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"Project Artemis"

Started by crushedcar, October 07, 2007, 02:31:35 PM

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A World Apart

The History of the Planet Apollyon

   In July 1947 a UFO was spotted over Roswell, New Mexico. Some claimed it was an alien ship, while others said it was a result of Project Mogul. Debris was found in nearby field, and, again some claimed that it was alien and others said it was a failed Project Mogul balloon. No one is absolutely certain what happened there, except the humans on Apollyon.
   That night at Roswell it was aliens who visited earth. They were here to save themselves from a terrible disease, and they needed some test subjects. About fifty people were abducted from their homes, most not knowing it. While aboard the alien spaceship the humans were cloned, and then sent home. One of the humans who was awake accidentally jettisoned a life pod sending it crashing into that field.
   With their test subjects the aliens took off to their home galaxy. They had to test the procedure now or it would be too late. So they began the experiment, the humans were teleported down to a planet similar to earth. The aliens fired up their secret device, a time machine, and sent the humans thirteen hundred years into the past. The experiment was successful and the aliens left, totally ignoring the humans left on the planet.
   The humans on this planet began to build a civilization where they had started. They called the planet Apollyon, after the name of their civilization. Soon they encountered problems with each other, and then about 2103 A.D. (812 A.D. on earth) the civilization split into three nations the Croxians, the Urians, and the Telthesians. Over the next hundred years, several more groups broke off and formed their own nations.
   Since the formation of these nations great strides have been made technologically. Many wars have been fought between Croxia and Uregal (the Urians). The most recent war was almost an civilization ending war, averted only by the Croxians use of their first PLASMATTER Satellite. Since then, a state of cold war has threatened the peace on this planet. Croxia and Uregal stand ready to pounce upon each other again.

Lunera 4, 3395

4:08 PM ICST
Project Artemis Headquarters

A shot rang through the air. It shattered the office window and set off the alarms, triggering the sprinkler system. Panicked shouting filled the air, but Isis was still able to hear the security guards. They were chasing the would-be assassin. She silently prayed that they would. That bullet had been meant for her.

The assassin had failed. He knew it the moment he shot the gun. This time he had to finish his mission or face death at the hands of the Urians. Still how could he do so with these security guards chasing him? Luckily for him, the guards didn't know what he looked like and as he raced down the sidewalks an idea came to his mind. Quickly he ran into the nearest building and got into the elevator. He pressed for the top floor. He took off as much clothing as he could and put it in his pack. On the top floor he raced to the restroom, an unsuspecting worker had been just behind the door.

"OUCH! HEY WATCH IT! Dude, what's the rush?"

The assassin threw a quick punch at the man, knocking him out. Then he dragged him into one of the stalls. He exchanged clothes with the man, and set a pack of C-4 explosive by the toilet. He walked out just as the security guards dashed out of the elevator and began to question employees. The security guards came right up to him.

"Have you seen a man in a ski-mask and green army apparel?"


"Where did he go?"

"Into the bathroom, I think."

The security guards ran straight to the bathroom. After waiting until, they were out of sight the assassin headed for the stairs. As soon as he had descended to the fifth floor he pulled out a small device, opened the top, and pressed a button. Almost instantaneously an explosion rocked the building. Alarms rang and a panicked evacuation began allowing the assassin to slip away.

Imperius City Military Station
6:07 PM ICST

A black SUV drove up to the gate. The passengers inside flashed their IDs and were permitted to pass. They drove up to one of the barracks building, parked, and got out. In to the building and up to the front desk they walked.

"How may I help you?"

"We're looking for an Omar Zahim. Do you know what room he is in?"

"Uhh... Lieutenant Omar Zahim or Colonel Omar Zahim?"

"Colonel Omar Zahim."

"He is in Building 4 Room 212, though right now he may be at dinner."

"Thank you."

They walked over to Building 4, took the stairs to the second floor, and stood in front of Colonel Zahim's room. About ten minutes later he came walking down the hall. They  had been told he looked intimidating, but they had not expected him to be very considerate.

"I expect you guys have a good reason for standing there."

"Colonel Zahim, I am Major John Sheppard, and this is Lieutenant Colonel Sam Carter. We are here on orders from General Moyes."

"CIA, right?"

"Yes, we are to escort you to the Artemis Site. You have a new assignment."

"Okay. Do I need to pack?"

"That won't be necessary."

"All right."

Major Sheppard and Lt. Colonel Carter escorted Colonel Zahim over to their black SUV. They got in and rode off toward the Artemis site.

