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March 21, 2023, 10:39:33 AM

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Maxiston My 2nd City

Started by Starmanw402007, August 30, 2007, 12:06:51 PM

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Well Mayors, I've returned once more to bring you photos of my newest city called Maxiston. Our population in Maxiston has just surpassed the 5,000 mark with 5272 and growing. So here's my first 2 photos of Maxiston. It's already becoming Like it's sister city Steven's Point.



Your Friend;
Mayor Of Steven's Point & Maxiston
(Proud To Be Cities Of Sim Nation!)


Duh!, Did Again can someone here adjust the codes again? goofy me I hit the wrong button and wasnt finish typing lol. Anyway this is my newest and 2nd City I've begun to build. Photo 1, is Maxiston itself. As you can see from the photo, I have a rather large low residental area. Very soon, I attend to expand with Medium Residental Housing. Cause demands for homes are at and alltime high currently. In the northeast part of Maxiston I have my trash facilty area. I'll be back with more photos of Maxiston later today or tomorrow :). For now 2 cities I believe is enough for a mayor just getting started. So I'll give u a list of cities I have now built or being built with their population count ok. I currently have 2 growing cities now. Here's a list of those cities.

City Name & Population Count
Steven's Point = 44,831
Maxiston        =   5,274
Total Count In Pop     =  50,105
Your Friend;
Mayor Of Steven's Point & Maxiston
(Proud To Be Cities Of Sim Nation!)


Hello my new friend, I saw you on my MD (thank you! an answer tomorrow) and decided to visit you in your region. I see your city is well-ordered and the development just started :thumbsup:

I will wait for more, it is good to observe how the region grows from the beginning.
Go ahead!  ;D
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Thanks, I've been trying to visit more regions as I can. Like 1 or 3 per day. I figured If I visit other mayor's regions I'd get mayors to visit mine. As far as my cities are concerned. I'm halting for now at 2 cities. That way It'll be easier for me to navigate between the cities. I'll build more cities later when Maxiston reaches 25,000 population. Evertime my cities reach 25k. I'll build a new citie. Right Now as I said I have 2 cites 1 is approaching 50k and the other just starting out. I still got plenty of work to do at Steven's Point. Here's when I'll build new cities I have 2 new growing.

#01] Steven's Point = When this city reaches 50,000 I'll turn my attention over to Maxiston.
#02] Maxiston        = When this city reaches 25,000 I'll bigen to build a new city. the name maybe "Caldorre"
#03] Caldorre         = I got this name from a game called Senitel Worlds I. This wil be my 3rd City.

When Steven's Point & Maxiston have reached their required population total. I'll have just over 75,000k in population. At least that is my goal to have. The city of Maxiston, I plan to add Medium Residental Housing as I said earlier in this post. That'll help me get to the 25,000k Level for Maxiston. I hope that you'll like my photos as I make them available.

Your Friend;
Mayor Of Steven's Point & Maxiston
(Proud To Be Cities & Sim Nation!):)
Your Friend;
Mayor Of Steven's Point & Maxiston
(Proud To Be Cities Of Sim Nation!)


Great new pictures of your city! :thumbsup:


Hi Starmanw,

It's good to see the initial zoning for your city.  I look forward to seeing some closer shots of the buildings.


Not a bad start and will be interested to see how this develops :).

Just one thing , are your two cities in the same region? If so they probably should be in the same MD. Also I believe there is a limit to the number of MD's you can run at the same time, so I think you would be better off to consolidate into one MD.

Anyway, will be looking out for more.




Nice start! Looking forward to see this region developping  :thumbsup:
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