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*OSaKa ReGioN*

Started by kelis, September 12, 2007, 04:24:33 PM

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Welcome to My region. Osaka is a region inspired by true Osaka, But
Not Absolutely real,many of the names and situations of the cities and
districts that compose this region are certain and will try to inspire but the
possible thing to me by real photos to make the region but real and
the better possible thing.Altogether the region counts on 18 districts
distributed by all the map and united between if by freeways, line of train
and meter,elevated meter shinkanshen, counts on several airports and ports
distributed by the region.I hope to be able to teach the city little by little and
at the end of everything to show all the map finished,
that is all greetings and spear soon.

These are the cities and districts that compose Osaka,
each zone has its color, depending on where they are the photos
of the city took to the name of the zone and the letters and marks
that correspond to them.
The first zone that we will know is FUTAMI.

this is everything. GREETINGS

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Hello. Welcome to the first part of FUTAMI (1/3).
FuTaMi is at the present time a great district, a zone very modern
flood of modern buildings, counts on small airport and a great port.
Every day new people arrive at this zone of Osaka, since they find in
FUTAMI all the necessary one to live but without feeling the so
constant oppression of the center of Osaka.
FUTAMI is a city with their history, in spite of their modern
appearance is a already old city.
today in day futami has but or less 800 thousand inhabitants
distributed between zones of discharge and low density.

The great demand in which this immersed FUTAMI forces to that the
constructions every time are but vertical.as you see every time they are
left less of the old houses and zones of low density.

The education is something very important for the Japanese and the
shichida school has fame of to be one of but disciplined.
constructed it does but of 12 years and with an impeccable past the
shichida school is one of the famous schools but of all the region of

Nozumo house Tea.
One is a park with 2 buildings where it can buy and
to take Tea, the best Tea of all FUTAMI, the comfort and the
atmosphere in which it is located acen of the NoZuMo house
Tea an interest place.

HaGakure StatioN is the old central station, formerly was stacion of
train but journeyed of the zone, constructed in 1933 and with the name
of old samurai of the zone ah I lie down one of the stations but
hemblematics of the city.

Located closely together of downtown and totally connected with new
line modern of train, Not this so journeyed as before but continues
arriving several trains at the day.

HiToYasu is a modern district japones where everything is luminantes
lights and posters, it is the fashionable zone, where but the modern
marks of clothes or you complete them and but famous companies open
their stores.

a place very been busy, with several freeways and several lines of
shinkashen, a very famous zone of this district is hagakure samurai
located seat right in the center of HiToYaSu.

HaGaKuRe SaMuRai seat is a historico place, this old seat before was
the center of the small town that was FUTAMI, HaGaKuRe SaMuRai was old
samurai of FUTAMI that I hoist history in everything japon.

The statue I rise in its honor and with the passage of the years ah be
the best witness of the great growth of the city.

This it is the center of FUTAMI, located several skyscrapers of
offices and great residential buildings, Small and narrow streets give
form him to a pretty center.

Modernity excels in the center of FUTAMI, the skyscraper
of the center of the image are the seats of SONY in FUTAMI.

At night everything becomes super colorful, the luminous posters, the
thousands of neon lights and the streets full of posters give life to
the great night of FUTAMI.

This has been everything for today. First of three updates, in days it
will show second, to finish I leave a distant taking you but of center


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Now that is a nice looking city you've built. Lots of interesting detail. Good job!  &apls


Beautiful start here, kelis! I'm eager to follow along with your work!


Wow, this is really lookin good!  keep the jap-style up!


Off to a cool start. I love the parking lot in the first picture. Very nice.
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wow excelente trabajo!!

I really like the japanese style in SC4, very well done  &apls &apls


I must agree with everyone so far, Awesome start.  Very nice choice of custom content and how you put it all together, Great job.

