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Jayo's eyecandy

Started by jayo, November 08, 2007, 10:31:39 AM

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Eyecandy-extreme realisim
I brought these cj over because of high demend.etc.Please could someone delete my old one dunkirk please  &idea

Heres a new region i'm working on-its based a little bit up north near sunderland-holy island and berwick-upon-tweed  Here are some little teaser shots-by the way-i'm trying to make this look more british and less northern american-i've been experimenting with loting forests,but not yet go the result i'm looking for,due to me only being able to go on for about 5 minutes before it crashes-i still havn't solved the problem

Remmember guys-its not really based on the north east-but nearly all of the names are and the landforms


The is a map of the part of the coast i'm doing-excluding newcaste-Here are the towns i'm doing


-berwick apon tweed

^Those are the two main towns

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Alright, alright.  This looks fantastic.  I need more pics right now.
Seriously.....I know the pics are very simple, but that is what makes them so good.  I may have added a few more trees myself, but I think this looks great.
I can't wait to see what comes next.

&apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
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Incredible work  &apls
What typa filters did you use? I'm looking forward to see more.
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Wey Aye Canny Lad,

Has there been a North East MD before?   I liked what you started in Dunkirk, so am sure this will be a good one to follow.  The fields have a certain grey February feel about them - very British!

Good luck with this MD and I look forward to seeing what's next.


I agree with the other comments about the simplicity of the pics. It gives good atmosphere to them - a very winterly charm to them. Nice start look forward to what you can do in the next five minutes of play. Good luck on solving the problem :thumbsup:

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Great Job I could picture driving on that road!! ;D


That are some nice pictures there! And a great start! :thumbsup:




rooker1: Thanks for the comment
FromTheAshes: I just used paint.net .lol.I don't know much about photoshop
paroch:Thanks-My dads from up-north :)
TheTeaCat: Thanks-i doubt i will :)
sincitybaby: Thanks for the comment  :)
bat: Thanks

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Yes , Jayo , I was speaking about this CJ , now MD here  .... I'm simply in love with these pictures . To reach that level of feeling with  such bareness / destitution / simplicity  ()what() - I'm not sure of these translations for what I mean ( in french ; dénuement ) - is a feat . It's so far from my own work that I can't believe that you said in my MD that I've inspired you "immensely" ... but thanks , and in that case , inspiration come back to me like a boomerang !  ;D
Your use of trees is great , your use of Jeroni's bushes is perfect . Have many others pictures from yours in mind , the first time I saw them at Simtropolis , my fist reaction was to think that Chris' rural reneval stuff to come will find immediately one of its masters .  ;)

Thanks to share this with us here . :thumbsup:

&apls &apls &apls

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Argh it seems I was lurking again, I saw this MD and it's amazing realistic pictures but it seems I didn't leave a comment: shame on me!

I huess your title says it all: extreme realism. As I mentioned earlier, I think the pics are really nice. I'm curious how this MD is going to develop

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Update-Small mosaic

Heres a small mosaic of an area that i've been covering called chiswick-This area is very important because of the A 56 ( Which runs from sunderland to berwick all the way up to scotland and also the main branch of the area which forms as a mainline down at sunderland
There are many other branches of this line to the peak and lake disricts :)


Badsim:Yes-Thank you-I think your gonna love this update :)
capo:Thank you-Well theres gonna be development-Everybody loves a bit of that :)

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yeah as you said this is a extremely eyecandy MD... excellent work!!  &apls an inspiration also  ;)


Nice new picture there! Looking forward to more...


It looks so desolate (in a good way)


Update-First proper update for my new region

Heblem: Thanks heblem-Yes,i love your CJ :)
bat:Thanks-It took me quite a while to make that mosaic ;)
sincitybaby:Thanks sincitybaby :)

I don't get hardly as much comments as over at SC4D  :P


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Oh my god this is just unbelievable &apls
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This is the most sophisticated work I've ever seen ... everything seems new there , that's magical .
Great work with these jestarr props (kind of fences) along the RHW . :thumbsup:

"Desolate in a good way " like said sincitybaby ... that's the the word I was searching for . A bit too much now ; there's absolutely no one , no car , no animal in these meadows .... we just can wonder that have happened . I wonder too how you can reach that visual effect , which part of photoshoping and , amazingly , how your jpeg compression (looking at the low size of your pictures in Ko ) is serving that effect ...

Great great work .

&apls &apls &apls

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Brilliantly done, Jayo. 

I love the way you've got away from the normal look of an SC4 lot and especially like the way you've presented gascooker's houses.  Are you creating everything on transparent base textures - just using overlays and props?

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You layout is stunning, the only thing I'd suggest is possibly spreading the houses out just a little to give it a little more of a country feel. Other than that, simply beautiful &apls

I've never seen those guardrails around the highway before, mind if I ask where they came from?
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You may have meant to search for Houdini. (result of searching for XiahouDun on SC4D)

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I'm not sure if I've said this before, but the fences are facing the wrong way on the RHW. If someone crashed into them, they'd shred the wooden supports to bits.

Nonetheless, I love how this looks. Maybe throw in some older British houses from the 1600s, or would that not suit?

These guardrails, Xia, I believe come from one of Jestarr's prop packs.
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