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March 21, 2023, 10:14:58 AM

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Started by MayorTim, October 03, 2007, 02:45:04 PM

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Simcity4 Devotion Version

Fairbanks is a Full Member of the SCJU

Welcome to Fairbanks, SC4D Version! This is really more of an experiment for me than anything else, so I really can't say if I'm going to maintain this journal, or stick with my journal on Simtropolis. I eventually want to get all of the pictures from the Simtropolis journal up here, but I don't want to overload the first page to the point that no one can load anything! So help me get to page 2 and 3 so I can finish uploading!  I try to update at least weekly, but please don't be alarmed if I go several weeks without updating. The journal isn't dead, I'm just busy!


Flag of Fairbanks

Fairbanks is located on the West Coast of North America, on Vancouver Island.

Major Companies:
General Oil, FNN Broadcasting Co., Oblique (Computers), Feron (automotive), First Fairbanks Bank, Fairbanks National Bank, Westhill Banking, Geko (Insurance), Gordon Steel, Hurts Construction Co., Liberty Group (Insurance), Dove Firearms (military), TelCom (Telecommunications), D.R. Horton (construction), Orwell Aerospace, Pacific Construction Co., Pacific Power Co., Davidson Financial Group, Mainbridge Shipyards, Fairbanks International Airport, Globe Group (Financial), T.G.G. (Construction), AdvanceComputer Inc. (Computers), Earnies' (Retail), Brewsters (Retail), Caballeros (Retail), Sherwood Scuba (Retail, Military), Applied Technologies, Fairbanks Power Co., AmFa Refinery, Dustin (Military), TellNet (Telecommunications), NF Sciences (Nanotechnology), Far North Brewery (Beer), West Valley Mine (Lead), Alpine River Mine (Iron, Zinc), Bear Lake Project (Uranium)

Oil (Crude), Oil (Refined), Petroleum, Microchips, Personal Computers, Iron, Aluminum, Lumber, Fish, Uranium (Small Amounts), Lead, Electronics, Energy, Finished Products, Processors, Aircraft, Beer, Zinc, Natural Gas

Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, Wine, Automotives, Heavy Machinery, Electronics, Natural Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Luxury Items, Military Hardware, Textiles, Marble, Beef

Now, for the first round of pictures...

Here are the first 3 updates of the ST version in one! :)

Thats all for now!  ;D


I remember when I tried to move Qaddro here from ST. It was on page 15 then and I tried to post most of the pics to Devotion and combine previous updates but then first and second page loaded so slowly and I didn't receive comments and it became very boring so I ditched Qaddro.

You could continue here where you left at that other place and post a link to your CJ and all who are interested can go and watch. If your CJ is succesful at other forums it will be success here too and you can start "fresh" here by posting latest updates.


Ah, glad to see this here! Now I can at last get up-to-date and stay up-to-date with Fairbanks and the events in it, and also, as those events unfold! :m:

Welcome to the 'hood! I trust your stay will be a good one. ;)

Give me a minute or three as I take this all in!  ()stsfd()
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Glad to see you've moved to SC4D, Tim! ;D

I was overwhelmed by the amount of initial covers pretty much everything; CDB, airport, industry. :P I really like the zoomed out shot of the downtown with the lush suburbs sprawling out around it.

Can't wait for more. $%Grinno$%
...this space to be filled soon...


Fantasic, only - are there any poor?  Perhaps that is a good thing lol

sEAhAwk fAn121

awsome! i love the airport ;) being the airport lover i am lol  :D great city :P we will be fighting for the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest :)


I love this so far and it makes me wonder how many of us are cramed into that part of the country(Rorysville is also up there and comming here soon)?  I really like those terminals at that Airport


The pictures are good and it looks like an interesting place...but no story?

I hope these great pictures get some accompanying text soon.



Great start there! Also some fantastic pictures! :thumbsup:


What a super way to start an MD.  Soooooo many pictures.  I see alot of very interesting things you have done. 
A few things, 
I'm not very fond of the way you did the seawalls in the first couple of pictures.  It just seems to me to be a bit off.  The very irregular shape makes it look.....not so right.  Not sure what it is exactly.  Just my opinion, I guess.   Maybe if some of the walls were a little straighter.
The over all transit networks look very good, but I'm not too sure about how close the rail line is to the residential housing area.  Maybe an extra tile on either side just to space it out a little, might look better.  Although the houses in this area look fantastic.  Nice choice.
The airport looks great.  I have nothing to say about this, except great job.

Where did you get that Hospital in picture six?

For sure, I'll be watching for this next update.


Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Bengt: It is definitely going to be a pain to migrate all my Simtropolis pictures to SC4D, but I think I can manage it while keeping page page load times relatively low.

M4346: Nice to see you in here, and thanks for the welcome! :)

Dark_Jedi06: I haven't really moved, but I decided I could reach a larger audience by maintaining my journal on both sites. Also, that was only the first 3 updates. I've still got something like 7 updates that still need to be posted.

rushman5: There are a few poor areas in Fairbanks (though not many admittedly). Most of Fairbank's poor live in large apartment complexes.

sEAhAwk fAn121: Sounds interesting.  ;) Though I think Fairbanks might have that competition in the bag once a certain BAT that I've been waiting on is completed.

canuck3360: Thanks!

BigSlark: I never do stories besides a slight intro and history in the first post (which hasn't yet been migrated), and I've got so many old pictures from previous updates to post that right now I don't have time to include descriptions. However, once I start posting new updates, which will be 10-20 pictures long versus 60-70, I'll definitely be adding captions. :)

bat: Thanks!

rooker1: Ah, thanks for the lovely comment! The reason the seawalls are so crazy is that I actually built Downtown on a very small bay, but I do agree, it does look a little too "Edgy" so when I revisit the area in the near future I'll be sure to keep that in mind. As for the railways, they will be much more spaced out once you start seeing pictures further from downtown, but currently you have to remember that the railways you are seeing are only a few blocks away from downtown. And thanks again for the comment :) Oh, and the hospital you are looking for is part of the "Hospitals PackHospitals Pack" available at the STEX.

Another mega update should be along pretty soon...


Thank you very much for the link, I wll DL this when I get home for sure.   ;)

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.

sEAhAwk fAn121

im also waiting on a certain BAT  ?$%kar&%h
hummm... we'll see which one is taller ;) ()flamdev()


Now for the second Mega-Update!

Comments welcome and appreciated!


Fairbanks looking awesome... better than ti did on ST..
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Emperor Stormont

Fabulous set of HUGE updates, but great to see it here on SC4D.....the seawalls work is impressive as it the CBD, Suburbs and port itself.

It would seem you have a small water pollution.......if you wish Atlantis can send in it's environmental recovery team (of course they will have to work under the cover of darkness - you know for technology reasons....LOL)

No seriously Fairbanks looks fantastic and a wonderful assest to the Union.

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Another fantastic huge update! Great work on the city! Wonderful pictures! :thumbsup:


It's me again,
I'm liking these huge updates.  Great set of pictures and their content is fantastic.  I especially like the industrial seaport.
Pictures one to ten are pretty nice.  Nothing to super about them.  The residential houses are very nice, setup is nice.  But picture ten with the store on the diagonal.  Nice idea but the parking lot doesn't look right. Maybe you use the parking lot end and put up a diagonal fence or something like that.  Either way no big deal.
Pictures eleven and twelve, great shots.  These show how much work you have done.  I like them alot.
The industrial seaport is excellent.  The only thing I don't like are those jagged edges along the avenue in one of the first pictures, I think number fourteen.
I do have one question, how did you do the dirty water?  Very nice effect!!  &apls  This looks very good.  Maybe some of it should spill out into the main river.  I really like your patience with the terraforming of the break wall.  When I first saw these I thought it was a lot that I had missed.  I'm pretty sure I have just about everything regarding industrial lots, sea and land.   &apls
The seaport itself looks great and I have no suggestions in this area.  As a matter of fact, I saw some interesting ideas, which I think I will borrow.  hehehe Thanks BTW.
The refinery looks great and I love the overall size of it.  The only thing I can suggest here, is that there are some other very dirty, ugly lots on STEX which would like great here as well.  If you are interested, PM me and I will look for the link for you.   ;)
The manufacturing area moving towards the stores looks perfect.  No suggestions here at all.
I really like this update, great work.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


The only CJ I follow over at ST.

Nice to see it here, Tim! There is another audience here that can appreciate fine work, guaranteed!
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SIMplMn9: It's actually the exact same pictures that are on ST, minus descriptions :p Thanks for the comment though!

belfastuniguy: Thanks! But I'll be keeping my water pollution, it was a pain to plop so much of it and get it to look good! :p

bat: Thanks for the comment!

rooker1: Yeah, one through ten were really just a filler update showcasing some suburbs, and really horrible photo shop effects due to me messing around with things :p The Region shot in that update is actually horribly out of date, not much has changed in the areas you can see but there are about twice as many suburbs/other areas. I know what you mean about the jagged edges, but I wanted the cement coming right up to the roadway, as that is realistic for the type of port I was trying to create. I'm glad you like the refinery, and please share the links to those industrial lots your talking about! I do love my industry. :) As for your request in regards to the polluted water lots, they are part of Jeronij's Rural Culverts and Water Effects pack.

beskhu3epnm: Thanks for the comment! So far I'm really loving all the great feedback I've been getting, but I really do need everyone's help in getting to page 2. I don't want to bump, but I probably won't be able to post another mega-update until we hit the next page. Page 1 is already loading horribly slow.