Robin   :thumbsup:
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A wonderful looking start there, kelis! Great work! Looking forward to more...


very nice start...I've always wanted to do something with all the great Asian content myself, but have never gotten around to it. Yours looks very promising.

sEAhAwk fAn121

very very cool! i realllly hope you do the akashi bridge :P its awsome :) great city dude! cant wait for more!


Excelente presentación  :thumbsup:

Bienvenido a SC4Devotion  ;)
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Excellent presentation , indeed , even there the japanese feeling (sobriety and design) is highly perceptible . Not enough life on avenues/rods/streetwalks for my personal taste , but your MD is looking very promising ... having a special attraction for japanese BATs , which can fit truly well with a european style , I'll be glad to follow a MD on that theme - there're not so numerous .

Congratulations on this start !  &apls

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I agree with others - great start and excellent presentation!  &apls

I ewspecially like two things - blending small residential houses with modern skyscrapers (very interesting, but harmonious general look) and the way you fill empty spaces.

Very promising and original MD, I will wait for more!  :thumbsup:
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Very interesting pictures, a very unique style. Looking forward to more pictures.


This is a very promissing start of your MD - the style is unique , I like it!
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WELCOME to the port of Futami:
This modern port is stopped obligatory for almost all the boats that
sail by the sea that bathes Osaka.
Its size is not Very great, but it counts the equipment necessary yet
to be able to operate the port with comfort.
It is not an international port but also they berth boats of great
size in.in this update we will see the retail port, also we will see parts of
the city that surround it.

The port of futami counts on two parts. the part the west and the part
east,united among them by a submarine tunnel or the general highway Kumano.
to continuation we  plow a route starting off of the exit the west of the tunnel,
we will cross the part the west of the port, will enter the general
carreteral Kumano spear the other end and will enter the part east of
the port and we will finish in the entrance of east of the submarine tunnel tatsuya.

entrance the west of the tunnel tatsuya.

terminals of ferry that communicate all the region by sea, located
just next to the tunnel tatsuya.

boat in process of load in the small loading platforms of the part the
west of the port of futami.

facilities of the part the west of the port of futami. In the image
some houses of the workers of the port and two buildings of offices
are seen that belong to the port.

leaving the port the west, first with which we were it is commercial
center SAKURANO.
this commercial center is by all the region, in can be bought all type
of thing, from clothes to food, is a place Very visited by the
Japanese and are famous in all the region.

Kumano is a general highway that crosses all the South part of Futami.
frequently is used to enter to leave or to go of a part or another one
of the port.

the bath onsen located in the kumano general highway and next to
station of train futami port, is a place frequently visited by the
inhabitants of Futami, even by many of the sailors arrived at the park.

the station port futami is a small elevated station, is the end of a
small high line that circulates between the buildings during a small
passage before putting under earth.

kumano general highway.

Minato is a residential district on the edge of the part east of the
port of futami. It is an expensive zone and the price of the
apartments or the houses enough is elevated, that if the views in this
place are incredible.

The part east of the port is but the great account with a line of
train, a small residential zone, department store, offices, but zones
of loads and a great control tower that also serves like light and
like control tower from where the entrances and exits of all are
controlled and each one of the boats.

The part east of the port of futami at night.

entrance east del tunnel titsuya, this tunnel provides comfort to the
citizens, or who do not need to cross by downtown to go of the part
east to the west, so single deven to cross by del sea underneath and
or arrived at the other part del port.

General plane where one sees but clearly the entrance and exit of the
tunnel titsuya.

General plane of the port of Futami.

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Awesome update, great pictures and it looks like you have put alot of work into this MD.  It really shows with all the liitle details.  The over all layout is perfect.  For the covered rail in picture two and three, where did you get that from, if you don't mind me asking.  Thanks in advance.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
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 &apls &apls Absolutely beautifull . really nice to see and great layout too. You do a great work. Looking forward :thumbsup:


A very beautiful port, kelis! Great pictures! :thumbsup: