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The PSSO (With The Port of Ossic)

Started by Yoman, September 30, 2007, 06:55:35 PM

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Good day to all reading this new MD. After talking with my friend Xiziz, the author of Krimean Socialist Republic, I've decided to abandon Ankara and start up a new CJ. I had fun with Ankara, but it just got old. And ever since I started it I've been wanting to get to building what I can build well and like to the most :), Eastern European cities. Without further ado I'd like to present my latest project, PSSO.

The People's Socialist State of Odeschyna

Full Name: People's Socialist State of Odeschyna
Common Name: Odeschyna
Independence: October 22nd, 1988
State Motto: "Strength in Unity"
Government Type: Socialist State
Economic Model: Centrally Planned Socialist Economy
Major Economic Sectors: Shipbuilding, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Oil & Chemical Processing, Shipping
Major Exports: Processed Oil and Chemicals, Manufactured Goods, Defense Equipment, Agricultural Goods, Maritime Services
Major Imports: Automobiles, Unprocessed Oil & Chemicals, Agricultural Goods, Luxuries
Currency: Hryvnia
GDP: $7381 per capita
Capital: Odessa
Major Cities: Illichivsk, Balta
Land Area: 33,300 Square Kilometers
Population: 13.237.231
State Languages: Russian & Ukrainian
Ethnicity: 55% Odeshchynian, 13% Krimiean, 22% Ukrainian, 8% Russian, 2% Other
State Religion: None
Practiced Religion: Russian Orthodox

The History of the People's Republic of Odeschyna

The first record of civilization in the People's Socialist State of Odeshchyna was that of the Greek colonies of Oblia, Tyras, Niconium, Panticapaeum, and Chersonesus dating to the first millennium BC. As history progresses, the Scythians settled the area later followed by the Sarmatians. Throughout the middle ages the lands were part of the Kievan Rus, the Golden Horde, the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian, and the Crimean Khanate. During the rise of the Ottoman Empire, Odeschyna was conquered but later passed to the hands of the Russian Monarchs during the Russo – Turk wars of the 18th Century. In 1819, the major port of the area and the current capital, Odessa, was declared a free port and remained so until 1859. This led the city and the region to contain an extremely diverse population. In 1905 workers in the city of Odessa rebelled against the monarch Russia and were slaughtered in the streets. The rebellion was famously shown in Sergei Eisenstein's movie, The Battleship Potemkin.

During the Russian Civil War of 1919 Odeschyna was occupied by numerous groups including the French Army, the Red Army, and the White Army. Finally, in 1920, the Red Army took control of the region and united it with the Ukrainian SSR which later became part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The region suffered a famine from 1921-1922 as a result of the Civil War. The region later prospered under Lenin's plan of Ukrainization, where the region was industrialized. Upon the death of Lenin, the plan was reversed however by his successor, Joseph Stalin, who targeted many of his purges against Ukraine and Odeschyna in particular. During the Great Patriotic War, Axis forces consisting of German and Romanian troops occupied the region from 1941-1944. During these four years, over 600,000 citizens were either executed or deported. The region was finally liberated in 1944 and its capital, Odessa, was named a Hero City of the Soviet Union. After the Great Patriotic War, the region was rebuilt from the ground up and became the most import port region in the USSR. Many of the USSR's essential goods passed through the docks of Odessa and several other smaller ports of Odeschyna. In 1964, Premier Nikita Khrushchev visited the city of Odessa and insisted on seeing the Potemkin steps. Standing on the top step he declared that this is where the Great Revolution began. Later in the year, numerous public improvement projects were started in Odeschyna and the industrial capacity of the region was doubled. The Oblast was thriving under the socialist system and the region was often show cased to foreign dignitaries.

In 1988, the citizens of the Odeschyna Oblast declared that they had become disillusioned with the increasingly capitalistic government of the USSR and asked for independence under which they would continue using a socialist model. Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, facing other more pressing problems, granted the request and the Odeschyna Oblast had gained independence. Under the terms of treaty of independence, all military units based in the Oblast would remain as the armed forces of the new Socialist State of Odeschyna. The region began to thrive with its economy built upon the trade that went through the regions ports. The defense budget was cut and the additional funds were transferred to public welfare and public improvement projects. After the breakup of the USSR, Odeschyna was asked to join the new capitalist Ukraine and denied with its citizens still preferring the socialist model. Today, the People's Socialist State of Odeschyna continues to thrive around the major economic enterprises of shipbuilding, oil processing and shipment, industrial manufacturing, and agriculture. Recently, the PSSO has signed a mutual defense agreement with the Socialist State of Krim and is a founding member of the Tri-Partite Alliance, which comprises of the Socialist State of Krim, the Imperial Republic of Elytheria, and the People's Socialist State of Odeshchyna. During 2006 & 2007, the PSSO was a member of the SCJU but chose to leave the Union after becoming disillusioned with it. PSSO has, however, chosen to continue diplomatic ties with several other Union members including but not limited to the Constitutional Monarchy of Calderwood & Reginam da Domena Lorella. PSSO is also improving economic and diplomatic ties to other nations of the world, including San Senderiz.

This area is located just to the Northwest of the Potemkin Steps near the harbor. Several factories and storage areas area in this area built to serve the docks less than a kilometer away. In the upper area of the picture one can see workers housing for the dock hands. The canal in the picture extends inland to the downtown area of Odessa and sees heavy barge traffic.

Here we catch another glimpse of the canal and the factories of this area. In the bottom of the picture is some more worker's housing just under a small clay pit that is being extracted.

Thats all for tonight, unfortunately don't expect a substantial update like this for a little while. However do look for small things like a quick mosaic or something. Strike that, Ive been able to finish an entire district :D Just a few new relots and I'm all set for a second update.


absolutely gorgeous, i'll read the update once i finish this comment, wanted be first to comment :thumbsup: &apls

the text looks great aswell ;D


awesome first update Owen! I like how its all laid out  :thumbsup:
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I have been waiting for ever to see this MD pop up! :D

It was definitely worth the wait, though...I love the history and the good use of large tenements. It's got a nice Commie feel to it already. ;D

Edit: Curse you Hotdogs, I wanted to be the first. >_<
...this space to be filled soon...

Shadow Assassin

Very nice work. Even though it's a Commie country, it still needs some people walking around. :P

I quite like this place, I wouldn't mind living there.
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sEAhAwk fAn121

wow! total awsomeness yoman! you seem to do the socialist thing very well! i love the history i dont get how you could come up with something like that  &apls :thumbsup:


niiice very nice yoman, i love that clay pit and all the barrels nice..... who's clay pit is that?

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Awesome work my friend...

Maybe I shouldthink about getting an MD up..
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:D finaly i you start posting all the stuff ive been watching and helping with the last few months :D

Great start and im happy that you found how to make nice mozaic!


A very nice start for this MD, great looking moasic and map.


That looks amazing! I can't see a single detail in those moasaics that isn't perfect. I really can't wait for more. This is truly great stuff. &apls

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A fantastic start there, Yoman! Looking forward to more...


Wow........I had to look it over and over again and again.  That looks very well planed and soooo realistic.  I'm going to be following this one very closely.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Looking great, the attention to detail really pays off! I love that quarry!  ;D

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That is a good start Yoman.

you have introduced Odeschyna very thoroughly.
I also like the way you combine the ingame pics with the RL ones.

I look forward to the way your new state will Progress. :)

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Very interesting start, Yoman!  &apls

Everything is well-ordered, both in the introduction and on pictures :thumbsup:
Industrial buildings and storage areas compose very well with canals, everything looks fantastic, but maybe SA is right - more people and some disorder would be good  ;)

I will dfinitely visit your work in future
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Wow, a very promising start, the pictures are looking very good. Looking forward to more.


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iamgoingtoeatyou - thank you for that editing, and the comas :)

Filasimo - Thanks Ryan

Dark_Jedi06 - Socialist not commie ;) And it seems that you weren't only beaten by hotdogs :P

Shadow Assassin - Anyone caught walking around instead of working in factories is shot :P Nah, though I have no clue why you'd want to live here :P

sEAhAwk fAn121 - Thank you very much for using the correct word, being socialist, instead of commie like everyone else :P

patfirefghtr  - The clay pit is BSC I believe, a very nice lot that I like alot :)

SIMplMn9 - Thanks for the comment.

Xiziz - Now that I've made em I'll never go back :) Check the section below btw.

kwakelaar - Credit for the map goes to Daniel (Iamgoingtoeatyou), Thank you for the encouraging words :)

emilin - Great to see a familiar face around here, though I can spot hundreds of details that are terrible :P

bat - Thanks!

rooker1 - Thank you very much for the three claps :) Glad it was worth your time to look.

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Strechnitz - I'm very happy to see such an incredible alternate history satisfied with my history, though its not 20 awesome updates long like yours :D

Ennedi - Can't be too disorderly, but on both your requests I've added a little :P Thanks for the comment :)

Asimov - Thank you!

This Update Dedicated to Seb (Xiziz)

For his substatial imput on my cities and our cooperation in both our MDs.

Today I have to mosaics from a factory and dock workers neighborhood just above the area from the last update, in fact you can see the same retaining wall on one of the mosaics. This is my first wall to wall neighborhood in this style so bear with me :). In future updates I'll probably include a bit more text on the area but I'm in a bit of a rush tonight, so what I do add will be in the picture descriptions.

In the top of this shot you can see one of the tenements from the previous update. Factories continue to be common place along the canal as it moves to higher ground, although after the first kilometer they are predominantly on the western side of the canal. The housing in this picture is a mix of historic apartments and modern tenements. Most of the residents of these houses work at the docks or nearby factoires and get to work via either the Красная Линия Subway Line with its world renowned beautiful stations or buses.

A Красная Линия Subway Station in the neighborhood shown.

The same area and the canal from a different angle in which we can observe the Фабричное Министерство, or Ministry of Production, sitting next to the canal which is responsible for the output of Odeschyna's factories.

Okay, thats all for today :) I should be able to get an update up by the end of the week, but no promises.


Nice update, looks really nice and i love this w2w style :P fits in to 100%

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

sEAhAwk fAn121

w2w is amazin! and yes i do know the difference between socialist and communist :P great update i like the factory :)