you like the map the extra terraforming took quite a while. The flora and fauna well that will be a different story. Congrats for this summer on becoming a pop i hope everything goes well

Gaston - Mate it was like you had read my mind ;D The terrain will more than likely be columbus though its a toss up with Cycledogg's itailia river. The flora used is all what can be found here on our shores, in our bushland or scrub. I will be using the different varieties of eucalypts from Jeronij "bless him" Thanx for dropping by

thundercrack83 - Mate a piece of PVC pipe is fine to practise on if you cant get the real thing. The best way to learn how to play it is to do pretend farts with your mouth then slowly take your tongue out of it to give a different pitch. A good way to learn circular breatheing is to usa a glass of water and a straw. Put the straw in your mouth in the glass of water as if you were going to drink it. Now as you blow bubbles slowly, try to breathe through your nose. It will take a while. 2 little tips are to always have your lungs about 2/3 full and dont blow to hard  Good luck and thanx for dropping by and leaving a comment
  OK well i am still a little undecided how i will run this MD. I have most of the map planned and lots of ideas but the thing that has been niggling me for some time is which water mod to use. I have given a few shots on the ones i have decided to narrow it done to and with some help with the look-er-inners lol i can make a final decision

The 1st  is  Brigitine

The 2nd is Crystal Lagoon

The 3rd is Clipper water mod

Next is DarkBlueishGreenish

And last is the oceanriver mod

This other Picture is more for Gaston to show the different types of flora that will be used excluding a couple but i will go into more detail as the MD goes along.

All opinions will be much appreiciated and thanx for dropping by shouldnt be to long until the official update.
catch ya all later and take care of yourselves and loved ones

Strong,Black and deadly
My brothers keeper


Hi, Koori-

I'm a huge Brigantine fan- I think that it stands out among the many contributions Peg has made to the game.  That said, Crystal Lagoon (I've not seen it before) might fit better with the sort of region you describe developing.  I use timotheus4's Edmonton water mod to make the water a dark blue, then I mod things further to add some "murk."  You probably want clearer water (hey, I'm speculating here) "down under"- Crystal Lagoon look like a good fit.

Methodical evaluation and choosing of components, looking for feedback, just generally thinking things through- you're ticking all the boxes on the way to a great MD.

Let me know if you'd like to chat further about water- anytime.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
The 3RR Quick Finder [linkie]

I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

Skype: davidredgren


Personally, I like the first one (Brigantine, I believe), but they all actually look good, so I can see why you're having trouble picking one! Also, I'm going to try that trick with the glass of water and the straw to learn circular breathing. Thanks!


I think the Oceanriver mod will go great with the map...
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I would use the DarkBlueishGreenish mod, because in my view, the others looks too dark and "dirty" for this beautiful region...

Fantastic using of many trees types!


I think the Brigantine mod... Is more realistic.


It all depends on what type of physical feel you're going for. If you're aiming to have the city be more of a tropical, sunny place, Crystal Lagoon is your pick. However, if you're thinking its going to be a sort of cloudy, rainy type of place (think England), then go for the last one. If you want a neutral selection, then the first one is your best bet.


Koorisim123, as a fellow Sydney sider, I have to say the clipper's exactly like the harbour. Good luck with MD :thumbsup: