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Started by squidi, November 05, 2007, 07:21:14 AM

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hello dudes and welcome to my first mayor diary ever

i dont have any history or storys for you yet couse i use my time only for the LE ; D
maybe i will come later with this i was now lot editing for about 1 and a half months and fload some show us your threads with my work .
to end this i come now with my own mayor diary to show you my work

i hope you enjoy and let me pleas know what you dont like or if u have any suggestions for me; that is sometimes better than just tell it looks well or something couse it could help to make things better

the whole region of my city have a good million sims and the city i show you have now 96 k
sims and a huge co and cs demand but no demand mods are used

the map isnt finished yet its a map i modified with the terraformer and have a flat costline for a big harbour and a huge river goes through the map

.. what i want you to show is all the reloted stuff with i go through my city to relot everything and you can imagin that it needs time

..so now lets begin this

i hope u liked them 

.. now i will work for some new stuff

VV :some textures for loters


Excellent start and I really like the European feeling of it. I see you have made quite some custom lots for this and that alone deserves an applause  :thumbsup:  ... or thumbs up of course.


Great start there! And your city is looking wonderful! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...


Awesome start for sure.  I can see this becoming a classic in no time.  You have so many custom lots, I can see why it took you a month and a half.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
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It seems I was lurking this MD, bcz I have watched this earlier today but appearantly forgot to comment!

What an excellent start of an MD, aren't those hours in LE a pain? I'm just done with 2 days with the LE..I don't want to edit a lot for many days now :D

I really like the ground texture you see in the first picture. The diagonal texture gives a nice touch to the straight maxis grid, it must have taken you a lot of work editing lots to match the texture. How did you get that texture next to the streets? That's something I always wanted, to give streets/roads my own texture. (I tried editing SMPs sandstone mod, but failed...)

To make a long story short: excellent start, I'll be back for more!

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thank you for your replys that goes really fast and i didnt exept this  ;)

@ capo  ..the textures on the road side are made by rezising the lot after i have plazed it like u can do for under bridge textures thats pretty simpl if u have the right plan how you place the lots that all roads can be reached  ()what()

i now wnated to bring u my big park but the lot reached the max of values so i have to split it and come with it later  &mmm

..here a pic i allready posted a few days ago it shows my under highwaypark and i asked me if it is usefull to make a park
under the noise of a highway   .. whatever

and here a front of a trainstation


That's a nice looking picture of that highway! Great looking parks! :thumbsup:


These are fantastic pictures.  You have a great eye for detail and I think this is the new way to show a MD.  Using the LE that is.  This is a step in the direstion of making a MD as realistic as possible.

&apls &apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


thx for the answer squidi. I love the added picures, I can just look at your plazas for minutes in a row and something new catches my eye every second.

It's not easy to impress me, but you have with this start...

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Hello squidi,

Most of all , what I particularly enjoy there is that you didn't copy anything ; you're coming with your young LotEditing skill and your own ideas ... :thumbsup:

Now , you've to work to add a little more life to all this . Considering that it took me about 2 years to reach this skill level with LE , I'm truly impressed by your talent . I'll be watching eagerly at anything coming from you ... :)

Go ahead !

&apls &apls &apls

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Holy Crap!  This is amazing! 

I will be following this MD.  Excellent job squidi!


This is really cool. You've obviously spent a great deal of time working on your city's detail. That makes for great pictures. I love 'em.
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i am really happy about your visits and thanks for your comments

@ bat: du bist mit abstand der fleißigste poster hier hab vielen dank mein nachbar

@ rooker1: you are right i want to make it realistic and i have some new plans for it to bring more realistic looking city life
   thank you for your comment

@ capo: it makes me happy that i could impress you and i can tell u i visited your work today and it impressed me too. absolutly awsom your md
   sorry that i didnt found the time for a comment and thanks for your visit

@ badsim: nice to see you here and you are absolutly right about more life thats the hardest thing in my opinion cos as LE newbie its hard to have a  good idea what props u could add to get this if you maybe dont know it or can find it but i think i could use also some more amills and randomwalks
so thanks for your visit and your suggestion

@ haljacky: thanks for your comment and i wished my highways could be as crowded as yours  :thumbsup:

@calibanx: your right it took me much time to make this and thanks for your comment

i had a lot of real life work the last days so i couldnt work on the city and spent my little  freetime to the thread but i wont leave without some pics

im allready working on this park and adding it more details this will be my work for the next days

edit: it drives me crazy after splitting the park i have again passed max lot values

edit:  Yeah i learnd how to change props on the traffic network this what about time couse it was so hard to put my TE avenues together without the maxis props appearing on my avanue lots that took me always a long time and many trys
now i removed all maxis props and floras from all aveenues for all wealth an density so its my first littl avenue mod :D
and it was really simple cos all steps are explaind in a thread on this side


This is very beautiful work, a lot of things to see. I especially like the pedestrian bridge with the bicycles from your first update.


Das sind sehr schöne neue Bilder, squidi! Gutes Update! Ich freue mich auf mehr...

That are very nice new pictures, squidi! Good work! I'm looking forward to more...


Wow - I missed the start of a new MD here! Excellent. I absolute LOVE the European touch in your photo's. It's a very nice mixture of buidling that fit very nicely together in your city. The 3rd picture, with the Parisian buidlings, somehow has a very German touch.. I don't know what does that, but like it a lot! :thumbsup:
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Impressive start you've made here :thumbsup:. Good skill with the LE too. And echoing the other comments about the European feel - I agree :D

Will be keeping an eye out for this

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Quote from: squidi on November 07, 2007, 09:14:37 AM
@ capo: it makes me happy that i could impress you and i can tell u i visited your work today and it impressed me too. absolutly awsom your md sorry that i didnt found the time for a comment and thanks for your visit

No need to apologize, there are so many good MDs around that I always miss an update or two also :)

About your update:
Picture 1: The highrise buildings work well, especially the one with blocks on the corner. A lot of variety and colour in this picture, you should enter it in the picture competition.

Picture 2: I recently 'discovered' these underground parking lots as well. I know they are oldies, but the STEX is pretty big, I never saw them before. I like how you used it in this picture, the grafiti is a very nice finishing touch.

Picture 3: Aaah, very tranquile..The only thing that 'bothers' me is the pond, the colour just does not seem to fit the surroundings (wich are very nice)

Good work and a very nice update!

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Great start to CJing  :P Love the glasshouse and the parisian feel-Although i'm not sure about the first photo of the second update  &mmm
I'm back


Hi squidis,

Very nice start to your MD - You achieve some lovely results with your own lots.  My favourites are the pedestrian bridge with the bicylces and also the under-highway park - nice idea.

I look foward to more.