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March 21, 2023, 10:23:36 AM

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Indianapolis, IN (scaled and zoned accurately as possible) (Update 12/9/07)

Started by debutterfly, December 07, 2007, 08:34:47 AM

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Table of Contents

Page    Link to Update
1       |Intro (12/7/07) (See Below)
         |Update 1 (12/8/07)
         |Update 2 (12/9/07)

This is still the same attempt at Indianapolis that I started over at Simtropolis. I can start you out with some teasers of the progress I've done so far. I am zoning the town as it is in real life and the roads are to scale. If anyone has any BATs of Indianapolis buildings, feel free to share them with me. I have been playing SC4 for at least 3 years and in the past have played SC3K. I love road accuracy because if your transportation system doesn't look accurate, then you cannot zone accurately. Also, I am currently awaiting TLA, OWR, and AVE modds. So in the meantime I have had to make due. You will see how I've done that In my more recent photos. Well watch and enjoy! ;)

I-65/I-70 Stretch. As you can see there is major rezoning going on done by me to be more accurate.

Downtown. Monument Circle. Anyone have a BAT for the Soldiers & Sailors Monument?

Lilly Corporate Center.

Here's a transportation map of what I have done so far.

Here's a regular view.

These are just a few of the developed areas that have been rezoned.
Here's a link to the Indianapolis DOP. This is where I'm getting my zoning info from. GIS General Viewer


Good luck! Will be interesting to see a remake of Indianapolis here  :thumbsup:
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Intresting to say the most and i will be following this closely here Debutterfly

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Wonderful start there, debutterfly! Also a fantastic region overview and transportation map! :thumbsup:


Ok - So I see you have added some pictures to your first post now.

Good work on that highway sections, it looks very realistic. And the transportation map showing the is painfully prooving how much time you have spent there: with great result. It' s looks like an exact map of te central metro area.  :thumbsup:

I want to give you one advise though: download some of Jestarr's industrial lots from the LEX. The industrial area that you zoned is just not so realistic in my opinion...
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Very Cool. I live in Bloomington 50 miles south IN 37 or Harding Street. :thumbsup:


This update is quick and to the point. I have done some perfecting of Monument Circle but nothing too dramatic. The construction site of Lucas Oil Stadium has been done. The stadium itself is near completion. It is set to open for the 2008-2009 NFL season. Some expanding of roads and creating creeks as well as terraforming of the White River has been done south of the Downtown area. To show how far east I have gone without zoning there is a picture for you. Try out past Emerson to Ritter Avenue. It's the weekend and there's nothing to do besides perfect Indianapolis. I have finals on Wednesday and Thursday so expect another quicky before then.

Here's the new streets and roads I laid today.

This one shows you Pleasant Run and Bean Creek which will soon be connected to the newly terraformed section of the White River. It's easier terraforming on your own scale than a premade map.

This shows the extent of how far east I have gone. Noticed that I haven't zoned in that area. There's a reason. Roads first then zone.

This one is of the construction site of Lucas Oil Stadium. Yes the infastructure of the stadium is complete and I am not a BATer so if anyone wants to BAT a better version they can. ;) Just send me the lot.

This shows plopable water that now form Pleasant Run and Bean Creek going into it.

Now for comments.

Pat- Thank you. :thumbsup:

bat- Thank you again.  ()stsfd()\

Shiftred- Thank you for your support.

sebes- Thanks. I am currently downloading jestarr's lots and I'm sort of hesitant of installing the CAM. I started building this region before it came out. Look to see more variety of industrial lots the next update.  ;) It takes awhile to install and check the dependencies. Try 35-45 minutes straight. :'( Download. Install and Repeat. :P

Look forward for more development and expansion. Remember, rather get things done right than having to redo everything.  :D


This will be majorly great if you can hang in there over the time it will take to complete such a massive project.  You're getting good suggestions, and you've picked a very workable place from a terrain standpoint.  I have great memories of Indy- I used to get up there fairly often from my grandparents' farm near Worthington when I'd spend my high school summers detasseling corn [linkie].

I'll be watching this with interest.  Good luck!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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cool updates...really like the overviews and the trans map is great!!



Well here's another update...The next few days will be scarce since I will be studying for finals.  /wrrd%& Anyway, I started to lay the roads in Beech Grove today. Also, I am almost done zoning the area south of Washington Street to I-70 and from the White River to the I-65/I-70 stretch. My commercial demand is through the floor. Basically I have not gotten much out of downtown with zoning commercial. Hence, nothing commercial will grow, yet. Here's the pics of the expansion and rezoned areas. Hope you like them.

This shows the expansion heading toward Beech Grove.

Here's some new industry with a variety of buildings. It's just east of I-65/I-70 and south of Washington Street.

Here's a changed Monument circle. I added places like hotels and restaraunts. Still a work in progress.

This is a view of some homes just north of the I-65/I-70 southbound split.

The ever so changing Lilly Corporate Center with some of jestarr's industrial lots growing.

Here is the I-65/I-70 southbound split. I had to figure out a way that i could have a triple layer stack for the middle of the interchange. Buddybud's underpasses did the trick.

This is an area that will soon be rezoned. Located at the intersection of Prospect, Shelby, and Virginia.

Now for comments.  ;)

dedgren- Thanks, I'll try to keep you guys with updates as often as I play. ;) This means you won't see as dramatic changes as you will on other MDs. And I have been continuously working on this since July.  ()stsfd() Just never got around to updating my CJ at ST. SC4D is a lot cozier than ST.  :P

superlado!- Thanks, I really like to see overviews because it shows more of what is happening around instead of just one thing in particular.

bat- Glad you like it. I just downloaded plopable water just a week ago. Don't know how to build land bridges though, but they wouldn't be real long.

Keep watching for more progress.  ;)


I love the newly added industries. The difference in the new industry section (your first picture this update) and the existing Lilly Corp Center is in my opinion telling a story of indeed some hours of downloading!
In my opinion: time well spent! The result is great, isn't it?
Don't be affraid to do some re-zoning in the Lilly area (hold down the CRTL key when zoning) for some larger bats.

I'll stay tuned for more progress my friend!  :thumbsup:

Check my MD:               


Looking good! I can't wait to see how the Indy Motor Speedway comes out ;D


Looking very good and im sorry i missed the last update but at least i made it in here for this one!!! see you next update - pat

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Nice new update there! And great picture of the traffic view! Also the others are nice! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to more...


Great pictures.  That traffic map is terrific.  Keep up with this, you have great potential here.