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March 21, 2023, 11:10:58 AM

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The Hanston Region

Started by Boernie, September 20, 2007, 12:05:32 AM

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Hi folks,

This is my first mayor diary and also my first time that I'm working with Pictures in Forums, so I hope it works...

The Hanston region is a fictive region somewhere in northern America which I use as a test-region for some concepts. The Maincity Hanston is started by using the 'HorseShoe' building (one month only) to get some Money for testing some buildings and road-concepts. The industrial aerea is outsourced in the aerea 'Upper Newport' and 'Lower Newport', so that the two main-cities have better air. I terraform the cities just when I play them, so the biggest part of the region is flat for the moment.

The Region:

A small view to the city of Hanston from the famous cathedral to the central station:

The big Cologne cathedral (as an citizen from cologne i have to build this in my city!!!!)

So, I hope everything is working... see you soon!!!


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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


Boernie, Hi  ;)

Really nice diary on there, but my i suggest you to make a bit larger the pictures  ;D

Please use [img]http://<the image direct link>[/img ] for to preview the pictures and make sure is not more than 800x600  :)


Hello Boernie,

Welcome in SC4D and in th MD section :thumbsup:

Nice start - I also suggest to make your pictures as JPEGs 800x600, in Imageshack use the "direct link to image" code

Edit: OK, I see you improved them, very good! :thumbsup:
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Thank you for this helpful replies!!

It looks realy better  :thumbsup:

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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


yeah but make a [img ]http://[/img] direct link to here...


Uuuuh, Thank you, my body are up and my brain was sleeping...  :sleeping:
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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


you welcome  ;)

btw really nice city i really like those turnabouts  &apls &apls


That's a great start there! Good looking pictures! Also great city! :thumbsup:


Great start here, my friend! I love that church! I'm eager to follow along as you go!


Nice start to your MD.  Years ago I visited Koln and climbed the hudreds of stairs to the top of the Dom, so it's great to see sucha good BAT of the Kolner Dom.

My only comment would be that usually such historic buildings are surrounded by many other buildings because over the hundres of years city cuilding and planning has been disjointed and they did not leave such big buildings in large open spaces.  Just my observation.

I look forward to more.


Nice start for your MD, Boernie / Jan. The Kölner Dom is indeed a great building, you are right to plop it in your town  ;)
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@ Heblem, bat, thundercrack83, sebes: Thank you for the nice comment!!

@ paroch: thank you too for your comment. Critical comments are really welcome. If you remember the Cologne Cathedral you know that it is sourrounded by a lot of (ugly) buildings. That is the reason that I changed that and made two parks around. But don't worry, at the blank aereas will be developed soon!

But first I've started the Airport with the famous R.M.I.P. Small Airport Edition... A lot of work but also a very realistic look..
The Airport will cover later 3 Cities (Hanston, Meresburg, Upper Newport). It covers the part where all 3 cities touch each other. So every City gets an Tower for making the Lots work.

Hanston: (Big City, under construction)
Terminal 1 (PanAm)
Terminal 2 (Singapore Airlines)
Terminal 3 (Lufthansa)
Terminal 4 (United)
Terminal 5 (GAT/Business-Jets)

Meresburg: (Big City, coming soon)
Terminal 6 (coming soon)
Terminal 7 (coming soon)
Terminal 8 (coming soon)
Terminal 9 (coming soon)
Terminal 10 (coming soon)
Runway 1 (coming soon)

Upper Newport (Industrial aerea, coming soon)
Air Cargo facility (coming soon)
Runway 2 (coming soon)
Runway 3 (coming soon)

After decoding my bad english you get some pictures as reward!!!

Airport parking between Terminal 2 (Singapore Airlines) and Terminal 3 (Lufthansa)

Terminal 2 (Singapore Airlines) with the first Jet, arrived this night. With the first travellers arrived some Airport-specialists from Singapore to appraise the Airport of Hanston

Terminal 3 (Lufthansa) where the next Jet is expected from Frankfurt/Main, bringing specialists to the Hanston Airport who should work at the next two construction stages to finish the airport together with the specialists from Singapore.

First tourists are also arrived with United at Terminal 4

Other Lufthansa flights are alredy docked at Terminal 3

The GAT is also used by several businesspeoples

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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


Fantastic pictures of that great looking airport, Boernie! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


Wow - what an airport.  Having just had my first attempt with RMIP I can imagine how long that took you.  Very nicely done &apls &apls &apls.


@bat & paroch: thank you, this was really a lot of work, but I like it...

There is something going on at the Hanston Region...
So new at work is the Hanston Pass, a Mountain aerea between the Major City Hanston and an other city, which is not planed yet.

Here you get the actual region view: In the valley will grow a small town (right) and left a small industrial aerea

Here are some Details.. the hydro dam for getting power and water to the town

The street climbs up the mountain, the railroad also..

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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!


Great update and a very nice looking dam (& the area near the dam) :thumbsup:


You have a great start here-- the city and countryside are nicely done. Looking forward to more.  :thumbsup:
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Wow, I love those mountain roads! So curvy! The region shot looks great, too, my friend! I can't wait to see how you develop it further! I'll be looking forward to seeing more!


Jan you have a great MD here im sorry i missed the start of your MD... I love you natural feel here and the cementary is great and i cant wait to see more soon - pat

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In the last week the Region was growing very fast. Small villages in the Mountain aerea and a small city (Goose Country) waits for your visit.

If you have a good car it could be possible that you reach after a few hours leaving Hanston pass a small village to made a rest. This is Mount Edgar.

Mount Edgar has a Mining Company and a small selection of shops, a train-station and a bus company, which is used by the mining workers.

The next Village is Goose Hill, named from a small hill near the railway. When the railway was build, so the story says, a group of workers was rescued by a goose, which shows them the way to the lake (the Goose Hill is marked by the small white circle).

Will be continued soon..

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oh my god, this hospital is full of sick people!!!