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March 21, 2023, 10:49:22 AM

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BigBerta - Officially dead :(

Started by bigberta, November 22, 2007, 01:21:21 AM

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All right, im back!
It's been a while... Let's not get into why it's been a while :) Bottom line is, I'm back!

Ok, this MD will be kind of a mixed bag. I'm trying lots of different things. Lately I've been building another European themed city, but in the future I hope to share some of my other projects.

Don't expect this to be regularly updated... I will update when I have the time and right now, there is a severe lack of time...
That being said, I hope I will have the time to update this more frequently in the future.

So, without further ado, I bring you the first pictures (these make heavy use of prepos diagonals):

Ok, that's it for this time. Bye for now


It's great to see so many diagonal lots together.  :)

I especially like the 2nd pic, there are so many different angles there, nicely planned and executed  :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more




The pictures are very nice and it seems you put a lot of time into this. However I do feel that I'm missing a background story of this town...

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Thats a great start to your MD, I really like your use of diagonals and the courtyards in the middle of some of them!  &apls


          I'm going to send you my eye doctor's bill, because that eye candy is eroding my retinas!!  :D Beautiful shots. Your editing skills are pretty good too. It would be nice to have some background though (don't mind me jumping on your bandwagon, capo) Keep up the excellent work.
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Great pictures, and beauftifull city Bigberta. I agree with the guys above me ( ;))  that a little more info with them would give it just a bit more than just a showcase - for example tell us why you made a corner like you did, or how the pics fix in a larger planning of your city.
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Great work on the diagonals! Wonderful pictures! :thumbsup:
Also great to see you back!


Big Berta!So funny!!Theprepo's bats are so fantastic, you use it with flavour ( i hope you undertand me)
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Update 1

Well, I have the day off :D That gives me the time I so desperately need to update this MD.

Since so many of you want a background story to the pictures, I'll try to provide you with one.

The city I'm currently working on is a european city. I'm going for a northern/central european feeling (not necessarily swedish :))
It was named Clinton (after my dog actually) and is located on a plain with a river running trough it (much like the city I currently live in by the way, Örebro). It is divided into south and north side by the river running through the city centre.
It is primarily a commercial center, although it has it's fair share of industry (will be covered in a future update).
It is an old city, built in the typical european wall-to-wall style. Because of it's old age, the commercial buildings are mostly dual-purpose buildings, housing both stores/offices and residents. As a result, there is no real commercial center. It is scattered over the central parts of the city.
Lately some of the older buildings have had to make way for more modern comercial ones. This gives a mixture of old and new in some parts of the city.
It has a reasonably developed subway- and bus-system.

The first update was focused on residential neighbourhoods jsut outside the city center.
This second update shows similar areas, but also shows the hospital and parts of the city center.

The hospital, situated on the northern shore of the river

The avenue on the bottom is one of the main roads in the city. This particular avenue runs from west to east on the northern side of the river. There are many popular shops along the road and it's especially popular among the rich. Actually the neighbourhood in general is a rich one.
You can also see a park where the rich people get their game on :)

Somewhat similar to the previous picture. This is on the south side. It also features an avenue that runs from west to east, but this is mostly a residential area. The basketball courts in the park indicate that this area might not be as rich. But don't be fooled... This is one of the oldest parts of the city and it is very popular among the rich.

That concludes this update, hope you enjoyed it.


Great update.  I reallylike your use of the diagonal buildings.  Now I just wish someone would make some more North American looking ones.   ;)
If I could make one suggestion, it would be for you to get your self a side walk modd.  It would get rid of the different colour sidewlks.  jeronij and SFBT have made really good ones.  Check them out when you have a chance.  I use jeronij's if you want to look at my MD.
Anyways, great work and I'll be following this one.

&apls &apls

Robin   :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Fantastic first update there, Bigberta! Great work on that city!! :thumbsup:


Really good!!I love!!So beautiful! &apls
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Hi, bigberta. I really like your clever use of diagonals. It's going to be a pleasure to watch this MD develop.

Until next time...


Teaser - suburbs

It's update time again. This will just be a teaser I'm afraid, only two pictures.
The pictures are the first of hopefully many depicting suburbs in the city of Clinton.

But first..


rooker1 - Thanks for your nice comments. I too wish there were more american style diagonals available. I guess we'll just have to keep hoping :) About the sidewalks; I use jeronij street side mod as well, but I still get differnet sidewalk textures. Any ideas?

bat - Thank you :) Kind as always.

Adept2Rock - Thanks, I'm really glad you like it.

Jmouse - Hey, I'm not that clever :) but I'm glad you like it. I hope you enjoy this small update too. Thanks.

And now, the pictures:

Shot of a suburb in the south of the city. This area is more or less an update of the area that won me my first (and so far only) entry in the picture competition hall of fame. One of the main roads runs from north to south just outside the left edge of this picture.

The same area, but a different angle

Ok, like i said, this is just a teaser. Another real update will be coming soon.


Snyggt! Var fick du de vita lägenhetshusen med rött tak ifrån?  :thumbsup:


Great two pictures there! Nice using of the bicycle paths! :thumbsup:


Very realistic pictures of any European suburb. I can name you two area's in my hometown that almost look exactly like you build them, very good work, I'm really impressed.

I also very much like the choice of your buildings, of many I wonder where you got them from...

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very realistic pictures, I like it a lot!  :thumbsup:


Väldigt fin användning av de nya diagonala husen och kontrasten i bilderna är perfekt, bra jobbat :)


I really like Clinton even though I haven't seen quite enough to decide exactly why. For now, it's just very inviting and looks like a place I'd love to visit.

Until next time...