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March 21, 2023, 11:36:38 AM

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AK's Custom Content Showcase

Started by Alek King of SC4, January 24, 2007, 06:54:51 AM

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Alek King of SC4

"Joins the mass migration of cj's over to SC4D to avoid massive server drag"

-Now with typing-

Alrighty then many of you are familiar with my current region if not here are trans maps and region shots of the currently developed areas.

As you can see the downtown is quite oversized at the moment, as is about as large as it will get.  I developed this large cbd early on a large tile surrounded by small and med. tiles, which would supply the commuters, this allowed me to maximize the rail and highway traffic coming into the cbd.

As for the sprawl this is an american style city, so i figure that a city of (now about 1 million) should have sprawl going out at least 30 miles or so.  So by that i have much more to add.  however as i progress further from the cbd the sprawl will become less griddy and more meandering and wasteful of space.

Anyways some relatively new pics of the downtown.
This first pic shows the downtown looking south, you can see a rail and L line coming in from the east (each connects to a different neighboring residential tile) and an L line and the big dig coming in from the south.  You can also barely make out two L lines exiting to the west (towards the port).

Something else i have been trying to do is to have no commercial tower repeats. Obviously i have not gotten there yet, and still need about 10-12 more mid to large towers before i can really say that the whole skyline has no commercial duplicates.

Please Look Here

This next picture shows a little closer into downtown, in the middle of the two major rail/L Hubs in the city center, both handle over 100,000 commuters and are vital to the area.  In this park of the city i have also tried to mix in more green space as i have been told my cities are too "grey"  ;)

This is the same area just a little further north, showing the north station and the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

here is a cool closeup showing some realistic residential developements (i would name them appropriate things like "Artist Point Condos, or Park Place Apartments if i was more creative  :P
You can find my tutorials here at SC4D on how to grow what residential where you want when you want.  I have also realized my L train skin is hard to see.

This next pic is a zoomed out shot of the whole north end of the city, lots of residential neighborhoods and two rail lines from the north, one from the east, one for the west and big dig coming in from the east as well.

This is a closeup of an Urban mixed zoning neighborhood on the cities near west side, all residentials are grown, also noticed super long, super hard to see train (note to self dl new L skin)

And a Summary Pic


You have made a wonderful start! Your downtown are looking very great...
Looking forward to more.......

Alek King of SC4

A tour of the cities residential neighborhoods.

North Side:

Light Green: Stenton Park:  A small urban yuppy enclave in the heart of South downtown a popular area with the dink crowd (dual income no kids) this area is extremely trendy, extremely high demand and incredibly expensive. tucked into downtown near the canal, location is everythig and the prices reflect it.  Typical one bedroom rents range from $2000 to well upwards of $5000.  Many of the cities wealthiest live here.

Light blue:  Emerald Park: a masterplanned housing development on the cities north west
side.  This area benefits from close proximity to major transportation lines (expressway
and rail) but is also just north of Emerald Park, the cities largest public park and a highly
popular area.  However this popularity carries an element of undesirables and can be dangerous
in spots.  This is not an area reccomended for families, and is much better suited for
young first time buyers, college students, ect.  Typical rents on a 1br range from $600 to about $1000.

Darker Green:  Hanburg Park:  An older northside neighborhod populated largely by European
Immigrants back in the day is now home to many of the cities Latin American immigrants.  Colorful apartments and row homes are common, as well as small shops.  This area also benfits from it proximity to public transportation. typical 1br rents can range from around $500 to upwards of $1000, though the are is known for being largley affordable.

Violet:  Kenwood park: A bustling highly residential neighborhood known for good schools and
and safe streets.  The area is served by a large rail station and is very commuter friendly.
However in recent years the areas desirability has begun to drive prices up somthing long
term residents take issue with.  typicall 1br rents can still be found around $7-800, but
new constructions, rehabs, and many remodled units are now going for well over $1500.

Dark Blue:  The Upper East Side. A high and mid rise residential community bordering
the cities far north east side.  This area is known as the most affordable for those looking
to experience highrise city living on a relatively modest budget.  Apartments on the west
side go for around $1200-1500 for a 1br, while those in midrises to the east go for $800-$1100.

Teal: Maywood Park:  A Small quiet residential community on the cities near east side, the best
word to describe this area is sleepy, home to many of the cities elderly residents, and families
this is an area of quiet tree lined streets and very limited commercial development.  Typical
1br rents range from $700-$1000 and are considered reasonable, they are kept down by low
demand as many of the cities youth see it as a boring place to live.

Red: Portage Homes: An old urban housing development that should have been demolished
long ago.  This east side hood is a home to many of the areas poorest, many of whom
work at the docks or in factories in the neighboring tile.  This is known as bad area for
surbanites who have come to the city to get lost, as it's in close proximity to nicer areas
typical 1br rents range from $450-650, this is also home many of the cities homeless who
wander into the cbd during th day to panhandle.

Grey:  Burton Park:  A lively east side neigborhood benefiting from an influx of culutures
and close proximity to downtown and the canal from shopping district.  This is a lively area
filled with many bars,clubs and restraunts, popular with the young crowd and increasingly expensive typical 1br rents range from $800 and way up from there.

South Side:

Green: South Point: A wealthy urban area of mega-tower condos and apartments,
a few companies have their corporate offices located here, but the area has
maintained it's largely residential feel.  The area is also borderd by a small forest
forest park to the north bordering less dsirable neighborhoods. Residents also benefit
from close proximity, both I290 heading south and the Metro South Shoe line. A typical
1-bedroom in this area rents for upwards of $2,000. And north facing units can run
well over $3,000.

Blue:  Crown Park: Located on the cities near southeast this is a long neglected community
finally starting to see some nicer developement on it's west side near the expressway as
well as some commercial development along it's southern portions near the near the Metro
South Port branch.  In past years the canal has been less than clean do to heavy port traffic
to the east (see region map),it was also not uncommon to find bodies and other refuse being
dumped by criminal elements from the surrounding neighborhood.  But do to recent improvments large freigh ships no longer pass through this canal and the water quality is improving. Rents for a typical 1-bedroom can range from $400 for a really sketchy unit to around $1000 for a new construction unit to the south and west.

Grey: Aleksander Park:  A once extremely depressed area, Mayor aleksander exercised
his supreme mayoral power and had the entire area demolished, he then built a big dig tunnel
to conntect to downtown and constructed 11 highrise condos and apartments in the area.  THe move angered some long time residents who feel the mayor is trying to push the cities poor out further and further from the city.  Caving into pressure the Mayor agreed for a portion
of the new housing to be allocated for low wealth families, and added plenty of urban park and
green space.  Typical rents for a 1 bedroom range from the the upper $700 range for low income units, to near 2,000 for high nd north facing units.

Yellow: Brighton Point:  An old fishing port converted into a marina, however this area has
been hard hit by an influence of gang and drug activity.  While  nearby areas have seen staggering developement this area has retained a very old feel to it, something residents say they would like to keep. The areas prime location and proximity to urban rail make it a priority candidate for future development. Typical 1-bedroom rents can still be found down around $600 up to over $1,000.


Uh-oh.  A new perfect reason to call in sick.

Great to have you and your marvelous cityscapes here, Alek.

Now to stand out of the way as thundering hordes follow you over here.

D. Edgren

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At St I lurked my way through numerous cj's ... but I think it is fair to at least leave a message here that i love reading the combined experiments of AK here ... Keep up the great work.


Great pictures! I like how you have divided the city as would a real city would. It really looks amazing! &apls


Excellent CBD. Very dense. A nice mix of uses as well. I like how you've delineated the neighbourhoods, you don't see that often in CJs. I love your transportation networks. You've got all the different types going on nicely. :thumbsup:

My only beef is that all of your buildings are either grey, or blue, or some combination there of. haha :D


AWSOME WORK!!!  :thumbsup: I'm coming back for more! :D

"Beethoven is known for writting the most daring music has ever known to man...DioAngel is known for writting outragous stories has ever known to a lady."
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Even if you've put tuto here on how to get what you want where you want, I'm still jealous of your plugins folder and how you layout transports network

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Fantastic MD AK! The different neighbourhoods come out very realistic. I like that you also show the traffic flows in your downtown. Cool.  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


this is awesome. i love the descriptions of the neighborhoods because many of them seem relate to ones in the chicago area. it's cool to see you taking a new approach on a cj. great job and i can't wait for more!

Alek King of SC4


As much as I love the pics, and I really do, I think my favorite part about the latest update was the description. 10/10!


I was wondering when you would make the move into here. I'm glad you did it, coz I really enjoy watching your work, specially the transportation network and how you manage to everyone to commute so well, no abandoned buildings anywhere &apls

Keep up the standards mate


Very, very nice. You have amazing transportation networks; and to think I struggle with buses ::). I really liked reading about the different neighborhoods, that was a cool detail, it makes the city seem more alive. Your doing an awesome job, keep it up!


I wish I had something intelligent to add, but I'm currently out of words...  &apls

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Wonderful update and nice information to the sections!


Great to see you here AK.
Nice start!


Hey, Alek

Quoting [ blush ] myself-

QuoteNow to stand out of the way as thundering hordes follow you over here.

Well, here we are, a day...

...and 15 posts...

...later.  Is my crystal ball working or what?
D. Edgren

Please call me David...

Three Rivers Region- A collaborative development of the SC4 community
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I aten't dead.  —  R.I.P. Granny Weatherwax

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