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March 24, 2023, 01:47:14 AM

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Eyecandy LA

Started by 4geowobo, October 15, 2007, 10:55:57 PM

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Hello all,

Well ive posted a few pictures in other threads and I will repost those here
basically its random pictures around LA (or a fictional city just like it) . :D

Anyways eventually ill update it probaly a few times a week im hoping.
I'll start off with some pictures of an area inspired by the east LA area.

Bleh, I hate the amount of saturation on this picture

For the record I live in Montebello, CA and have much fun making these and have now decided to share them
I hope you enjoy them


As I've said before (and I'll say again here) that's LA alright. Lived in Corona del Mar until the end of 3rd grade, went to undergrad at Loyola Marymount University (near LAX), and now live in Costa Mesa and go to law school at Chapman in Orange. Can't wait to see more pics of the city.


wow i love the way you had the RHW raised and then that underpass lot looks really good. im curious to see more of that urban ditch pics you showed one time  :thumbsup:
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I really like the grittiness of your images.

And total respect for showing realistic looking roads that look older and worn, not brand new. I assume that this had been photoshopped?
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I don;t have a clue what LA looks like but I really like the pics you posted. Love the colouring..

but I have to ask, in the first picture. What rural walls did you use to create that elevated RHW with the underpass? It looks awesome-o!

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I agree with the previous posters. This looks very good and if I try to imagine what LA looks like I think this will come as close as it gets. I have however also one question. I don't recognize the street underpass use with the RHW. Could you perhaps hint to who it made and where it can be found? Thanks in advance.



I dunno how LA looks like, but I really like your pictures.
Can you give the link to those walls on the first pic?
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4geowobo- excellent job  :thumbsup: you have captured the feeling of the area very well. Looking forward to more LA inspired areas. (BTW three stooges- I didn't realize we are practically neighbors!)


This is great! You've got the "look" down.

I lived in San Juan Capistrano until I was 11...I'm still a Southern Californian at heart.

I'm looking forward to more.  :thumbsup:



Wow, great job! I've never seen LA besides on TV and in the movies (we did drive through it once, but that was only on I-5 to go from San Diego to Sacramento, and it was dark), but it looks great. The gray asphalt mod you used fits in well with the streets.

I'd also like to know where you got the walls for the RHW.
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Brings back the nasty memories of driving around lost on a school trip (apparently we made 3 laps on the business loop)

Low wealth never looked so good. That is awesome. Very very well executed.
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Wonderful start with these nice looking pictures! Great work! :thumbsup:


Wow, you're off to a fantastic start here, my friend! As has been pointed out, I love the distressed look you've given the roads, and the highways and residential areas look fantastic, too! I can't wait to see how you tackle the drainage canals that Los Angeles has (I've only seen them in the one chase scene from Terminator 2).

In any event, I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work!


I like the first picture of the highway and the underpass. I also like the sunset/hot/dusty/gritty affect.
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Hello ,

I never went to L.A. except with Google Earth .... $%Grinno$%... Have to say I've found it as boring than huge , so boring and so huge that finally that's captivating ... I've found here again the same feeling with your work so far truly realistic at this scale .  ::)

Quote from: 4geowobo on October 15, 2007, 10:55:57 PM

...basically its random pictures around LA (or a fictional city just like it) .

L.A. would be an interesting challenge ... .

:thumbsup: &apls anyway .

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I have been to Montebello before specially Pico Rivera, and let me tell you this is truly realistic, excellent work looking forward for anther update  ;)


WOW talk about amazing recreation here... 4geowobo great job here and i soo look forward to seeing more of your eyecandy - pat

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Hello all posters,

Thank you for the compliments I will strive to post more pictures every blue yonder  :D

For the most frequent questions

1. The underpasses are from a thread im sure there beta and in a thread on ST
"Under Bridge Scenery" I think. (Im sorry if its vague)

2. The roadside "ledges" are from a pack on ST im sure its the "Japaneses Wall Set".

3. The "dirty" look is from a street mod but I really hated how roads didn't have that asphalt look so I changed it to default.
It is a great pack

I appreciate all comments immensely
and thank all the lot creators    :thumbsup:

Also the LA River is gonna take a while you see I know someone who was creating them at least last summer, I sent him/her a PM
and they said there still working on it, the second I get my hands on them you know im gonna be recreating them.

Please all I would love ideas on areas for my (or even pictures you've taken) it would be my inspiration.


Hello again folks

Here to update the pictures (Im also working on mosaics but im having battle taking aligned pictures).  :-\

Any comments, suggestions, or ideas would be greatly appreciated!


You take some great pictures, and that is pure LA right there. Ive been there a few times myself...never to those areas, but from what I see from all those movies, you are spot on. Love the photoshopped pics too!