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March 26, 2023, 03:28:56 PM

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England, That Green and pleasant land!

Started by callbat, December 08, 2007, 07:21:49 PM

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Hello everyone!
This is my first ever post to SC4d after lurking around here for some time....well..enjoy :thumbsup:

This thread is an Eyecandy CJ thats main purpouse will be to recreate Britain....but mostly England  ;D
Ive already started, and I hope you all enjoy.

For my first project, I would like to recreate different areas around London, If youd like to see your borough/town please PM me at ST or post a reply in one of my threads at ST :)
Please do leave recommendations.....Id love to recreate your hometown ;)
Well, here we go.

Piccadilly Circus:
hehehe, kind of messy ;)

A farther away picture:

Belgravia is located right next to some of the most famous london landmarks including:
Buckingham Palace
The Houses of Parliament
Westminster Abbey
and much more...
Belgravia is a great place to take a sunday walk and enjoy the ambience and the architectural beauty of the Georgian me, I know from experience :thumbsup:

Belgrave Road:

Warwick Way, usually the path for tourists who just arrived at Victoria Station who are looking for their Hotles hehe:

Lambeth is a great place to go...theres the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Palace...etc.

In this picture...the imperial war museum is just out of view:

Heres a close-up:

Balham, Part One
I say Part One because Balham will be the subject of the next few updates to come  ;) where I used to live, so I should be able to recreate it FAIRLY well from memories..(no pictures hehehe)

Heres an area near Balham Station,which serves both the Underground and National Rail:

Hehehe, the street names are for reference. Also, if you live here (I said I USED to live here)
please help me improve on this ;D:

Another shot, one of the street names is incorrect:

And one last shot, on the other side of Belgrave High Road:

East London

Not so glamourous....but equally as architecturally stunning to me....
The East London line of the London Underground is mostly on sub-surface track:

Chinese laundromat? Not when you can do it yourself in your backyard!:

Thank you for reading :) Another update soon!


Looks great, I love the way you use rail in your recreation.
Nice to see you're using red telephone booths and the underground/busing logo's  :thumbsup:
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Whoa, you pictures look very realistic! :thumbsup:
Could you tell me where you found the sandy, red tenniscourt?


Wonderful start there! And some very nice places, too! :thumbsup:


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Very very nice pictures. I have been to London on several occasions and I recognize so many of the typical english style buildings in your MD. Good work on the layout of the roads and eye-candy details, yes I think I will keep following this MD. I really like what I see here...

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Good old Britania!

Lovely start of your MD.
This holds a promiss for some wonderfull cities :)

Your favorite "deliciously deviant" Empire is Back after a 2 month pause

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London-Jayo's recreation

I am also in this project(joint project)

I haven't got very far-I'm doing callbats area at the mome,Balham and such.
Heres a sneak peak-I'm doing it road by road,street by street,house by house.

Attention to callbat-I'll post this on simtrop as soon as i can get on to site,having some probs  :'(

just like the old days,eh?
Non simtropolians won't get the above joke  :thumbsup:
Also question for callbat-Where do you live now  :P I could give some details about balham because i live near there-Very near-West norwood infact  ()stsfd()

I'm back



Jayo- I live in San Diego, California ;D

Well, ive been very busy this week, but ive found some time to make some more Balham areas......some of the street names might be wrong, but I dont think so.....sorry....Im kinda in a rush right now as I type  ;D

these pictures are only about a block due north from the last pictures:

Also, a map so you know where Wandsworth (the borough in which Balham is located) is within london:

Balham is mostly within the london borough of is an inner London suburb containing many victorian terraced houses now prized as family homes (and one of them is mine....YES!! :thumbsup:)

And london within England:

(yeah! its that big!)

you should orientate yourself from there  ;)


Excellent MD, callbat.

I've visited London a few times as my father is a native and you've got it right.

I'm looking forward to more transportation and some commercial centers.



Nice new pictures! And that block is looking very nice! :thumbsup:


Safe callbat  :D

Hey guys-I'm busty working on some custom lots for tooting beck common-Callbat-I can provide you with pictures of local area's and the city  ()stsfd() Are you going to come back to england eventually?
I'm back


Jayo- cant wait to see those lots :thumbsup:! and yes, ill be back in England but not very soon.. &mmm


awesome pics...those are really cool downtown area and residentials!!


Ok everyone, sorry for not updateing, i've been very busy and i'm also a bit lazy at times :P.

but anyway, heres high Barnet:

this is the area near High Barnet high street and the High Barnet London Underground Station:

High Barnet Tube (subway) Station:

It is very far-off from the inner city, so the line transferred to above-ground track a long ways back

Heres High Barnet on the London Underground map:

Heres a view from High Barnet High Street:

Heres some of the endless suburban homes, there are less Victorian terraced homes here, these are far-out suburbs,very far away from the city centre:

Its the edge of London, from suburban sprawl to the endless countryside of Hertfordshire:

A final birds eye view shot:

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas!


Great new update there! And wonderful work!

Merry Christmas to you, too.


Hey Callbat - nice MD you got going here. 

First of all a big well done on differentiating Balham from Barnet.  You've done that well - the more closely packed terraced victorian homes of South London compared to the 1930's to 1960's larger homes found up in Barnet.  I know that near High Barnet there are maybe a few more small blocks of flats - but other than that it's VERY good.

And East London and Belgravia are good recreations too.  I'm a West Ham fan, so East London has a special place in my heart - I'd love to see a recreation of the area around Upton Park  ;)

My only negative point would be Piccadilly Circus.  The small UK shops you've used are not really at home there.  The architecture near there is much more "grand", you have some of the right buildings, need just a few more to replace the smaller shops.  And it would be good to actually see the circus itself.  You'll need plenty of tourists taking photos next to the Eros statue!!!

I work at Oxford Circus and have customers all over (mainly) Central London, so know the West End very well (My MD is even called West End, although is not a recreation of it) - if you need any reference point, or up to date pictures just PM me and I'll see what I can do.

I look forward to following this with interest.

All the best,



great job, i really like those neighboorhoods!


bat: thank you mate  :thumbsup:

paroch:Thanks you so much! Upton Park would be great to recreat mate, except i've go lots of pending requests already so it may be a while, hope you understand  :thumbsup:. yes I knew something wasn't right about piccadilly circus from the start..except theres no "grand" London city-centre type lots on the LEX or STEX or anywhere so as you can very well see I've had to improvise a lot.
But hopefuly my good friend jayo will BAT us some wonderful stuff soon. Thank you so much I hope to see ya around mate ;D

nexis: thank you  :)