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◊The Land Of Reden - Holiday Small Updates!◊

Started by szymcar, September 01, 2007, 02:15:24 PM

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Hello everybody in my MD
Historical lands of "European Cowboys" have been completely changed when in 1876 Franz Ferdinand discovered there black coal resources. For two centuries Reden was a typical mine town. Today is a very cultural city with a lot of beautiful places, nice transport infrastructure, and many many more, that you can see in the pictures. I was inspired in polish cities: Wrocław and Opole.
Please watch this movie. Hear the hymn and see historical pictures.
Some information's:
Full title: The Brightest Republic of Reden
Capital: Stary Lubań - 101 980
Position: 12o east longitude, 44o north latitude
Country's territory: 61km2
Climate: max. + 26o Celsius, min. -7o Celsius
Political system: Parliamentary democracy
Head of state: Patricio Aylwin Azócar
Prime minister: Eva Kove
Population: (2003) - 125 597
Population growth per annum - +0,6%
Average age:
Mans - 72
Woman's - 77
Urbanization - 98,1%
Alphabetization - 98,0%
People per one doctor - 375
Stary Lubań - 101 980
Miejska Górka - 23 115
Międzybrodzie - 502
Catholicism - 95,2%
Other - 1,8%
Agnostic - 3,0%
Polish, Italian
Unemployment - 4,7%
Main export goods:
- Black Coal
- Wine
- Wood
Main import goods
- Oil
- Machinery
- Food
1 Euro = 100 Eurocent
Ok. Let's see the pictures.

(Urban Hillock)

The Road of Death in Miejska Górka...

...and views from the road.


The Main Street of 1000 Years of Polish State with Athena's Column

East Old Town

City Gate at Lubańska St.

City's Marketplace - tiny and cosy :p

Second bridge to City Center. It's very overcrowded. At left * * * "Three Pines" Hotel

Miejska Górka - The City of bridges and forests

Very little pier :)

Fish Market but it's also vegetable and fruit too


The industrial area - Hardun Power Plant (Polish name of a species of agamas living on this lands)

Old steelworks, today The Museum of Industrial Revolution


Residential Area - Driveway to Andrei Sakharov Settlement

Andrei Sakharov Settlement with main road running through by it

The highest placed district in the city. You can reach here only by Death Road :)

(Old Lubań - The City with mining traditions)

Today I Will Show You City Center. This is the biggest City Center I've ever built. Compression is very big for you comfort in seeing. (I hope You'll see all the pictures ;) ).

The United Europe Avenue. There is real border between Miejska Górka and Stary Lubań (a little of Miejska Górka's City Center is placed on Stary Lubań square to keep realistic divide).

Old Church in Miejska Górka borders

Viaduct on city's border

The northern suburb. Route above [river name] :)

Roundabout opening road to City Center

City have advanced canal network, which you can see on next pictures.

Below Little Marketplace

Vicinity of Main Train Station

(Symmetrical) Main Train Station Square - One of the most representative places in Stary Lubań. At left you can see Main Train Station

One of the richest streets in the city.

Theatre St.

From right - The "Wersial" trading house,  High School No 1, Fired Dept no 2

This same avenue. Practically end of City Center

A little of parks among concrete

Szczecińska Sluice

Historical rail viaduct, and as now only direct way between Eastern and Western City Center

Main Train Station from behind, and the action of unkempt tenements demolition.

Most important city's monument - Gothic Tower from 1234 year. A lot of people think that is the most beautiful tower all over the Simworld.

There begins commercial and office district

Top City Center is placed at St. David Island. I seek minimize of using Paris tenements (It's a popular, and easy to build. It isn't in my style.)

In the photo - City's Gate, and the unit of Edwige Queen trading houses.

On the left little bridge to New City District. (For the nosy - Enter to this gray tenement is placed in next building)

For the moment we'll go trough the little bridge, to look on the New City District

Canal dividing Western City Center and New City District

I've idea for a untypical Main Marketplace. How I do it you can get know.

In the photo brick water tower at Main Marketplace

John the Baptist Church and eastern Main Marketplace.

Northern Main Marketplace

Western Main Marketplace

And southern Main Marketplace

Edwige Queen Lane

Draw bridge joining Western City Center with Commercial and Office District.
In the photo you can see historical port from Industrial Revolution spell

The place of restaurants and gondola marinas.

The Presidents Island - The monument of Husband and Wife next to boat marina.
On the top in left City Hall

The historical place of Communist time. In many polish cities communist architecture look ugly and is destroyed. I can't complain that my communist architecture is bad. However you can agree or not agree with me.

In the photo Mother's Russia Monument

We are in New City District. I'll show you some of god modernistic architecture.

You can see that modernistic architecture is mixing here with historical buildings.

The Peace Avenue - The main street of New City District

On the left the Main Market, next to workers tenement. They are poor, and don't have enough money to repair it.

The Peace Avenue

The White Eagle Apartments - Very Exclusive and $$$ :P

by night

Lastly some night shots.

(Symmetrical) Main Train Station Square

New City District

Viaduct on route to Miejska Górka


I like it! I really like it! I actually love it!

