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Started by Jerebannus, August 20, 2007, 07:01:46 PM

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After nearly a year, Casanares' lengthy absence has come to an end. Yes, I have finally had the time and the drive, not to update, but to restart my CJ from scratch. I can tell you all that this time I will bring you (hopefully) exciting storylines and lots of mosaics, and occasionally, region shots and transportation maps. I will also rewrite my old "history" section in a different update so that you can all get some insight into Casanares' background as a South American nation. Without further ado, on with the update:

This is Union Avenue (or Avenida de la Union as the locals call it), it was recently renamed in honour of the SCJU and its new signage and decoration was completed and unveiled on Union Day. Over 50 SCJU and Casanarean flags line both sides of the avenue on the pavements and it gives a sense of patriotism coupled with internationalism.

The Union Gates were also restored to their former glory (they were formerly known as the Santa Eufrasia Gates) and were also unveiled on Union Day. The gates actually shut when events are held along this important thoroughfare of the city and the keys of the city which the mayor awards to notable citizens do actually open the gates.

The Rueda of Guanceroz (Wheel of Guanceroz) was completed in 2005 in order to mark the centenary of the union and annexation of  the Province of Guanceroz (currently located in the island-continent of Atlantica-Alba) to the Republic of Casanares.

The Avenue also boasts a fantastic lights display which comes into operation every evening at 7:00 PM. It is a major attraction for tourists and night club goers who regularly attend the many bars, night clubs and other entertainment venues which are dotted along the avenue

This is the famous Rotonda de la Independencia (Independence Roundabout), it was completed in 1816 on the year Casanares gained independence from Spain. The statue is the personification of The Republic of Casanares and is called Lady Casannaria and is depicted as a female archer, the concept is very similar to that of Uncle Sam and Lady Britannia.

The area around the Roundabout is a famous crossing which gets incredibly busy during the day as scores of shoppers flock to the endless rows boutiques and department stores located in the vicinity.

Rotonda de la Independencia has sometimes been compared to Picadilly Cirus and Times Square as many of the buildings surrounding it have facades covered in neon signs which at night create a striking effect.

The beige-coloured biulding is the famous Teatro Republicano which has been host to many of the world's top theatre companies.

Teatro Regal is a prime example of Art Deco architecture which became popular in Santa Eufrasia during the 20th century.

This is one of the largest tram stations of Santa Eufrasia, it's called Guanceroz Station and it gets very busy at peak times.

An overall view of the northern section of Avenida de la Union.

The Avenue boasts a large number of boutiques and shops of all sorts for all tastes.

Even Apple has opened a new store on one of Santa Eufrasia's main shopping streets (seen above)

Enjoy  :-\


it's a lookin' very, ah, good - no?

Waht a cool little city.  I like the narrow alleys and such.  I remember your old cj over "there", and can definently see a large improvement over it.  Keep the pictures rolling

Only 1 thing, not all your nightlites seem to show up  %confuso

But you can probably fix it up



Muy bello Casanares  ;) &apls excellent work I really liked Avenida de la Unión  :)


Jerebannus wow you got talent!!! i love the start of this MD and the news article at the end is simply put awsome.... I cant wait to see the next installment of Casanares - pat   :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


YAY! Jebu's got some wind under his wings!

Looks great comrade!


You used to have one of my favourite CJ over on ST, and I am very happy to see you are starting over with a (new?) MD here at SC4D.
And looking at your images from Casanares I can remember exactly why I enjoyed your work so much. Great pictures from the new avenue and a very good collection of different buildings.


Nightshots are awesome and my usage of my bats is always plus in MD  :thumbsup: But IMO you have too much in these pics and I mean different styles, it's good but same it comes out from your ears, like eating too much ice cream.


Great to see it here, too! Wonderful start! Also great pictures of the beautiful city!! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to the next updates!


These are spectacular pictures, you have alot of talent.  It looks to me that you also use LE, and are very good at it too.  I really had to look at these pictures a couple of times.  I really like that you give the appearance of diagonal bridges by making the canal diagonal and diagonal lots.  Very good deception, in my opinion.  On top of all this, your use and chaoice of custom content is incredible and every thing works very well together. 
I can see that this will be a very hot MD.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Wonderful Jeb, simply wonderful! ;D

Strangely, the large mix of architecture goes well together. The use of both Jeronij's canals and Marrast's embankments creates an interesting dynamic between "plopped" water and "real" water.

I am eagerly awaiting what else Casanares' return has in store for us. :thumbsup:
...this space to be filled soon...


looks like your return is off to a great start! I like how busy your pics look, although it does appear that not all your nightlights are working properly  &mmm did you convert things to props and forget to enable nightlights? Other than that small issue, I really like what you're doing here!


Very nice start Jeb!!! The mix of buildings is fabulous and i really can't choose a favorite image as they are all so good.  :) ;)


Awesome start, i really like the city.  I can't wait to see more   &apls

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A bit of a bump... but I liked Union Avenue so much I couldn't resist the post!  I love it, and if the rest of the city has this much detail, it'll be amazing!!

Check out Abelfarei!