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March 24, 2023, 02:12:28 AM

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The Monarchy of Jenress

Started by dragonshardz, October 16, 2007, 05:55:47 PM

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Welcome, one and all, to the Lands of the Jenressian King! This MD will be mutli-region, showcasing a Martain terrain map (from ST), Dedgren's Three Rivers Region map (from ST as well), the NHP Invermere Valley map, two other maps that cannot be mentioned yet, and others as they strike my fancy. The other two are in the process of being terraformed and planned, respectively. One will honor a deceased author. The other will be rough-Terraformed in the SC4Terraformer and fine-Terraformed ingame by me. This region will not be done, unless I have time come summer.

My Plugins folder is in the process of being rebuilt and reorganized, but it will contain many products from ST, a great deal of hard-to-find products from ST, all of which are quality (I think), and practically everything from PEGProd. The Plugins folder is completely rebuilt.

Table of Contents

Under Construction


Pics soon Dragon???  Sounds good with the name...

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Also looking forward to the first pictures of the "Monarchy of Jenress"! ;)


Update #1: Plugins Recovery Process

Well, my plugins folder is almost back to usable form. Around a month ago, my computer was upgraded, both hardware and OS, however the installation of the OS removed my plugins folder.

This is what I have left to install before running SC4Tool and finding out what dependencies I am missing.

Plus there's what's sitting in my dl list on the Lex, but that stuff can wait a bit. I am working as quickly as I can on this and will post a more picture-heavy update later.


Looking forward to pics.  I don't want to be you.  It's not the downloading its the installing them thats a pain when you have that much.  Sit down with food and drink and be patient thats an all day thing.


uhm that could take a while
.. i lost everything abaut 3 months ago and it took me weeks i think   ..i dont know how long couse it was so boring that my brain wont remember it

the only light was seeing some new stuff i didnt had befor  so try not to give up


I do not give up. That is just A LOT of stuf and it'll take a while. note that I am also making a couple lots for someone over at SimPEG as well and trying to figure out a CTD problem too.



The CTD problem has been sorted out, a mod I had was conflicting with the CAM.

Anyone remember that picture from the first update? That folder is now EMPTY, DatPacker has been run (had problems with that, ended up "chunking" my plugins folder), and the Capital is well on its way to being showable.

Next update: The Capital City: Jenress!


Looking forward to the capital city! ;)


dragonshardz, it's very good to see that you almost have everything back under control again and I can't wait for a real update.
Have you reported the conflicting MODD with the CAM to RippleJet?  He will most definatley want to know about it.

Robin   :thumbsup: 
Call me Robin, please.


I have not reported it to RippleJet yet, as I have not located exactly which mod it is.

It is one of these mods: Hide Neighbor Connection Arrow, No Track Checker 2007, Pause Thingy Remover, Radius Doubler, Region Transport Legend, or Traffic Light Mod.

It is most likely the Radius Doubler, I have yet to make sure of this.


I checked all those mods, but none of them is inCAMpatible. ;)

For other reasons I would myself never use the Radius Doubler though, and definitely not the Traffic Light Mod. $%Grinno$%


i've kinda forgotten what the traffic light mod does anyway... &ops


          I can't wait to see some pictures. They're going to be amazing with THAT many plugins!  $%Grinno$%

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The total size of my plugins folder thus far is 2.16 GB. However it is not amount of plugins, it is the quality and the skill of the mayor.


          Oh, I know that, but still...plugins are the sugar in SC4's black tea. On another note... more than 2 GB is insanity for me. the lag would absolutely knock me out. Good thing you have a comp that can handle it  ;)
Visit my MD - RIVER'S END.



Update #2 - Random Shots #1 - Jenress.

Finally, a chance to update. This one's really not much, six pics from random places around the city. All the pictures have been resized, compressed, and changed to .jpgs according to the JPG Compression Tutorial

This one is of the Jenress Veteran's Memorial and Cemetary. These are lots by Pegasus, the walls are by Jeronij, and the roads are SAM, of course.

This is a shot of the railyard, the reason for all the trees is that the current King, Padraig Stuart Raibeart III, has issued an edict that any unusable space is to be filled with either parkland or wilderness. This edict has two effects: the first is that it mollifys the envrionmentalists who were complaining about pollution and it also provides areas for the populace to gather and declare their love for the king.

The first picture of a set of three. In this picture, the Duisburg Steel Mill is under construction.

A closer shot.

And another angle.

And this is a teaser of some of what is to come. By the way, apparently when placed in line with each other and abutting another surface road, road tiles carry traffic that follows the pathing.

More of the capital city to come, including a theme park, golf course, the ACI, and the Naval Air Station (NAS Jenress).

Also to come is an honors post, but who will it be?


That's a nice update there! And great pictures! Looking forward to more...


very good to see you back in the Mding world Ds and it was a great come back at that....

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie