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March 21, 2023, 10:00:27 AM

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Started by paroch, September 01, 2007, 03:12:02 AM

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Welcome to WEST END.


Update 80 - 22nd February 2009 - A video to celebrate IPON International Day of Peace.  

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Update 76 - 27th December 2008 - A video showing the story of Hay, a small rural farming community

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Update 74 - 13th December 2008 - 16 new pictures from Berners, a small rural quad            

Update 73 - 7th December 2008 - 10 new pictures from the Piccadilly Peninsular                          

Update 72 - 29th November 2008 - Piccadilly Botanical Gardens.  Pictures from the Lot Editor and the finished gardens.

Update 71 - 24th November 2008 - West End's best video yet of The Peninsular.                        

Update 70 - 19th November 2008 - 10 new pictures from Piccadilly

Update 69 - 17th November 2008 - A large mosaic from the Edwards Bay District of Piccadilly.

Double Zero Club Award for Poster number 900

West End's Film Theme Tunes and MD Quiz - 15th November 2008

Update 67:  9th November 2008 - 6 new pictures including a mosaic of Piccadilly's Central District.

Update 66:  Bonfire Night - The history of Bonfire Night and how it's celebrated in West End

Update 65:  3rd November 2008 - 13 new pictures from Piccadilly

Update 64:  1st November 2008 - 15 new pictures from Piccadilly  

Update 63:  16th October 2008 - 20 new pictures from Piccadilly              

Double Zero Club 800:  12th October 2008

Update 62:  21st September 2008 - 13 new pictures of the Continental Cup in Piccadilly

Update 61:  13th September 2008 - 13 new pictures of Piccadilly

Update 60:  7th September 2008 - 4 new sports pictures from Piccadilly

Update 59:  1st September 2008 - The First Anniversary Video

Update 58:  30th August 2008 - 15 new pictures from the small town of Dean            

Update 57:  21st August 2008 - A video of the Simlympic Torch Relay through West End        

Double Zero Club Honour for 700th post to Diggis

Update 56:  15th August 2008 - 13 new pictures of the waterside of Charing Cross

Update 55:  1st August 2008 - 15 new pictures of the farms and rural areas of Charing Cross          

Update 54:  28th July 2008 - A three picture update of the North Senna Towers and a farming teaser

Update 53:  12th July 2008 - 10 new pictures showing the redevelopment of Thistle Point and North Senna Towers

Update 52:  6th July 2008 - 9 new pictures including 4 mosaics showing the suburbs of West End

Update 51:  29th June 2008 - The final of Devo 08, plus 21 new pictures from Charing Cross.

Update 50:  26th June 2008 - Semi Final action from Devo 08, plus 10 new pictures from Charing Cross.  

Update 49:  22nd June 2008 - Quarter Final Action from Devo 08, plus 13 new pictures from Chating Cross.

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Special Announcement on 28th May 2008 for Devo 08.

Update 39:  25th May 2008.  15 new pictures of the Kingly Tram System - Orange Line, plus football stadium.

Update 38:  24th May 2008.   22 new pictures of the Kingly Tram System - Brown Line        

Double Zero Update:  19th May 2008, to celebrate Jmouse for posting the 500th comment in West End

Update 37: 18th May 2008, Transit map of Kingly Tram System plus a micro-vid          

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Update 27:  16th March 2008, 18 new pictures from Kingly and Amsterdam      

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Update 22:  16th February 2008, 4 new pictures of the revised tower blocks in Wardour

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Update 8 - 3rd November 2007.  11 new pictures of the Little Amsterdam district of Regent.              

Update 7 - 28th October 2007.  11 new pictures of Regent.

Update 6 - 14th October 2007.  7 new pictures of Regent plus 4 pictures from Broadwick.

Update 5 - 30th September 2007.  12 new pictures of Great Portland plus your chance to decide what happens next!

Update 4 - 22nd September 2007.  19 new pictures of Great Portland.

Update 3 - 15th September 2007. 16 new pictures of Little Portland.

Update 2 - 9th September 2007.  13 new pictures of Little Portland.

Update 1 - 4th September 2007. 16 new pictures of Wardour.

Follow the growth of this region, from blank canvas to (hopefully) mighty metropolis.

This is my first Mayor Diary.  I've been playing SC4 for a while now and have enjoyed looking at many of the diaries on this site.  You could say they inspired me to go ahead and start my own.  I will weclome all comments and suggestions as to how I can improve my city building techniques - so feel free to post your comments.  Positive, supportive, constructive, or just your own view on why something here is "not quite right".

My region is based on the 'Dornelles' map obtained from the STEX.  There's something about this map I like - maybe it's the mix of rivers, coastline, wide open plains together with some hills around the edges. 

This large region is on the Eastern coast of Sim Nation England and has only recently been made habitable following the eradication of the deadly Simfly which had colonised the region making it too dangerous for people to live in.  The large cities on the west coast of Sim Nation are full to bursting gained independence from the UK.  Many citizens are keen to move to this newly formed region (I bet you've wondered where all those Sims come from).  My region is called "West End".  This is because all of the transport routes from the cities in the west, end here.  West End.

Each of the towns and cities in the West End region are named after streets, roads and squares in the West End of London - so many of the names will be familiar to those of you who either live in London or have visited London.

The plan for this region is to develop two main cities on the east coast - Oxford to the north of the major river and Piccadilly to the south of the river.  It's likely that the two mayors of these cities will battle it out in an attempt to make their city the biggest and best in the region.  The diary will follow the struggle between these two major centres to see which becomes the capital of the region and also feature the development of the other towns and cities in the region.  A main line railway has been installed from the west, across the region to the two main cities.  As a result, other towns / suburbs will spring up along this main route with commuters travelling to the major centres.  I am sure that most of these will be low to medium density places although one or two are bound to try and develop into major centres in their own right.

Western edge of region:

Central river part of region:

Eastern edge of region:

Here are some region views to give you a feel for the geography.  You'll see the railway is already in place.  Highways will be next - again, a major west to east road will be the major artery with some branches to take traffic both north and south.  I'm not sure how to zoom in or out on region view - if any of you know how I'd love to hear.

Once these major transport pieces are in place I will focus in on the various towns and cities.

I will try to use custom content only as much as I can.  High wealth residential is a bit of a gap in my plugin folder at the moment, so the Maxis buildings will help out in this aspect.  I have plenty of SimGoobers buildings, so I'm sure you'll recognise them.  Gascooker's buildings are my favourites at the moment (probably because the are just so realistically British) so they will also feature heavily.  NAM is installed, so I'll use its features where possible.  I'm a bit weak on things like sunken highways and have only just started using canals.  Maybe some other features will appear as I get more adventurous and maybe pick up some suggestions from anyone who follows this diary.

I tend to develop in a set, standard approach - so I will be really pleased to hear any of your comments and suggestions as I am always open to new ideas and improving the way my cities develop and look.

Well, that's all for this initial post.  I hope to post an update very soon.  As a taster for what's to come, here is a screen shot of the first town to develop in the region - Wardour.


I love the park! Looking forward to more.


Wonderful start there and great looking pictures! Fantastic work! :thumbsup:


Nice start and great pics ;) Can't wait to see more pictures of Wardour :thumbsup:
by Pavle...


Nice shots, but IMO you should demolsih that bus stop and build the real park enter (now enters to the park are  through car parks, and it's not comfortable solution.


Hey, those are nice parks you've got going there? Also, where can I find those tennis courts (with the fences) in the lower right corner?



paroch Welcome to the wonderful world of MD'ing here at devotions and so far what im seeing is looking very good i love your soccer field and park it has a nice feel to it... - pat

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Hey, thanks for the comments.  It's a bit scary posting up your first MD - you're just not sure if anyone is going to look and comment.  My first update is alomst ready to go - just need a good city wide shot of Wardour and then I'll post it - should be a couple of days.

In the meantime:-

nedalezz - thanks for being the first to post on West End.

bat - thanks for the encouragement.

Pavle - glad you like them - more of wardour coming very soon.

szymcar - I've taken your advice and got rid of the bus stop.  It wasn't meant to be an entrance but I can see what you mean.  I often have the entry to the park via the parking lot.  Maybe I'll try a different approach in future.  Also, I like your new MD Reden.  And thanks for the link to the Paris Firestation - I now have it.

Sober - glad you like the park.  I've left comments on your MD Eaton before, so you're always welcome here  ;).  As for the tennis courts with fences, they are PEG's Tennis Park.  You can find it either on STEX or on PEG's own site (SimPeg).  It may be available here on SC4D as well.

patfirefghtr - Thanks for the welcome and glad you like the football park.

Anyway, ahead of the full update here is the park with adjusted entance:

And you may also notice that many of the terraced houses above the park have upgraded to Gascooker's Watford Drive series.  (I forgot to make the terraces historical to keep the low wealth appearance!).


Hello, paroch! Fine start you have here! The parks and the houses look great, and I love your region. I can't wait to follow along to see how you develop it!


Excellent start you have here &apls. Nice pics too and yes i know how frustrating it is when you forget to make buildings historical $%Grinno$%

I'll keep an eye out for this :thumbsup:

Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Nice reworking of the football park   Paroch :thumbsup:

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


That's a nice little teaser to start things off with.  :)

A good start and looking forward to the next update.




Great new looking picture! :thumbsup: Looking forward to that update!


I always enjoy watching a region develop from the ground up, and it looks like you have some interesting ground to cover. I'm fascinated by how other players set their priorities. For folks like you, it's obviously the rail system, others start with highways and some begin with a few streets and a tiny village. But that's the beauty of SC4, isn't it - to each his own!
Good luck with West End. It will be a pleasure to watch it grow.

Until next time...


Awesome start, love the map, it looks very interesting. 

Robin   ()stsfd()
Call me Robin, please.


Welcome to the first update of West End.

First of all, thanks for your comments so far - it's nice to know someone is looking!  Specific replies:

thundercrack83 - thanks for your comments and glad you like what you see so far (p.s. Thanks for doing a good job moderating this board)

TeaCat - hey, welcome to West End.  I've seen you comment on many MD's so I'm glad you've popped over.  I hope I can keep posting stuff to make you come back.

patfirefghtr - I'm pleased you like the re-worked park.

Tooheys - thanks for the comments.  I must confess to not catching up on your MD recently.  I'll pop over soon.

bat - thanks for dropping by.

jmouse - thanks Joan.  I travel to work by train every day, so I hope I make West End's rail system better than the one I use!  I try to build rail stations like they'd appear in real life, i.e. Spread out more than subway stations or El-Rail stations.  Not sure it always plays to the strength of SC4 gameplay, but hey, I like it.  It's true that the options are endless to starting a city or region.

rooker1 - glad you like the region map and thanks for the visit.


The first town that has developed in the region is Wardour.  It's a bit up river from the coast and two main cities.  We'll be looking at two different families that have settled in Wardour to show us around.

As the first town in the region, it has a mix of Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial areas.  I felt I didn't have too much choice here as I wanted the region up and running and growing pretty quickly, so couldn't rely on other cities for jobs.  The farming area is to the north of the motorway that runs through Wardour.  Directly to the south of the motorway are two industrial areas, with the main residential areas being to the south of the industry zones.  Commercial lots have built up along the main roads in the area.

Here is a shot of early zoning.  I always think this is an interesting time, the first zones are put down and you wait to see what buildings will spring up first.  Any way, as things progress the first main residential area is the low wealth terraced houses (mix of gas cooker's UK homes, Goober's Sardina and Scuttlebut Rows and Tiny Terraces which I think are by RP/zero7).  These homes house the workers from the factories in the industrial zone near the motorway.  Wardour is a bit of a football town, so Merry Park has two football pitches (but no stadium yet).

1.01-Early zoning

1.02-Terraced housing

1.03-Merry Park

Our first family we'll check up on are the Harrisons.  They have moved to Wardour for a more peaceful and slow pace of life.  They live in a small house in one of the farming villages to the north of the motorway.  They all regularly attend the church in the village and the young Harrisons attend the little school house.

1.04 Harrison's house (it's the small one in the centre of the picture just above the junction)

1.05 Farming Village

1.06 And here is the farm where they work (I love the windmill)

They dream of owning their own farm one day, and with so much land in Wardour that has yet to be developed maybe their dream will come true.  I hope we'll catch up with the Harrisons later in the diary.

The farming area of Wardour is at the southern end of a large fertile plain, which is home to the most sucessful farming land in West End.  The farms to the north of the motorway take up quite a bit of land and are important to the city as a whole.  Here are some shots of the farming area of Wardour.

1.07 Farms

1.08 Farms


Since these shots were taken I have installed some canals and streams to the north of the farms.  Maybe one for a future update.

Our next family to look at are the Fords.  They have a bit more cash than the Harrisons (and a bigger mortgage!).  They live in one of the detached properties in a new development in Wardour.  The developer has kept many of the original trees that surrounded the site to add a semi rural feel to the place.  Mr Ford works over at Progress Place on one of the main roads leading out of the residential areas.  His big weakness in life is fast food and luckily for him there is a whole row of fast food joints opposite his office (I didn't expect a whole row like that to develop but I like them).

1.10 Ford's House

1.11 Eastern Commercial district where Mr Ford works.  These commercial buildings are by JMyers (I think).  They are 1x3 lots.  I really like these buildings - but - they grow far too regularly in my cities.  Any suggestions of other 1x3 CO$$ lots would be welcomed!

1.12 Fast food joints opposite

Mrs Harrison works at the local clinic and is always nagging him about his poor diet.

1.13 Clinic in small commercial area (note spanish language - West End is a multi-lingual region)

Many of Wardour's residents work in the larger cities on the coast to the east, so they travel to work by train from Wardour station.

1.14 Wardour East station

And to finish off, here are a couple of zoom-out shots.

1.15 Main "drag"

1.16 City-wide shot

City population is currently 38,000.

I hope you've enjoyed Wardour.  We will visit it some other time but the next update will feature another part of West End.  I need to decide whether to show you Little Portland (farms, town on a lake with a village along a canal and stream) or jump straight into Oxford (main city).  Please feel free to comment on what you've seen - good, bad or indifferent - and also let me know what you want to see next if you have a preference.  I'll aim to post next update on Sunday 9th September.

Bye for now!


paroch loved the update it was very good... keep up the hard work - pat

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie


Oh yes, love the farms spread over a gently-rolling countryside and connected by curvy streets. The neighborhoods are nice as well, but I must ask if the row housing in pics 2 & 3 is representative of RL building styles in the UK. Other than spending a few hours in the Frankfort, Ger., airport last summer, I've never set foot in Europe. Never set foot on a train either, but it is fascinating to collect tidbits of info from players around the world.
And in case Mr. Ford has not already informed you, I believe there's a Burger King restaurant available somewhere. Looking forward to seeing more development. :thumbsup:

Until next time...


Ah – the small mid rise office buildings are indeed mine. Intended to provide some competition to the Maxis Cox Tower.  I've seen these buildings grow by ones and twos and I've also had them grow in my game the same as you've pictured. Can't honestly say that I know why the game decides to grow one building over another. What I usually do with weeds is to download more weeds (variety) but I do not recall if there are any other buildings out there for download that fall within the parameters. 

Two things  that I do are – (1) leave alone knowing they will upgrade eventually if you continue to develop your city or (2) I'll make one or two historical if I like the locations they've grown and perhaps plop some parking lots in between to break things up a bit.

Nice MD so far and a good region. I appreciate the feedback . Good Luck.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Very nice update.  The farms look very nice.  The trees in between each lot and the windy roads make it look very good.  Great work so far.

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.