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March 21, 2023, 10:28:53 AM

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Constitutional Monarchy of Mackinac - UPDATE City Lights: 3/31/08

Started by sEAhAwk fAn121, August 25, 2007, 06:05:30 PM

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sEAhAwk fAn121

Welcome to the Constitutional Monarchy of Mackinac


Its always nice to see good CJ/MDs make their way over to SC4D, and this definitely looks like a keeper. I like the fade out in the shots.


Nice work hawky, but you say this tower is taller then CN, isnt it the CN tower  ()what()

nice effects on the pics too


Great two pictures there! :thumbsup: Looking forward to more...

sEAhAwk fAn121

(edited out)


lol nuff cruise ports?

good work hawkface. I give you pink elephants, the highest honor i can give to an MD (THAT Sounds SOOOO Nerdy)  &dance &dance &dance &dance


That's a great teaser! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:

sEAhAwk fAn121

(edited out)


Seahawk this is looking real great and i cant wait to see more of it - pat

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Great job. I like your airport. Please don't refer us to simtropolis. Paste some nicest shots here.

Good Luck!


Fantastic new picture! :thumbsup: And also looking forward to more...

sEAhAwk fAn121

(edited out)



sEAhAwk fAn121

(edited out)


Wonderful, but one suggestion -

The blocks outside the small city centers would be better without the mansions right next to dead blocks.  Try encouraging some some low-wealth housing, or put low-wealth on the northside, and high and middle wealth along the shore.  Try it out!


Damn well photoshopped.

Looking nice. That brown tower is so ugly though.

Sunken highway in progress. Sounds very very nice. The only good highway is a sunken one...
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Fantastic update! Great pictures with the using of photo shop! :thumbsup:


On the tower update, the smoke seems to go out then change directions to the wind :P Ive never seen that happen in real life before :P

I like those recently edited rainny shots though, very interesting.

sEAhAwk fAn121

(edited out)