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March 21, 2023, 09:48:34 AM

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The Republic of Jansipur

Started by TheSixCents, October 12, 2007, 07:10:41 PM

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Full Name: The United Republic of Jansipur
Short Name: Republic of Jansipur
Conventional Name: Jansipur
Government Type: Republic
Economic Orientation: Capitalist
President: Bahdu Nanda
Prime Minsiter: Mojari Gajpui
Official Languages: Hindi, Tamil, English, Nepali
Religion: Hindu (67%), Islam (21%), Christian(5%), Buddhism(4%), Sikh (3%)
Currency: Jusipee
Capital: Jansipur City
Largest Cities: Bastiacha, Jansipur City, Kerkela, Kanvusu
Population: 67,300,050
Area: 67,405 Sq Km.



Jansipur has a political system very similar to the United States. There are three houses of the Jansipur National Congress, the Senate, the Gujarat, and the Lower Senate.
    The Ruling Party in Congress as of know are Soviana Junta Party, first started by Pehrez Amir in 1956.
The Four major power blocs in the Senate:

                          Start of Civilization  (2500 B.C- 200 A.D)
The first humans started permanent villages around 2200 B.C, living mostly off agriculture grown on the banks of the nearby
Ganges River Delta. By 1500 B.C the Ancient Jansipur peoples had colonized the enitre Ganges River Delta, along with parts of Modern Day Burma, and as far west as Calcutta. In 200 B.C two empires, The Maruya Empire of India, and the Humaski Empire in Bangladesh and Jansipur began a war lasting almost 45 years, ending with the destruction of  Humaski's Empire.
For the next 200 yeras, Jansipur was ruled by many powerful North Indian Empires.

                       Islam and Hinduism (200 A.D- 1800 A.D)
                                  Islam and Hinduism (200 A.D- 1800 A.D)
     200 A.D to the late 800's is considered Jansipur's Golden age. The country flourished under the rule of the Cholas, Chayuakas, and several other ruling Indian Families. Durning this time Buddhism and Hinduism spread from Jansipur into places as far south as Modern Day Singapore. Islam arrived in Jansipur in the early 800's, and the many Islamic Invasions the region endured brang Jansipur under the rule of Islamic Sultanates such as the first Dehli Sultunate and the Mughals.

                         The Struggle for Empire (1800 A.D- 1900)
Jansipur was annexed by the British East India company in the late 1600's, and the region served as breadbasket to feed the many British armies leading conquests into Asia. During this time the British constructed many of the cores of Jansipurian cities, such as Kanvusu, from the ground up. In 1824 after unrest due to the heavy taxes put on the country by its British Rulers, a mob of over 10,000 people armed with guns and farm tools stormed Jansipur city harbor, destroying 4 British Ships and killing almost 100 Sailors.

                          Independence (1900-1960)
The unrest continued through the turn of the century, causing riots across Jansipur. The British goverment tried to quell the unrest by military means, but that was just fuel to the fire. In 1930 the Indian Independence Leader, Mohandas Gandhi, visited Jansipur and met with local leaders trying to gain there support in his campaign of Non-Violence. It worked, and in 1947 the British Empire granted Indepence to two countries, India (Which Later became India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), and Jansipur.

                           Modern Era (1960-2007)
Jansipur enjoyed a mostly peaceful 20th century, although there were periods of unrest between the two main groups in Jansipur, the Muslims and the Hindus. The country is very popular with U.S Software and Consumer marketing companies, and Kanvusu enjoy's one of the highest standards of living in the whole country, due to the huge number of jobs Microsoft has created in the city.


Great start there!

Looking forward to more...


Wow - this is an interesting corner of the world to start your MD!!! Looking forward to see how you will continue.  :thumbsup:
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    Kanvusu is the third largest city in Jansipur. It has a population of a little more than 234,000, and enjoys a high standard of living. Transportation is provided mostly via Bus, while there is also a small Commercial Airport and a pair of train stations linking the city to the rest of the country.

      The Royal Palace Hotel is a four star hotel serving the cities foreign buisnessmen and women.

      The Gurvan Towers provide housing for the cities growing middle class.

A view of the Kanvusu CBD.

     Night over a Hindu Temple

     Inner City Slums

    Villages like these still dot the country

    Another CBD View

     The nightlife in the city is very busy.

    A Jansipur Xpress train heading towards the city

    The Cities Industrial Center

    The Microsoft HQ for East India


My congratulations sixcents &apls

This is a very good start for an MD. I love the subject you have chosen. It is unique and you are quite right that you have used this exiting and interesting part of the world. I myself hope to showcase the Stroponian Colony of Nargoon in the near future. Which lies roughly in the same area as your country.

So far the history and the first city are aplaudable. I love your style.

Good luck with it, I'll surely come back for more :thumbsup:

Your favorite "deliciously deviant" Empire is Back after a 2 month pause

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Yes, it is indeed an interesting corner of the world to be MDing about, and I applaud your effort thus far!  &apls &apls

I appreciate your effort in compiling such an interesting and coherent back-story / history for the region, a worthy effort indeed! Also, the general appearance and feel has remained very true to that part of the world!

Great job thus far! Let's hope this gets the attention it deserves.  ;D
New Horizons Productions
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Great first update! Your villages are very realistic for that part of the world, and the way you've developed the environment is also realistic as well. You've blended modern architecture with the old school villages effectively. Two Thumbs Up!


Great update, great style shown!  The villages shown are very well made and veryr realistic (I believe... I have never been in Asia ;)) . The city slums make this MD a very interesting one... one to follow closely  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


Wonderful first update! Great work on that city! Fantastic pictures! :thumbsup:


Strechnitz - Sounds like a cool colony! When you do, we will have to have some cj relations.
M4346 - Thanks M! Im also glad we could begin a freindship on MSN!
nedalezz - getting an indian feel is very hard, as you can see. The main trick ive learned however, is to try to put low density next to high denisty. Thanks for the comment!
sebes - ive nevr been in Asia either! thanks.
bat -Thanks Bat!


Update Two

        Today we will visit Kanvusu City again, except today we will visit the older, western part of the city, near Bangladesh.

In the 1960's flats like these were built to combat the growing number of slums going up around the city.

The Central Train Station, a very important part of the city, connects Kanvusu to the rest of the country, as well as India and Bangladesh.

A view of the "Core" and the British District.

The fields are green during harvest Season.


Low cost Housing

The core at night

The West Bengal Railroad

The Main Commerical Strip


The update looks good.  :thumbsup: A nice and realistic blend of towering apartments, older and cheaper low-income housing and commercial agglomerates!

A colourful and realistic - as I've said before - interpretation and exhibition indeed!  ;D The only thing really lacking is the bustling streets accompanying such development.

Either way, I do enjoy your presentation and will be looking out for more.  :thumbsup:

New Horizons Productions
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That are some very great pictures of Kanvusu City! Wonderful work! :thumbsup:


Great update shown here my friend. I especially like the way the railroads are winding through the city, and running along the avenue. It's looks very beautfull. 

If you never been in Asia, where are you from?
Check my MD:               


I concur with the comments of all three brethren above my post. A great update in an as yet unique MD.

Your favorite "deliciously deviant" Empire is Back after a 2 month pause

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Awesome pictures, this city is very real. 
I'm looking forward for more of this great Republic   :thumbsup:

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Waow!!!Great job!!! &apls :thumbsup:So realistic!
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