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July 07, 2022, 09:33:29 AM

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To lurk or not to lurk

Started by NikNik, January 19, 2007, 03:33:37 AM

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Hail to all lurkers.

Now it is your opportunity to come out and share with us your reasons to lurk about and not to comment.

Why do you lurk?
How often do you lurk?
Does your partner know that you lurk?
Do you only lurk here or also on other sites?

Anyway, share with us your lurking instincts, traits and habits.




I will be the first out of the  Yes, I am a lurker.  :o

Why?  My mother always taught me to open my mouth when I can add value to the conversation.  Otherwise I just babble.  $%Grinno$%
How often?  Everyday.
Partner?  Don't have one.
Other Sites?  Of course I do.  :D

My instincts/habits are to lurk only in the middle of the night, more than likely I am the only one here and no one can see that I am   :-\
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The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it


Shhhhhhhhhhh......don't tell them that, you will let my secret out.   :P ::)
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
A. Einstein


I lurk mainly for lack of time to comment, but also because I feel stupid saying only "Good update. Looking forward to more!". But, on the other hand I personally appriciate getting comments on my work even though it might be nothing more than a  &apls so maybe I should just get out there more often.  ;D

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I'm a quasi-lurker (although I post much more than I used to). I mostly lurk becuase it takes soo long to read through all the posts that by the time I'm finished I either forget what I was thinking about writing or have to get off line to get something else done.


To avoid lurking at my own started topic I quote:
Quote from: Yoder7652 on January 19, 2007, 06:29:46 AM
I'm a quasi-lurker (although I post much more than I used to). I mostly lurk becuase it takes soo long to read through all the posts that by the time I'm finished I either forget what I was thinking about writing or have to get off line to get something else done.
Yeah some CJ's are quite long and it is sometimes difficult to remember what you wanted to say. I agree.

Have a great lurking weekend.



hello to all,

believe it or not, I was a BIG lurker not so long ago ...
I totally agree with elektra:
QuoteMy mother always taught me to open my mouth when I can add value to the conversation.  Otherwise I just babble  $%Grinno$%

I spent more over a year lurking at ST, reading, studying, searching, and until I did not made my own first work, I did not start to be an active member. After I started to regulary posting at ST, I also tried to keep all my posts as useful as posible. Even the ones in the City Journals.

And who does not like to see a lurker emerge from time to time, and say something interesting  ;) ?¿

Finally, I have to say that I prefere a lurker than a large mouth  :D  :D

And for those of you who dont know what a lurker is, I translate the Lurker definition from
"Flame Warriors Home ,by Mike Reed" site.  A highly recommendable site if you are humourous persons, and want to have a real laugh  ;)

The Lurker definition:

QuoteLurker does not participate in normal forum discourse, but he's out there...watching, reading every message. He is usually quite harmless, and more often than not his silence reflects a natural reticence rather than sinister motives. If a fight breaks out he will quietly observe to avoid revealing his position. Occasionally, however, some mysterious impulse drives him to de-lurk and attack. This totally unexpected assault is universally regarded as an ambush, and other Warriors will turn on him savagely. Lurker seldom sticks around to fight it out, however, and after a brief exchange, he once again slips out of sight.
Copyright by Mike Reed

I am currently not active - Please, contact Tarkus for any site related matter. Thanks for enjoying SC4D :D

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Let me add my 2 cents ...

I personally belive that the LURKERS were the biggest contributors to the fact that BSC left Simtropolis ...  :o ... why do I say this ... Well simply because the download numbers shows that the vast majority of Simtropolis dit appreciate the work the BSC did but then in the forums the screeching minority voiced their dislike vividly and received a lot of support from the Admin ... in the end I told the BSC that if the community cares so little that they allow the screechers to spoil it for all then so be it and I packed my mouse up and left ST. Since then many ... actually most BSC members withdrew from ST ... If the LURKERS came out and made their voices heard it would have been different.

Here on our LEX there is a simple "Thank you" choice and many dont even do that ... it is anonymous and it is not difficult but apparently too much effort ... 2 seconds of the downloaders time aginst dozens of hours of the creator ... hmm ... I wonder.

So LURKERS beware ... if you like the site and keep silent when things happen that affects your enjoyment of the site then you yourself is to blame if the site goes to the dogs.

Hows that for a different view ...  :satisfied:
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Now that is some view point, unfortunately I was not around when all that was happening, still don't know what happened recently.  I try to avoid confrontation and that is even in the RW. 
But if around and lurking in the fray, I am very much of the definition of Mike Reed's Lurker. I will come out and speak, get on my soap box and let my opinion be known.  Especially if it is something I believe in strongly, though the part about hightailing it out of the fray once I have spoke my opinion is the actual opposite (like a typical woman, I like to have the last word)   :P $%Grinno$%

And as a coming out lurker.....a Big Thank You to all that have created this wonderful web site and share much of your time for the passion of the game, which wouldn't be what it is today with out you!  &apls &apls  ()flower()  &kiss

See I told you I babble......
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."
A. Einstein


@ Colyn: as to down loading and not commenting, I like to wait to see the item in game before I comment.  Then I try to remember to go back and comment.  I don't always remember, Senoritas I'm afraid...  As to supporting the BSC, I do my best, but find more often than not, I'm totally ignored or considered 'part of the Peg/BSC posse' which doesn't stop me of course, but then when I get annoyed, nothing does! :angrymore:

To all: I like reading MDs, but as said before, if I have nothing to add I don't post.  I can be as inane as the next poster, but that just takes up space and adds nothing to the community, so why bother?   #?¿?¿?$
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I lurk around a lot. I try to leave a simple 'thank you' or 'great update' when readin MD's. But when others say all kind of interesting stuff, or show their absolutely great work in the LEX or MD's or the "SHOW US'' section, I sometimes feel a completely fool and rather say nothing instead of 'thank you' or 'great update'or repeat what other already said before.

But - I do think it's important to share my gratitude to the uploaders, in LEX or MD's and alikes.  I think I leave a "thank you" (or rate at ST) for every download I do. If I don't like it I just don't download, don't rate and don't comment (I am not in any positon to comment as I cannot BAT/LOT a thing mysef - hey, even cannot figure out to get a picture posted here..!)

Check my MD:               


Thanks for the postings here ... and to Sebes ... I fully understand your point of view but let me tell something ... with over 300 lots on ST I have always and mean always watched the lots till Blackbeard and Jacqulina posted a comment ... why ... well when I saw their comments I knew that the people that care for my work is out there and those two represented the masses for me ... weird but true.

Another thing I need to say here ... our LEX have a simple 3 Choice ICON valuation expression and I really want people to understand that on this LEX there is no such thing that we expect the HAPPY FACE all the time ... it is only when the USERS are truthfull in their VALUE EXPRESSION that the creators will have a better idea of what to do. If something looks like crap to you ... you are more than welcome to say so. This LEX has strong control over who is allowed to upload and part of the process of creating GOOD stuff for the community is the ability to take the critisism.

If only all of you could see how we work on the BSC Board ;) ... there it is the opposite from what is usual ... almost nobody will post a comment when an object is good ... more will post if it is outstanding ... but boy oh boy ... if there is something wrong ...  :o ... then suddenly the opinions comes fast and furious ... BUT ... a big BUT ... every post will be clear and specific and will include some advice on how to fix that what is wrong. That is how we have managed to build a massive collection of really good game assets.

So here you as the community has the opportunity to say what you think. As far as possible the ADMIN will keep an eye out for anybody that bullies a poster that has a different point of view.  :thumbsup:

Once again ... thanks for the good spirit in the Site ... we really appreciate it.

PS ... Hope this post lures a few more LURKERS out ...  &hlp
Work, the annoying period between bike trips.
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Colijn, in the BSC board, you're with a bunch of experts together. I bet Barby , Nikos and many others can tell you that they like or dislike something and also HOW you could enhance. I cannot. I can only say I like it or not, and have no clue - realy not any! - how you are doing it in the first place.

So telling you that I don't like it will not help you, except give you a chance to learn my taste  ;).  I don't expect you or anybody to BAT to my taste; in fact I prefer you and others to make what you love and like yourself, as it will benefit the quality of the stuff that you make. As long as you enjoy making it and are pleased with the result yourself I am sure the quality will only increase while you're doing it more and longer.

I happen to like your own stuff exactly the way you make it (and download and comment and rate it to show my appreciation). If another person makes something that he loved to make himself, and is happy with the result, why should I even say that I don't like and maybe discourage the person to continue?  Let him enjoy making it and having the pleasure of doing so, and be happy with the result himself. I don't want to spoil it for him. Maybe, by continueing with batting, the persons skills will even get better over time.

And in case it's absolute crappy (so not here on the LEX!) and yet uploaded, I doubt if the person will be interested in my opinion at all.... 
Check my MD:               


Yup.  What Fred_Ginger, Elektra, Yoder ... well, pretty much what everyone else said.  I'm mindful and appreciative of everyone's creativeness and hard-work, but compared to, oh, say Vandy's comments, mine are inane and useless.  I mean, truly, how can my "nice job," "fabulous work," or other one-sentence comments really be meaningful?

Besides, I still bear scars from when I made an innocent remark about how nice it was to see what dependency files were needed in a file's download description instead of waiting until I went offline to read the readme, I was called a TM by a BSC member.

In any event, I lurk because in general I don't have anything new to add to something.

But I appreciate everyone's hard work and am glad y'all share it with the rest of us.

edit:  (just read sebes response) and yeah, definitely what Sebes said.  I can only say what I like and don't like and I don't expect *anyone* to make anything simply because of my tastes.  (Besides having been called a TM, there's no way I'm going to run the risk of being called a leech)   ;)

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit."     - Harry S. Truman


Why do you lurk?
Because I don't know many people here!!
And because I'm just getting used to the community here!!

How often do you lurk?
once or twice a day!!

Does your partner know that you lurk?
Sorry I am Currently Single so  $%Grinno$%

Do you only lurk here or also on other sites?
I Kind of lurk on Simtropolis  ;D


Well I only lurk when there is not enough time to put a message down.

Any other lurkers out there?



Yes, I lurk....

But with a 2 and 1/2 year old son   %BUd% , My computer time is really limited and I have trouble even keeping up with the reading part. I'm trying to do better....
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not anymore, i was a long time ST lurker but jumped right into SC4D.


Why do you lurk?
Because it is a total mystery to me how the rest of you guys became experts at this. Everytime I come across some new piece of knowledge, I follow the links around to get more info and details. By the time I have to stop and go back to the RW the original post is 20 sites back in my browser. I still don't know enough about Loting, Bating and modding to make a journal/diary that I think deserves the time of others to comment on.

The reason I don't post a "thank you" or "way to go" is that my personal belief is, if I can't think of a way to help you make your contribution better I shouldn't take up the space.

When I do manage to post a diary, I won't take offense if not one person thanked me for the effort. I will do a diary for my own gratification. If you have an idea or comment to improve my skillset by all means tell me.

I have also taken a personal vow to never badger anyone with a "Where did you get that" request.

I think all diaries and posts suffer from what I call "Comment Creep". Several factors contribute, the most obvious is the posting meter. I'm not a fan of it. The greatest tragedy is the fact that as you read through the posts that get longer and longer your brain starts to edit out what you don't like and if a post is chock full of things you don't like your brain starts to miss those important posts that contribute to the conversation.

My brain has created the following habit for reading posts.
Spin that scroll wheel like I am on wheel of fortune to find the last post by the author.
Read the post.
Scroll at a good clip to see if any responses included links that are not part of the signature. Those usually are usefull replys with good info at the other end of the linky.
Find the authors response to the responses.
Read what or where they made or got something. Search for those items on the exchanges.

If you posted a brilliant, lucid and beneficial reply that did not meet my habitual criteria then it got missed in between all those WOW's, great job and  &hlp &hlp  $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$% $%Grinno$%
There is not enough time in the day to read every single word of every single post.

This site is still fresh and small but it will suffer the same fate of ST with all the clutter of niceness. SimCity is a steep learning curve to master with all of the Modds and user content. Stop being nice and stick to being serious in psotings and discussions. Reward good posters with page views and stars. It will make it easier for members to see what is improtant by not depending on the number of postings.

How often do you lurk?

Does your partner know that you lurk?
I only do it in the office. Only have a Mac Mini at home. (Home PC is BSOD, again) 

Do you only lurk here or also on other sites?
Here, Simtropolis, PEG and where ever the links take me.

My two cents on acknowledging the creators of all this wonderful work is to have a link in the LEX to a Showcase forum. It should be dedicated (or limited) to posts of the in-game use of the contribution. This shouldn't be the truobleshooting or development page. Just a sort of slideshow (scrollshow) of these losts being used in game. I have no idea how to thank the modders but here is my Thank You to them.  :thumbsup: