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Show us your...Intersections

Started by sanantonio, January 23, 2007, 05:17:32 PM

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Here's a place for us to share our transportation intersections.

These are a few from an upcoming Mayor Diary, and all are still under construction.


Whoa... the ramp going up the second one is pretty steep.



That is one crazy intersection you have there Sanantonio :thumbsup: Great idea... I'll try to post some pictures of mine

AJ :thumbsup:

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Some wild intersections there great stuff  &apls look forward to more from you sanantonio and everyone else.
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I never have paitence to work on intersections myself, but if I did I'd try to make them look just like this. :thumbsup:

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I hope this is not for street intersections only  ;D


That is looking beautiful, praiodan!


Very nice pictures indeed praiodan.  I really like the tram line from the first picture.  Great job.
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Here's a few interchanges I did in 3RR-ST last summer before rescaling the region.

* * *

  I-760 and I-60 divide.


Closer in.


  A future freeway junction?


  R-14 and R-16 freeway junction east of Pineshore.


From another angle...


And closer in.


  I-74 and I-683 divide west of Pineshore.


  I-60 and I-483 divide northwest of Pineshore.


  A rural interchange.  It was built after the map was made, but this is where it is, in any event.


  A near downtown "spaghetti junction"...someday.


  The western terminus of I-160.


* * *

Here's the link to the whole post [linkie] in the event you would be further interested.

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Those are some great inter changes, Dedgren.
Call me Robin, please.


awesome dedgren. alot of great detail. :thumbsup:
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That is looking beautiful, dedgren! :thumbsup:


Great interchanges so far ... gives me a lot of inspiration. I hope that the "master" of interchanges: mrBeer one day will show his magic in this topic.


Wow  ???

I love the amount of creativity shown here  &apls
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