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August 16, 2022, 09:05:34 PM

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Started by paroch, September 01, 2007, 03:12:02 AM

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These are really nice shots of a beutiful city! Region views is spactacular as well. Keep up the great work - I'll keep an eye on this one for sure.
Im back baby! Everybody do the Bendah!



Sebes:  Thanks for the compliment about the planning.  The North Senna Towers have changed again - see below!  As for Thistle Point, yes different for sure and it is frustrating when an area changes for the worse for your tastes.  Although I don't understand why it changed if you made it historic - that is strange.  And thanks for the pointer to NN!

Maarten:  Thanks for the comment and pointer to the catenaries.  I've downloaded them and need to start using them!

Bat:  Thanks my firend, I'm glad you liked the changes.

Maestro444:  Welcome to West End - your first comment here I think.  I will have a look at the road mod you mention and see how it goes, thanks.  And feel free to drop by any time.

:  No need to apologise, so many MDs, so few hours!  I've missed a week myself and haven't dropped by Stats Central for a while myself!

:  I always appreciate your well thought comments.  See below for the changes to the North Senna Towers.

Joan:  Thanks for your detailed thoughts as always.  As per my comments to Sebes and Matt, there have been some changes....

:  Good to see you here again my friend.  And thanks for your compliments.  And yeah - Long Live IPON - we're back in business!

:  No need to apologise.  I've been a bit light in the MD section myself recently.  Thanks for the suggestion re the ferry area and yeah, bring on the night shots!

Rob:  Welcome to West End.  Always good to see a new face here - And with great supportive comments like that you are welcome here ANYTIME  :)

UPDATE 54 - 28th July 2008

It's been over two weeks since the last update, which is a long time for me, so I must apologise to you all.

OK, After the comments about the North Senna Towers, I had another look.  The buildings are all growable, and that tennement block upgraded to another Walldorf Tower.  A different colour, but hey, it looked good:

54.01  North Senna Towers re-grow:

But I got to thinking about what Sebes said.  A gap between the front two towers would really complete the development.  But of course there is a risk involved.  But hey, life is about risks sometimes, so I demolished the right hand tower, re-zoned, changed the park a little bit........ And a tenement block grew.  I waited and waited and it would not upgrade, so I demolished it.  And that was it.  Nothing else would grow.  So now the North Senna Towers look like this.....

54.02  North Senna Towers - what next:

I have just two more update from Charing Cross to come.  So hopefully something else will grow by then.

I was hoping to bring you the farms update today, but have run out of time.  So here is a farm teaser and the rest should follow later this week.

54.03  Farm Teaser:

Oh, and the IPON Summit being held in Charing Cross is going well, so come on over and have a look here:

IPON Summit V - Charing Cross

'til next time........................ $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$%


Hi Paul,
Nice small update :thumbsup:

I like the different coloured tower that grew. Another thing I liked is that you took the risk demolishing the tower.
The entrance to the park looks better now but tis a shame that nothing grew that you wanted.

Have you tried rezoning as commercial, letting it develop then rezoning it back to residential.
I have found this to work for me - just a suggestion ;)

Oooh Rural shots from you - great looking forward to those :thumbsup:

btw kettles about to boil, fancy a brew?


Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
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Paul, I really like the looks of North Senna with the three towers, especially with the one of a different color - IMO there's now a pleasing visual balance. Have you considered de-zoning the empty spot and covering it with a continuation of the park? The other alternative is to see if another pink tower would grow in that spot - slim chance, eh! &mmm

And that's good work on the farm - lots of interesting details that leave me wanting to see more!



Heh, Paul- we have a couple of blocks in Anchorage like that.  The developer gets together all but one corner of the entire block, puts up stuff phased over several years thinking the last parcel will fall into place and, twenty years later, you have the old "mouse next to an elephant" scenario.  Very RL, my friend!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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Funny how that works out with growing buildings. I'm sure it will fill in though, hopefully with what you want. The farms look like they will be a treat to see, and I've briefly looked through the IPON events, and from what I have seen so far, it looks like things are off to a good start. Nice little update, and don't worry about the delay, it's always good to see the new developments regardless of how long it takes.


A fine small update, Paul!
Lurk mode: ACTIVE


Nice work on that area! And the farm teaser is looking wonderful!

Looking forward to the next update...


I love that farm. Great work!  :)


Hi my friend
It's really good
I love your city and the style of your city who is incredible
So you make a really good job
continue ;)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


 :'(  Don't ever listen to my comments again....  I hate it when no buildings grow back - or even worse, the wrong buidlings. But.... you could do as Joan says (yes: you better listen to her comments) extend the park over the empty lot....  Or, for heavens sake: plop a waldorf hotel.

The farm looks great! Are that sunflowers?  :satisfied:
Check my MD:               


You could also follow Dedgren's scenario and put some building site or wasteland tiles on the spot...
The not growing of things you want is very annoying. I like to make neighbourhoods with similar buildings, like we have here in NL. But it's almost impossible to do....

Your city looks great.  :thumbsup:


This is my 1000th post here at SC4D.  I feel like one of the regulars now and have enjoyed my time here.  I've met some great people and made some new friends.  And some of these I have met face to face and enjoyed a pint of beer (or three) with them.  To now be part of a team (The NUTs), have met some of the BSC greats, to have some of my own creations on the LEX, and to have an MD here in the Classics section are all things that make me proud to be part of the SC4 community.  And I guess I have your support and comments to thank for that - so a big THANK YOU from me.


Derry:  Thanks for your suggestions.  I'll be trying those out!  As for the rural shots - I look at my results and realise I need to take more lessons from you!!

Joan:  It's good that everyone has a different opinion on what to do with those towers.  I'll try em all.  As for the farm, that is one of my early custom lotting attempts.

:  Always a pleasure to see you drop by.  And yes, I know what you mean.  I'll give it one last go before moving on to see if I can get another elephant!

Matt:  Thanks for that.  And the IPON Summit has been fun, just something a bit different.  Hopefully as we get more active more MDs will think of joining - including new ones that people might be thinking of starting ;)

Maarten:  And a fine small comment ;)

Bat:  Well not so long to wait this time!

Panther:  Thanks my friend, it was a custom lot I made.  I have to confess that it is a ploppable and not a growable.

Simpson:  Thanks for a great comment.

Sebes:  Hey, no worries.  I wanted to see if it would happen!  And I didn't think of the hotel - I'll have a look.  As for the sunflowers....... Yes, I created a custom ploppable field of sunflowers.  Great to make sunflower oil!!  If you'd like them - just ask!

FrankU:  Thanks Frank.  I will try a few things with those towers to see what happens, and yes, I also like developing areas with many similar buildings.  Much more realistic in my mind.

UPDATE 55 - 1st August 2008

OK, the North Senna Towers will wiat for my final Charing Cross update.  Today it's time to look at the farming and rural areas of the borough of Charing Cross........

55.01  Overview:

This will help you get acquainted with what you are looking at!

55.02  Senna Farms Overview:

Charing Cross is famous for its flowers.  Many of the flowers grown in Charing Cross are sold at the Flower Market in next door Kingly (remember the Flower Market?)

55.03  Senna Farms:

You can see how the farms roll down to the riverside.

55.04  Southern Farms 1:

You can see more of those famous flowers!

55.05  Southern Farms 2:

I really enjoy working with the TPW and ChrisAdams RRP culverts give new possibilities.  If you look at the bottom of the pic you can see how I line up the river for the next tile.  Once I get it lined up, those roads will be demolished.

55.06  Sunflower Farm:

This was the teaser from the last update.  Everything you can see in this picture (apart from the SAM street) is a custom lot I put together.  The farm yard and building used many of JMyers items and each of the fields was created as a ploppable.  I find these very useful for filling in those areas when you want a particular field, or when Ag demand has dropped and you still want a farm.  I really like the sunflower field - just because it is a bit different!!

OK, well that's the farms.  I'm quite pleased with them - but next time I do farms, I want to do them better.  The Tea Cat is one of the masters (IMHO) so I'll have to study his pics a bit more!  Let's move on to some of the other rural parts of the borough.

55.07  River Calton 1:

The River Calton is a man made river, designed to carry water across the plains of inner West End (for future updates).  The river is very straight.  The mouth of the river is home to many different wild life species.  I enjoyed making this - BUT - I know the connection to the Maxis water is not right.  I just don't know how to make it better.  Any suggestions are welcome.

55.08  River Calton 2:

Up river, it passes through farmland.  I really like the way the Italia Terrain Mod works well with Chris's RRP flora items.

55.09  Charing Country Park:

This is an area that has been left to nature.  Many water birds nest along the river banks here.  A few small parking areas have been placed to allow residents to enjoy the countryside.  Let's take a look through the park, starting at the large building in the top right of the picture.

55.10  Watersford Mansion:

This mansion is owned by the cult who worship the Great God Diggis.  Their headquarters are in Watersford, so this building takes its name from their.  All sorts of strange goings-on are alleged to take place in the ground of the mansion, and it is rumoured they are trying to make their own stream and pond in the gardens.

55.11  Nesting Grounds:

As we move through the park we come to the marsh area where many wading birds nest during the spring months.

55.12 Wind Power:

The main parking are and bus stop, where visitors start their trek through the park.  The wind turbine provides all of the power used within the park.  Many species of wild flowers grow within the park.

55.13  Small Lake:

This small lake is home to the Lesser Spotted Australian Newt.  It is an animal that hasn't been seen for some time but is reputed to still be around.

55.14  Parking:

Another of the small parking areas and some paths through the park.  You have to watch carefully where you tread as this area is home to six different species of field mouse.

55.15  Saybus Rocks:

And we end our tour of the park at the Saybus Rocks.  It is said that these rocks are much older than they look - but whether they have been here for thousands or millions of years is anyones guess.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the quieter parts of Charing Cross.  Next time will be our last visit to this quad when I'll show you the waterside areas and we'll see what finally happened to the North Senna Towers. 

I'm now away on holiday for a week, staying in a small house beside a river in Norfolk, England.  We'll have a boat for the week to go exploring, so keep your fingers crossed for me that the sun shines.  And maybe I'll get some inspiration for some water scenes when I return.

'til next time.................... $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$%


Congrats on 1000 comments here at this forum! &apls
And also congrats on 55 updates! &apls

That newest update is really beautiful with wonderful pictures! The nature in this area looks super, paroch!
The city looks also wonderful! :)

Looking forward to more... ;)


Hi my friend
Your new update is superb as always  :thumbsup:
I love the fields who are near the city  :)

David  ;)
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


An Excellent update Paul &apls &apls

Thank you for taking us on such a wonderful tour :thumbsup:. I really enjoyed my trip through the farming areas.
Thanks also for such praise too, about the only thing I can aid on at the moment is to add some fence/hedges between the fields
but your reworked lot looks fantastic &apls &apls

I see you use the same technique to align rivers and ponds as myself :D Great minds eh?

Your transition is really good from plop to game water(try turning the ripples off when taking a pic ;)) One of the best I've seen so far.
It is something that is quite difficult to pull off well and you do that here  :thumbsup: btw Which water mod do you use?

Have a great break Paul, see you when you get back :thumbsup:
(Don't forget the thermos of Tea for your boat trips ::))


Kettle's on. Milk? Sugars?    ps I don't like Earl Grey  $%Grinno$%
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - If you're not part of the solution , you're part of the problem!
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Lovely rural settings, you have there. I just love it.


very very very very wonderful pictures!!!!  &apls  &apls :o
I love your splendid nature!!!!
C'est dans les ténèbres que l'on voit la lumiè dans la lumière que l'on voit les ténèbres...


What a treat, Paul! I feel like I've just returned from a refreshing walk in the countryside surrounded by the delightful sights, sounds and smells of wide-open spaces.

Your farms look great - colorful and laid out in interesting shapes across rolling hills. I especially like the Senna Farms in 55.03 with the dirt paths and winding street along a very attractive shoreline. And of course, the sunflower farm is the highlight of the whole update. I'd enjoy lotting twice as much if I could produce results half that good!

Later on, you and Dave will have the dubious pleasure of
helping me learn to use TPW - you both have it down pat by now! Of the rest of the photos, 55.11 Nesting Grounds is my favorite - so simple and beautiful - it's a place I could go, sit on the bank and wash away all the day's trials and tribulations.

Hope you and your family enjoy the holiday...


QuoteThis small lake is home to the Lesser Spotted Australian Newt

Hehe, I can take a hint and deserved that  ;)

You really have got on top of the TPW (you can teach Joan  :) ). As for the transition, that is a difficult one and while I've seen some great attempts, I don't think anyone has got that quite right yet.

55.06 is my fave, it's obvious that most of the farms are on rolling slopes, a great effort in itself, but that close-up just looks superb. Like the way you have added a few props into the fields as well  :thumbsup:

Now, I need to know, the purplish ground cover, where did you find that. I like it.

Another great update Paul, and I hope the sun did shine mate.