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Lysandares => The come back with pictures and maps

Started by Adriano57, February 02, 2007, 04:07:46 PM

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Hi ! I am very proud to show you my city Lysandares because this site is really formidable. I know, I must improve my English. Some photos of my city;

I hope you enjoy them.


Very beautiful... Just awesome photos! I like the style you use with the bridges and seawalls. I never thought of using the seawalls that high over the rivers!

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i love the vanderaap houses!! ( i use them a lot myself!)
i love the snowie pic's! and the way you are using "green" in your city is amazing!!

great job!
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Very beautiful work! As someone already pointed out, your work with the bridges and the seawalls is very good! I'll be looking forward to the next update!


wonderful pictures, great graphics! great start! :thumbsup:


I love the snow! I dont think I've ever seen snow done so well in SC4. Your city is also very well done; you've got the one modern pic and the other european style pics, a nice contrast. I would love an aerial view!


Great pictures. I absolute love the one above the concert-stage..so pitoresque. VERY Dutch too!  &apls
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Great start Adriano57 :thumbsup: Very beautiful city!! I love the elevated rail!

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Hm. Shouldn't these pictures be posted in this forum?

Ah no, it IS SimCity. Gosh  ??? I rarely look into MDs... but this... is top notch  &apls


Another superb start for a MD.

Don't worry about your English, my friend.  Your pics speak far louder than any words.

Good luck!

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I am happy to see Lysandares on SC4D. Great start mon ami ;)


This is a great start Adriano  :thumbsup:

Welcome to SC4D and keep the pics coming  ;D ¡¡¡
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Great looking presentation and wonderful shots of your city Lysandares


Thanks to all  for your visiting and for your nice comments. Glad you like it ! I am very flattered because there are famous members here like Jeronij and others !

nedalezz ; Thanks for your comment ! My region is still in construction. I would post an picture as soon as I improve it.

Air6 ; merci beaucoup, content de te retrouver sur ce site !

Other images of Lysandares to you !


C'est étonnant comme ces BATs ne m'ont pas encore attiré individuellement , quand je voies l'ensemble que tu as créée avec ... quelle beauté !

I knew this city since a few months ...amazing mix of BATs , colorful , peaceful ... with some of your own stuff . I love your style . &apls , welcome to Lysandares on SC4Devotion ! :thumbsup:

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Merci Badsim, venant de toi c'est flatteur !

Badsim, thanks for your positive comments on my pictures, it's very flattering coming from you.


Really great pictures, I always like it when people use the dutch stuff and I LOVE it when they do it as great as you did. Great job on Ménélas and Ancilla  :thumbsup:


Adriano, Lysandares is stunningly beautiful!  I love the Dutch buildings, the canals and GLR!  So very European! :thumbsup:
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Great update, I love the European feel!!

I've never seen the park on the 6th picture...  Is that an original creation, or did you get it from somewhere else?

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awesome pics. great job ;D can't wait for more
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