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Started by Pat Riot, January 01, 2008, 08:25:15 AM

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Pat Riot

The Republic of Chelmsford
by Pat Riot (patriots_1228)
An Adrian Union Member

Welcome to my gazillionth CJ! Now this one can't fail, mostly because if it fails, i'm not allowed to start any more new MD's here at Devotion. So, keep your fingers crossed! Now, if you recall, I had a pretty successful well-liked MD in Tropicana. Tropicana was fun to do, but, after joining the Adrian Union,  I realized it wasn't fit for a union. So I started working on chelmsford. My initial vision-An industrial powerful country with a mix of european and american. As always, it came out more like the second one. Some things different from my other CJ/MDs

-No Maxis growing! I installed a maxis blocker for residential and commercial.
-More industry. I have done what, one industrial area so far in my life?
-Better Skyline. Im starting to learn W2W skyscrapers aren't very realistic.
-Better Transit-this city actually functions well.

Now, the first thing you'll think when you read this MD is "What the hell?". So, a friendly warning. These pictures are covered in graphics. If you replaced all the graphics with sports images, you'd have what my bedroom looked like in 4th grade. I have the one with the title, author, I have a pic description graphic on the top, if theres any extra info, I will add it in on the left (like the movie theater pic below). Also, any logos or symbols I put on the right. complicated?

Here are some things that will be common-

Weather Reports-
each update will usually feature a "Weather on the 8's" from a local channel.

Building Infos-again, an example being the movie theater. Whats  going on and when in the building.

Transit Facts-
for highways, stations, etc.

Organization Information-see the EU picture for an example. Basically, information on a group.

well, thats just to give you an idea, I'm sure I will come up with more. Another thing, I make a lot of Random references to things like south park episodes, so, at the end of the update, there is a section called "Links", where I will post links to all those things. after the thing, there will be a number, for example-(1). Go to the links, and find (1). Click that, and you are at your destination!

The Chelms Empire

The first great civilization to come up in Chelmsford was the mighty Chelms Empire. The empire began as a group of united local villages. Soon, they elected a king, and began to grow. After a series of local wars, they controlled much of northern chelmsford. An economy powered by farming allowed them to trade for new technologies of the time, and eventually began to conquer the wealthier more populated areas of southern chelmsford. By the year 1478, The Chelms Empire controlled much of nothern Adria. They began expanding their campaign into europe in the 1500s, but after an unsuccessful campaign to attack France, they backed out of Europe and returned to Adria. Worried about the advancements of the world, King Randy the II launched a campaign to began colonies in the New World. In 1634, 3 Colonies, Elsbury (named after the empires capital), New Adria, and Welk (named after a City in Chelms) were formed. The colonies, located in Oregon, lasted up until after the French and Indian War (seven years war). The British, after booting out France, want to get rid of all the other smaller colonies, so it then take Spain on 1 on 1. After 10 years of battle, the British finally returned from the West Coast, having defeated the colonies. The British's planned attack on Spain never materialized, due to problems with their own colonies.

The downfall of the Empire, the beginning of a New Nation

Back in Chelms, an industrial awakening began. On of the first nations to develop a modern industry, Chelms began to build mills and factories. They produced 100 Heavy Cannons in 1745, and prepared to launch a campaign to control all of Adria. (Barring any changes to this story from union members) Chelms had controlled 95 percent of Adria. However, Solomon, tired of seeing it's allies get kicked around, joined the battle in 1801. A rebellion by Adria, coupled with the mighty military of Solomon, crippled the empire. It dissolved in 1809. after 30 years of poverty and disease, Elsbury's factories began to awake again. by 1856, Elsbury and 10 other "City-states" began to flourish. The wealth generated from their industrial allowed them to catch up with what they had missed. Soon, they were healthier, wealthier cities. On August 6th, 1878, The 11 Cities united. The 11 Cities and their surrounding areas would form "The Republic of Chelmsford".

After 50 years, Chelmsford took its current shape it has today.

(map provided by the adrian union)

This is your go-to spot for info on Chelmsford.


Coat of Arms

"never covet or fear"

Name-The Republic of Chelmsford
Parties-Republic, Democratic
President-Joshua Beckett
VP-Jonathan Papelbon
more coming

Table Of Contents

Update one!

Dog the Bounty Hunter works here because he will only work in white buildings (1). This is the whitest city block in the world. I garuntee.

crap photoshopping, It's what im here for! No wait, i might be thinkin of the wrong pic....who knows...

FYI, its Patriots themed, not america themed. Elsbury University, on of the cities numerous universities.

I named this because this place looks ghettoish, and lawrence is the biggest ghetto in mass. On the bright side, it comes with extra graphics and repeated subway stations!

basically, get some more of this stuff tonight, and I have an extended winter break tommorow. This area makes we think of the bronx(2), but 90% less suck, 100% more awesome, and NO DAMN YANKEES.

Did I mention the Red Sox(3) have won 2 world series this millenium and the yankees none? O yea, the only good movie theater BAT(4) right here.

Today-Snowy, -3 degrees celsius.

I know this update lacks the usual good jokes, im just tired...




Looks promising, interesting concept, hope it is going to pay off :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


After what, nine journals/diaries, you've improved through each one and this is the culmination of your work. I like the ice picture. Especially the fact there are two foot icicles going through the curb. :P Keep it coming dude, the use of Art Deco is refreshing for a big Euro Country.
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splendid presentation! I like much I will follow prone with joy  :thumbsup:
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Presentation is great, I actually read it  ;D
City building so far is looking great and photoshopping is good and "realistic" when it comes to weather. Only bad things are that there are no overviews and streets are dead. Where are all cars and people?  ()what()

MD of '08  &apls


 &apls &aplsVery good start. I like the effect of your pics. Looking forward :thumbsup:


Interesting start Pat.  I actually live in the borough of Chelmsford, so just had to check this one out (so if you need Chelmsford related names, just let me know ;)).  Good luck with the MD - I liked Tropicana, so I'm sure you'll have a great one here too.

Pat Riot

topcliff-lol, thanks.

warconstruct-thank you

Krio-thank you very much, Pond animal (:D). No overviews because i havnt developed much. City is not dead! its just sleeping :p

kimcar-thank you.

paroch-thanks, this is actually named after chelmsford massachusetts (A town right next to mine), but I suppose that chelmsford was named after your chelmsford.

Originally I had a few New Years Pics, but I can't find the others! I must of accidentally deleted them when I was removing some old pics from my folder. So here is a quick teaser from the new years celebrations in downtown chelmsford.

Unfortuantly, I was all hyped up from a week of vacation slashed constant mountain dew intake, so i thought it was real funny to put stars in the sky. of course now, it ruins the pic, but still, enjoy the fireworks.


Ooh, pwetty . . . nice PSing dude. You seem to like throwing lots of random BATs together to form your downtowns. Very spontaneous, I like it. Later dude.
Best movie of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If you disagree, Cameron will send your car over a cliff.

Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.


Fantastic start there, Pat Riot!
And you have there wonderful pictures of your city!!
Looking forward to more...


nice fireworks my friend be safe when crossing street do not trust bears who offer candy ~krio~

Pat Riot

Topcliff-Im Sorry? Nice Pissing? lol jk :p thanks
bat-thank you
krio-I'd shoot that bear in the face like a satanic woodland critter called "berry bear". Thanks!

It's not Dead! Its Sleeping...

I figured that would be an appropriate title, considering the people and cars seem to have dissapeared. Anyway, you guys are in for a treat, I've managed to obtian images from this city building game called simcity4.

Those stats are off the top of my head. Chances are thats too expensive. This is named after Alewife Station on the Boston T, mianly because its farther away from downtown and probably smells like crap. All we need now is some rundown strip bars/bowling alleys. "Bowl a strike and get a free lapdance!"

I named this Boston Avenue because its fricken awesome. It splits the ghetto from the suburbs. The Curious George Park is voted "Most Dangerous Childrens Area" because some times bullets and criminals from the ghetto make there way to the other side.