Artemis Site Beta
6:30 PM ICST

"Welcome to Artemis Site Beta. This will be your station for quite a while Colonel."

"Thank you. What exactly will I be doing here?"

"You will be in charge of security for this project. The General is in building 221R, he will have more information for you."

Colonel Zahim was directed to the general's office by the men. The general was an imposing man standing a full six feet tall. He was a little older than Colonel Zahim had expected and his balding head did little to make him look any younger.

"General Moyes, Colonel Zahim is here as you requested."

"Ah yes, Colonel Zahim, welcome. I only wish it were under more favorable circumstances."

"As do I, Sir."

"Well, I guess you have been told what you will be doing. Am I right?"

"Very briefly."

"Okay then, I'll give you some more details as I show you around."

They walked out of the building and over to huge covered vacant area.

"This is where Project Artemis really happens. Most everything here is located underground."

"Ahh...The Big Dig Project."

General Moyes said nothing. They continued to a small building housing an elevator. A quick retinal scan and the General's ID were enough to get them in. He pressed for the bottom floor.

"I am going to introduce you to our key personnel. I think it will help you do your job better."

"Of course."

They got off the elevator and walked into one of the underground offices. Colonel Zahim immediately recognized one of the workers.

"Hey, Noreem!"

"Is that you Omar?"

"It sure is."

General Moyes stood by as Noreem walked over to Omar and him.

"I see you already know our construction manager."

"We were in the same fighter squadron during the Fiena War. He's a pretty good pilot."

"You aren't too bad yourself."

"So you decided to work on this big thing?"

"Uhh... More or less."

At that moment a women walked into the room. She was about six feet tall and everyone seemed to respect her. Noreem nudged Colonel Zahim.

"She's the main reason."

"Have you asked her out?"

"Isis, come here please."

The woman walked over toward the trio. Colonel Zahim noticed that Noreem was looking a bit tense.

"Yes, General."

"I would like you to meet Colonel Omar Zahim. He is our new security director and your personal bodyguard."

"General, I told you I don't want a bodyguard."

"And, you didn't tell me about that part of this job."

"Sorry, President's orders."

Colonel Zahim and Isis looked at each other for a brief moment.

"Well I guess..."

"Save it."

"She's still a little on edge from being shot at."


"Well the Colonel and I will continue our tour."

They walked into a giant room. In the center was what appeared to be a massive skyscraper turned on its side. There was also the unmistakable din of nanotech alloy machines.




A man in his late 20s walked over he was dwarfed by Colonel Zahim, but seemed undaunted.

"You must be the new security guy."

"Colonel Zahim, Croxian Air Patrol."

"Ahh... Then you definitely are him. Mark Thompson, raw materials and nanotech director."

"Well, Colonel that's everyone. I suggest you get some sleep. Tomorrow's gone be a long day."


First To comment, Looks interesting, Can't waut to see this pan out.

BTW Are we following the Human or the Aliens?
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Just call me Dave


Hmm i wonder if carter and sheppard are gonna be more then a cameo lol

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Wonderful start there, looking forward to more...


A great start, looking forward to find out how this storyline will develop  :thumbsup:
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As you probably have noticed, this story revolves around Imperius City. I am going to try to post a little background information before each update. This weak we look at...
The City in the Pit
The geography of Imperius City

Imperius City derives its name from the mountain on which it is located, Mount Imperius. Mount Imperius is a massive volcano standing approximately 45,142 feet tall. Imperius City is located in the caldera, which spans 39 miles in diameter, at an altitude of 13,024 feet. Thus, Imperius City got the nickname "The City in the Pit."

Imperius City has a massive lake known as Imperial Lake. Low "sub-mountains" dot the landscape going away from the lake.  Most of the city is situated between these mountains and the lake. This area is known as the Calderal Plain.

Technically Imperius City is the whole of Mount Imperius, but once outside the caldera most of the mountain is uninhabitable. And, due to the fact that Mount Imperius has a base diameter of 106 miles, most everything in the habitable zone acts as an independent community.

Here's a map:

Artema 2, 3395

9:00 A.M. ICST
BexTar Nanotech Facility, Avalon Harbor District

Major John Sheppard:"Test set up is ready."

BexTar CEO:"Alright." She spoke into a microphone, "Attention all personnel please evacuate room 26-F." Then she said to the man at the computer, "Fire the engine on my mark."

After about five minutes the room was empty.

BexTar CEO:"Fire the engine in 5...4...3...2...1...mark."

A roar signaled that engine had started. The man at the computer stared at the screen as data poured in.

BexTar Employee:"Energy output is stable. Core is stable. Heat shielding is 100% functional. Engine is capable of hyperspace travel."

BexTar CEO:"Okay, now shut it down."

The man at the computer pressed a few buttons, waited, and looked up in confusion.

BexTar Employee:"The controls are jammed."

BexTar CEO:"What?"

BexTar Employee:"I can't shut it off. The computer won't respond."

Major John Sheppard:"Ma'am, the engines capacitors are starting to fill."

BexTar CEO:"Call Artemis Site Beta, tell them we need their help." Then she looked at the computer technician, "Keep trying we need to get that thing shut down ASAP."

9:10 A.M. ICST
Artemis Site Beta

Omar:"You want to do what?"

Noreem:"I told you I want to ask Isis out. What's the problem with that?"

Omar: "Man, you choked when you tried asking that girl out in the ninth grade."

Noreem:"Oh come on, you know I didn't like her, that doesn't count."

Omar: "Okay, so what about Matilda, Heather, and Megan."

Noreem rolled his eyes. Omar was teasing him about his nervousness around girls again. Sometimes Noreem wanted to punch him, but he knew if he got in a fight with Omar, he would get beat.

Their jocular joking was broken up when General Moyes entered the room. He looked rather serious, which made them both feel a bit uncomfortable. He shifted his glance toward Omar.

General Moyes:"Go get Isis. You and Mark are going to accompany her to BexTar Nanotech."

Omar:"Okay. May I ask why?"

Genreal Moyes:"Well, apparently the particle drive they were constructing is refusing to shut off."

Omar looked at Noreem.

Noreem:"BexTar Nanotech is in charge of producing the engine components offsite."

Omar shook his head, then walked to Isis's office. He told her what was going on, and they headed back to where General Moyes was. After a short explanation of what they were to do they headed over to BexTar Nanotech.

10:00 A.M. ICST
BexTar Nanotech

As they pulled up to the building, Mark noticed that the car seemed to be rocking quite a bit. He looked at Omar and Isis, who were trying hard not to look worried. He tried to comfort them a little.

Mark"It's just turbulence created by the heat of the Particle Drive coming through the steel mesh road."

Omar nodded. It seemed to ease their minds a little.

When they finally parked it was quite easy to notice that something was wrong. The noise coming from inside the facility was enough to give Omar a headache. They promptly distributed ear pieces designed to keep out the noise but still allow communication.

Major John Sheppard:"I hope the neighbors don't complain."

Omar:"They probably already have."

Isis:"So what's the problem, Major?"

Major John Sheppard:"The engine was going through a routine test when the computer systems froze. Now we can't shut the thing off, and the capacitors that were supposed to drain the energy are beginning to build a dangerous load."

Isis:"Have you tried a system reboot?"

BexTar Employee:"Yes, the system is jammed, someone hacked us."

Isis:"What with?"

BexTar Employee:"We don't know are system diagnostics are down."

Omar, Isis and Mark looked at each other.

Omar:"I'm no science or engineering genius, but shouldn't there be a failsafe on the anti-matter generator."

BexTar Employee:"Yes, there is."

Omar:"Then why not just shut it off manually."

BexTar CEO:"The engine has been flaring."


Mark:"Flaring. It means that it has been shooting concentrated streams of superheated particles out of the engine."

Omar:"Isis, couldn't we hook up a secondary system to do a system diagnostic."

Isis:"Yes, but what good would that do?"

Omar:"If we can get a lock on the jamming signal, I can find who is responsible for this and shut him down."

Isis:"Okay, I see."

Mark:"We can hook up additional capacitors right?"

BexTar CEO:"Unfortunately, no. The Particle Drive only has the capacity for 75 all of which are full."

Mark:"Well, Omar you'd better hurry up with finding that hacker. If my math is correct, we have less than twenty-four hours before the overload reaches critical level."

Omar:"Which means?"

Mark:"Which means the capacitors' overload will cause the Particle Drive into a cascade failure resulting in an explosion big enough to level Mount Imperius."

NASCAR_Guy We are following the humans. I'm sorry for any confusion.
pat 'fraid not. I have them as recurring characters.
bat Thank you.
sebes Thank you.

Announcements I have changed the name to better describe what this story is about. Also, Before each update I will be doing a background narrative. I would like for you the reader to pick what it will be about. Characters, history, science and technology, etc... Please be specific.


That's a great update! Wonderful work on that! :thumbsup: