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March 21, 2023, 10:10:17 AM

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The Republic of Bevelle- Last Rites

Started by dsrwhat316, October 09, 2007, 10:46:41 AM

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Hey, everyone! This is my 1st MD on SC4D, and I'm glad you are checking it out now. I will only have partial updates sporadically, since this region is already being showcased over on Simtropolis, just click here to check it out! I'll keep everyone filled in on new happenings, so without further ado, let's start the show!

The Capital City of Bevelle
This'll be the 1st city on our tour of Bevelle. Here we go!

This is the Central Square, located in the heart of Downtown. Political and public rallies are a common sight here.

A stunning night shot of Bevelle Central Station, one of the busiest in the land.

These are some of the oldest buildings in Bevelle, still elegant to this day.

The treasury building (left) and Bevelle City Hall (right), with a GLR line cutting in between the two.

The Chancellor's Mansion, where the government's high muckety-muck resides.

And this final pic is of the Federal Police Headquarters, the "peace keepers" of the country.

Well, there you have it, the beginning of my 1st Mayor Diary! Enjoy, and feel free to comment with any concerns, critiques, questions, or anything.

~ Dan
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Dan you have done a great job at blending so far and i cant wait to see the next update - pat

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Glad to see you over here too. You do some great work!  &apls
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Wow! Great start here, my friend! Bevelle looks fantastic (And I love the name, too. I'm a Final Fantasy fan, myself)! I love how you have the GLR going under the road, too. How exactly did you accomplish that?

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!


The GLR going under the road was, I assume, done using NAM puzzlepieces. He created a slope (for the GLR to go under) and crossed it with a road-over-GLR puzzlepiece. No?
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Wonderful first update at sc4d there! Also fantastic pictures of that city! :thumbsup:


patfirefghtr: Thanks for being the first to comment. Hope you like this update as well!
CabraBuitre: Thanks!
Schulmanator: I didn't think it was fair to deprive the good readers at SC4D of my work (LOL). Nice to see
                            you commenting here as well!
thundercrack83: Yeah, I'm a FF nut as well. I still can't get over how awesome FFXII is! Okay, back on
                            topic... As for how I made the GLR slope, just read the comment by M4346, as he just
                            summed it up perfectly. Thanks for dropping by!
M4346: You described it perfectly! And thanks for commenting!
bat: Why, thank you! And let's take a look at...

Update 1- The Scenic Route
Technically, it's not a route, but you get the idea!

The Bevelle Embassy Suites offers stunning panoramic views of both the city center and the Blackjack River.

A shot of the financial district, which provides thousands of jobs for the city's citizens.

Here's the same area at night... stunning, no?

Another angle of the area at night.

The Library of Bevelle holds a fountain of knowledge.

Here's a small overview of the city center.

That concludes the first update of this MD here at SC4D. I hope you like it!

~ Dan
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Another great update, my friend! Bevelle does look quite stunning! And thanks for the heads-up about the GLR underpass you made, too. Though I do have one more question about it: What are those gray sidewalk pieces you have on the slopes next to it? I don't recall ever having seen them before.


Wonderful update 01! That pictures are looking beautiful, dsrwhat316! :thumbsup:


Oh, what a great start of your MD. The pictures are showing some great planning, the tram tunnel is just awesome - very inventive!  And the scenic "route" looks very nice...  I bet you have spent some hours on that...


I'll be back here, for sure....
Check my MD:               


thundercrack83: Hey, thanks for coming back! The sidewalks are found on the STEX, just type in European sidewalks. I modified them in the lot editor to form a
                            foundation rather than just conform to a slope.

bat: Thanks! And you can just call me Dan... ()stsfd()

sebes: I thank you as well, my friend! And now, onwards to...

Update 2- The Night Life

The Financial Center at night; this area of town never sleeps when there is money to be made... ;)

Another of the city's fine theaters, located on Bevelle Avenue

Some of the city's oldest buildings still look stunning at night.

The Parliament Building is all lit up at night, even though no one works there at night  :o

Some apartments along the canal.

The sports complex, featuring a night ballgame.

Shown here is Bevelle's West Gate, the only one of the original four still left standing. The gates served as the only entry points to the city over 400 years ago, as a brick wall surrounded the city.

A small overview of the city center.

Well, that concludes Update 2. Be on the look-out for more!

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Another great update there, Dan! Also fantastic night pictures of that city! And wonderful overview of that city center! :thumbsup:



bat: Thanks for coming back! I'm glad you are liking the pics!
szymcar: Yes, this was my first legitimate attempt at using GLR for a downtown. Thanks! And enjoy...

Update 3- Welcome to Jeylin City, the Resort of the Republic
We now move on from the government in the Capital City of Bevelle to a beautiful tropical resort city in Jeylin City. The city is a blend of the real world cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City. These pics will show you why...

The main thoroughfare leading into the heart of the city is Jeylin Boulevard, shown here at night.

Some of the casinos located on the world-famous BoardWalk.

Another angle, this time during the day.

One of Jeylin City's numerous construction sites. The city has seen a building boom that is unprecedented in Bevelle's history.

Here's a very active construction site. What will be built here? Who knows...(Don't cheat and check out my Simtropolis CJ to find the answer!)

The Toyota Center, located near the famous beaches of Jeylin City.

And now, these final three pics will be of the beautiful beaches at Jeylin City.

That concludes the first update for Jeylin City. Stay tuned for more!

~ Dan

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Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


Oooh, I love the beaches, my friend! I can definitely see the resemblance to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, too! I can't wait to see more of Bevelle!


A very nice MD you have going here, Dan. I definitely see the resemblance to Atlantic City in these pics. I really like the boardwalk- it is something
I see quite rarely, and I had a difficult time re-creating one in my MD. Nice selections of buildings as well.  :thumbsup:



thundercrack83: Yes, the neon lights of Las Vegas meets the boardwalk casinos of Atlantic City. Thanks for the comment!
Travis: Well, I created those boardwalk pieces in the Lot Editor because I couldn't find a decent boardwalk lot anywhere else. It took quite some time to accomplish, but it was well-worth the effort. Thanks, fellow Jersey inhabitant!  ;D
bat: Thank you, my friend! And please enjoy...

Update 4- The Building Boom
Jeylin City is enjoying an unprecedented building boom as the demand for more hotels and casinos grow. Let's see how the city copes...

As we saw in the previous update, the construction at this site is going strong. Let's fast-forward approximately two years...

A new casino has been completed! It fits the site perfectly, no?

Here's a shot of a couple of sites being worked on.

A new condominium complex has been built. The building style fits in perfectly with the city's image of cutting-edge architecture.

A wealthy neighborhood. They enjoy a private beachfront area.

Some apartments along one of the inlets.

And this final pic is a pretty night shot of the Toyota Center.

Update 4 is now in the books. Any comments/critiques/questions/concerns are welcomed and encouraged. Thanks for reading!

~ Dan
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Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


I really like the development around those little rivers and coves, very realistic. Once again, all the buildings blend well together, great job!

QuoteThanks, fellow Jersey inhabitant!
Indeed, there aren't many of us around.  ;)

I'll be back for more.  :)