A large portion of downtown and the skyline. Not complete yet. It's so hard to pick which building gets the lens glare! Speaking of glare, you guys should have seen my triple offensive rebound today...incredible...

This is where one of our friends goes to get cake (inside joke).

Did I mention for the first time in ever two massachusetts quarterbacks will play in an NFL playoff game? yea, odd that the ghetto makes me think of that.

Jestarr (BSC batter) must be good with the ladies because i think goobers gas station is blushing. In other words, why is it so freaking red?

Ahh! triple AAA baseball...nothing like a bunch of 19 year old steroid users playing baseball in front of 1,000 people crowds. (Waits for a Rivercats lecture from Leo).

The History Network. Can we get any lamer?
Black and White is a great excuse for undeveloped land  ;D

This is from a THN Documentary about Chelmsfords Industrial Revolution. The President of Chelmsford was caught illegally filming Americas industrial signals and was fined 500,000$ and docked 1 military draft ticket.

New Journal, same old weather man. The snow continues in Chelmsford. Meanwhile, Mike Rotch practices his voodoo with hopes of bringing back I.P. Freely back from the dead. Holy Crap, I just recreated 5 Gum in photoshop. That 5 looks just like it!

Damn was I in the zone on those captions or what? please don't post what.


Very good upate, jokes were funny and ghettos are great. Best ghettos for long time  :thumbsup:

Pat Riot

Krio-As only commentor you win title of "Best Devotion Member Ever".

(Strip) Tease(r)

heres the first pic from the southern portion of downtown. It will contain the water front, end of canal, government area, and southern portion of the skyline, including the tallest buildings in Chelmsford thus far, The Patriot Twin Towers.

heres a pic of my development so far.


Oh no , i miss some update . Shame on me . sos sorry. As for your work , still very good . I like your presentation . Very good idea the Jestarr ave &apls &apls. Keep up your great work. :thumbsup:


Good update. I like the bowling alley part. They just got themselves a new customer! Kidding.
Best movie of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If you disagree, Cameron will send your car over a cliff.

Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.

Shadow Assassin

Very nice city building... but the graphics just are too... garish, and take away too much from the picture. So maybe tone it down with the general, everyday sort of graphics... they take up too much of the image, that's for sure.
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Wonderful update there! And great overview of the city so far! :thumbsup:

Pat Riot

kimcar-thanks. shame on you. Sit in the corner and wear a dunce cap for the rest of the day :D And well, jestarr ave/jestarr being good with the ladies joke was an obvious idea, not a good one, because, someone so good with the machines and industrys has to be eqquipped, right?

Topcliff-alright, just don't bring PacMan Jones with ya. thanks

shadow-no can do. Graphics are how we roll. without them, Chelmsfords like a lamborgini without wheels.


Lets try to Avoid Deadly Virus's This Time

originally, i was going to post this update wednesday, but, i got a dangerous virus, spent five hours fixing it, and was too exhausted to post an update after that. anyway, here it is now.

I invented a new captian crunch slogan when i titled this pic.


Did some more stuff round the downtown or as the europeans say, CBD (thats so lame and unoriginal)

Yep. Thats right. Im shoving my country in your face. $%#Ninj2

I really wish I could have seen the WTC before they went down...beautiful buildings.  :(

nothin much to say here...my finger hurts...

named after south station in boston, cause, its south, and its frikin awesome. Nothing messes together like japanese architecture in an american style downtown...its as good a pair as britney spears and babies or pacman jones and strippers.

you knew the day I made a big deal out of cheese graters was coming. This avenue is stainless steel and can grate cheese. You may want to avoid driving on it, it could cut up your car.

not to be confused with embassy suites hotels.

Smog? Pollution? nope. Britney just enter a smoking zone.

Who turned off the lights?

This city is dead because they are all on the internet reading my CJ (aka I havnt hit the people button yet.)


Too funny.  :D

Good work as always.  ;)