So much effort and detail put into it! I'm sure it'll be a huge success! Great job! :)
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What a magnificent start for an MD &apls &apls

Wonderful pictures too and lots of them just what i like :thumbsup:
A well earned

I look forward to the next installment :thumbsup:

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@M4346 - I'm love my cities too :P


Thanks for comment

PS. I have bought that same pot like yours. (Macro Cash&Carry :D )

See ya!


Excellent start here, szymcar! Your city looks wonderful so far! I can't wait to follow along!


Wow, what a fantastic set of pictures.   &apls

I love the way you've mixed the new and the old districts.  You can tell just how much time you've taken over this.

Two questions:

1- Where did you get fire department number 2?  I really like that and want that in my city!    &idea

2- Which canal set are you using?  I think I need to have that as well.

I am looking forward to following your MD.


Fantastic start of this MD, szymcar! Great collection of pictures! :thumbsup: Wonderful work on the region!


@thundercrack83 - Thanks for your comment. Wait wait. :)

@paroch - Very thanks.

1. This is a building from Paris collection located on STEX. Search engine doesn't work right now. Please type paris, fire and you should find that.

2. This is SimGoober canal set (old version). I going to replace it with new rendered canals available on LEX.

@bat - Thanks - It's just beginning :P Today i'll show you Industrial and Residential areas.
See ya!


Wow, that's a massive update! Great detail, great history, great backstory, great pictures!


Congratulations szym'car, your first MD on SC4 DEVOTION  :thumbsup: After such start (mega update ;)), I belive, that it will be curious and full photos.



Hello szymcar,

Welcome in the MD area! :thumbsup:
Very good start, a lot of interesting details and good idea - very creative work! &apls

Also interesting story - I will look how it will develop  ;D

Super start, powodzenia!
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That is one heck of an opening for an MD. Certain people I know can barely squeeze out a waterfall a week (you know I'm just rattlin' your chain, right, P.?!)
Anyway, sign up a new fan, because I plan to watch this one develop!  :thumbsup:

Until next time...


szymcar WOW what an opening BAAAAAAAAAAANG of a start to a wonderful MD i loved the movie and how did you figure out to get the youtube clip in? i havent yet figured that out... I love your MD and i cant wait to see more of the fine very fine city - pat

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Welcome again

Today I'll show you the residential and industrial areas of Stary Lubań City.

Railway workers gets sleep

But some are working by night

Next day, all people going to job. In the picture Paruszowiec Train Station.

The construction from '60s is "Never-ending story" :)

A hi-tech industry at route to Miejska Górka

The Black Coal Mine - The biggest employer in the city.

The mine siding

Bus Depot

From top:

  • Railway to Miejska Górka and Paruszowiec Train Station
  • Railway workers low settlement
  • Black Coal Mine workers high settlement
  • Hotel Construction and route to Miejska Górka city
  • Railway to Black Coal Mine

The Black Coal Mine workers high settlement

Small settlement across the railway

Fantastic paint :D

Downstairs the Primary School no 2

The end of the settlement. At small bridge is City Swimming Center

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Another mosaic. You can see from top

  • City Ferry
  • Grunwaldzki Bridge
  • The Little Mermaid

The begin of Eastern City Center

My own project motorway exit.

City shopping area with a lot of markets and other commercials - Big Burger,
Media-Markt, Tesco, K-Mart, Gamma, Aral Gas Station.

And the Motorway no 1. We wish you wide way !

Some news from city

(New City District News)

Today have been opened City Park in New City District. The build had been partly founded by White Eagle Settlement investor. Park a raised on waste lands between apartments in New City District and hypermarkets in Bielany Lubańskie, making ideal transition between residential and commercial architecture.  We can't complain - everything has been done as we wanted. We are going to enlarge City Park from railway to United Europe Avenue. At the ends of park will be build pier and marina. Does local government keep one's word, to be as good as one's word we'll find out in next years

(Stary Lubań News)

Last week have been ended construction of social flats at sport airport in New City District.(...)blablabla :) .

Panoramic view (click to enlarge)


@nedalezz - Very thanks for comment. I hope you like new update

@Danthe - Thanks my brother :)

@Ennedi - A little bit of that history come from my homelands :) Very thanks. I appreciate your comment

@Jmouse - Thanks. I usually don't upload that a lot of pictures, but it's a first and most important post in this thread :)

@patfirefghtr - Thanks for your comment. I help you with youtube clips. So, firstly you must copy film URL placed in html tags on right from movie.

<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="[b]http://www.youtube.com/v/HZt33Y6wQ8Y[/b]"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/HZt33Y6wQ8Y" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>

Secondly you must use that code to paste it on forum board:


Define the resolution (flash=width,height). And that's all. I hope you know it now.


A lot of great new pictures! Wonderful work and update! :thumbsup:


Oh, this is great, just great! Everything fits together perfectly. The parks are cool and inviting, the shopping centers are well placed and the buildings look good together. You are doing a fine job! :thumbsup:

Until next time...



Wow, splendid update, my friend! All those mosaics are amazing, and I love the panoramic shot, too! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!


szymcar thank you soo very much for that i think i get it now how to add youtube clip will have to try that for my next update for sure.... This update was as stunning if not more soo then your first wow im in total excitment here great job and i will be seeing you again - pat

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szymcar, that tower centred in the park - just absolutely stunning, left me speechless!