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March 24, 2023, 02:40:10 AM

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Welcome to Condor Bay

Started by Masochist, January 01, 2008, 06:50:37 PM

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I found this in my attic recently while trying to get rid of incriminating evidence.  Apparently it's the lost logbook of some older relative of mine, who was an explorer.  He was the one who founded the city that I will document here.  I'll let you guys have a look at the relevent stuff.

The log of Capt. Pierce
March 2nd

We have entered into unfamiliar territory now.  Traveling east, gliding the small strip of land between tall hills and serene ocean, we find that the body of water known as Willow Bay has cut into the land ahead of us.  The grass around here is green, but not as fertile as the lands up north. might be fit for settling.  Tonight we have set up camp at the base of a tall hill.  Tomorrow we shall round the mountain and find out what the water has done to this land.  We suspect it is a fjord.

The log of Capt. Pierce
March 3rd

The morning has produced a fine dew and fair weather.  Today we rounded the mountain...and what a wonderous sight we beheld!  The inlet of water splits the hills as a canoe splits the river.  The body is not a fjord as previously assumed, but it is instead a bay into which an old, wide river empties into.  Surrounding this water is an almost too-perfectly shaped valley framed by hills higher than even those under whose shadow we camped last night.  The team has voted to name it Pierce Valley, but I don't like the sound of it.  Besides...I already have a valley named after me.

I have no images of the entire valley yet, but I do have one of the foothills on the otherside of the large hill we camped near.

I have finally made a composite panorama shot of the valley from the top of the hill.  I start looking towards the Northwest corner and end looking East.  Because I was able to make this shot from there, I have decided to call this particular formation Valley Vista Hill.

[Panorama Shot]
(Warning: 15 MB .gif!!!)

It reminds me that I still need to name this great land...but it will come to me in due time.

The log of Capt. Pierce
March 4th

Today I have left the campsite on my own to explore the other side of the river.  I am particularly interested in the tall mountains to the Northeast.  They seem to draw me to them...

I have discovered a valley in the midst of the tall mountains in the NE part of the region.  The valley seems to show signs of glacial geomorphology: the mountains surrounding it are horseshoe-shaped, and rather jagged.  It is among the most beautiful natural sights I have ever witnessed:

An amzing thing happend as I was exploring this mountainous region: I viewed what I believe to be the extremely rare Condor bird.  I have never seen such a thing so majestic in my life (and I have viewed many things). 

The creature inspired me so much that I have finally decided on a name for the region: Condor Valley.  The bay shall be called Condor Bay.  This small valley that I have found shall be known as Ace Valley, which is what I first said when I first spied the condor (and what I have unofficially named it).  The river and this mountain (which I believe to be the tallest in the region) shall also share this name.  I will spend the night here...I want to soak it in.

The log of Capt. Pierce
March 4th

I have climed one of the mountains that separates Ace Valley from Condor Valley.  It was a tough climb, but the view was worth it:

I am ready to rejoin the camp to continue exploring and surveying the land.  It appears as though our prayers have finally been answered and we have at last found a land ripe for settling.

The log of Capt. Pierce
April 7th

We have finished surveying the land and have officially decided to settle.  We pondered on a name; it was suggested that it be Fjordville (as Clark still swears that it is a fjord, though he has never rounded the mountain), but we have chosen a slight alternative: Fordville.

We have taken a rather unique approach to building this establishment: we will build a port first to help bring in goods and resources, and build the town around it.  Mrs. Sinclaire has generously offered to fund our endevour, expensive as it will surely be.  I already have a vision of it...we will dig out the low-lying coast here next to Valley Vista Hill and form the land to our needs...

We will take this beautiful land from small port to bustling urban area.  The team has thusfar looked to me for guidance and leadership...I will not disappoint them in leading us into the future.  Fordville will be a city on the hill, a shining example for all others to follow!  This is my vision...this is my dream....

And the rest is history.  No, it's not, because you haven't seen anything yet.  But hey, at least my Terraformer pictures didn't go to waste...;).  And yes...there's no sense of timing in this at all.  Oh, well %wrd.

As it was, Capt. Pierce threw down a small port...and after a while it was demolished and a huge, modern port was built in its place.  It was the new port that attracted the least, that's how I tell it.  Because that's where I started to build...:P.

I'll go ahead and tell you that this MD doesn't have a real story to it other than me building the city from nothing to something.  It's actually a recreation...but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I'll give you a proper introduction and such next time...until then, consider this banner a teaser:

Happy New Years, everyone!
(Under Construction)


Looks great dude. The Terraformer pics are an interesting touch. Is that really an old relative of yours? If I tried to recreate my ancestry in SC4, well, it wouldn't last long since 90% of my family disappeared crossing the Missourii when it was frozen in winter. Interesting city teaser, I like the use of that building. I've never been a big fan, but you make it look good. Happy New Year to you to. Later.
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Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.


Welcome to the MD game, Isaac!

And I must say that you're off to a magnificent start here! I love the concept that you're working with, and I'm definitely eager to follow along with the story you've started. And the region looks great in the Terraformer, too!

Take care!



splendid area! I like much how you proceeded by stage and your térraforming is excellent  &apls
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So you DID start your MD ...  ;)

Landscaping looks nice. But I hope we will see not only some nice seddlement of all kind but also a decent traffic network with lost of railway (you should know me by now ...)

Take care and don't forget to make backups

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


The region is very realistic. I wait to see the development of the port  :thumbsup:


Great to see you here! ;)

And wonderful region there! Also a nice start! :thumbsup:
Looking forward to the development!


Well would y'all look at this? [/texan drawl]
Looks like Isaac has come to see what happens when he starts an MD. If I'm going t give an impression based on that first update (and I am, its inescapable  :P) I would say this has a lot of potential. Although you say...
Quote...this MD doesn't have a real story to it...
...I can imagine, from the intro story, that we're going to see some interesting little side-stories along the way. I'm rambling now, so I'll stop, but I'll just say that it all looks pretty good to me  :thumbsup:.



This is one that I'm looking forward to watching grow.  Map looks GREAT!    I'll put this on my "watch" list. 


It's always fun to start a new map and city.



My apologies for not replying earlier.  I tried to post a few days ago, but I ended up getting caught up in going back to school (which I'm still caught up in).  But I didn't want to wait any longer, so I'll take some time to give you guys an introduction.  But first!:

Nope!  If Capt. Pierce is an actual ancestor of mine, I definitely don't know about it $%Grinno$%!  I just made him up for the sake of a!  But thanks for your comment about my teaser...hopefully when you see where it comes from, you'll be a bit more impressed.  But that's for another day...;)

Thank you for the welcome!  I'm glad you liked the story...unfortunately, I don't have much more of a story planned for this.  That was simply a...segue, I suppose, to this introduction.  Thanks for the comment, though!

Thanks!  I'm glad you liked that aspect...I kinda do to :D!

Yes, I did!  And I hope you're satisfied with some of the traffic patterns I have planned.  Maybe, maybe not.  I'll try and add more rails for your sake...;).  And I'll remember to make backups.  Thanks for coming by!

Thank you!  Don't won't have to wait too long ;)

It's good to be here!  Thanks for the welcome...and development will come shortly, don't worry!

LOL, nice Texan least you spelled y'all right, unlike 95% of Texans ::).  I'm glad you see potential in this will motivate me to try some new things.  I do want to throw in some side stories here and there, little snippets of city life.  To tell the truth, I don't think that simply the development of this city alone will be anything extraordinary.  Then again...I may be wrong ;).  Thanks, though, for the kind comments!

Heh, thank you!  For stopping by, that is.  And for your get to see how the map came around pretty soon.  And by pretty soon, I mean RIGHT NOW ;D!

FORDVILLE - A Proper Introduction
Hmmm...I may have to shrink the size of these banners...

All right!  So now I suppose I get to give you guys the inside scoop on how Condor Valley and Fordville came to be. starts with a guy named RubnerWayne Rubner.  Wayne Rubner is the mayor who made the stunning city [Newport Bay on SC3K].  I downloaded it from, altered it a bit (put a river up the middle and made a horseshoe of mountains, deleted all the developments), and began work on Fordville.  Here're some pictures from SC3K Fordville:


Ace Mountain State Park

The Seaport

A church on a mountain

The University

And I'll show more as I go on...;)

Well...when I got SC4 Deluxe, I wanted to recreate my SC3K cities, since I worked so long on them.  Power City and Fordville were the most aesthetically pleasing out of all of them, so I thought I'd choose one of those (and as Power City is much larger than Fordville, I chose that one first).  Almost all of the pictures you've seen from me since I started in this community have come from Power City.  After a while, however, the city became sort of stagnate, and I tried building a new city.  Next up in line was Fordville.

I tried to terraform the region multiple times.  The first attempt was huge...and terrible.  Some might actually remember the second attempt...if not, here're a couple of pictures for you:

That one was coming along nicely...until I made it around the hill.  That's when I realized that the scale of the region was much too big for what I had planned; it measured out to a standard region: 16 large cities arranged in a 4x4 grid.  For one city with about 550,000 people.  Too big for I had go back to the drawing board again &mmm.

Now I'm trying with this region I have here.  I terraformed the region basically the same as the larger one...but this one's only the size of 2x2 large cities, and there's only 1 large city in the thing (the rest are medium).  So's a pretty small region.  It might even be too small, but we'll see.  Here's an overview...these pictures are kind of large because I want to show you some of the details:

That's the region.  That's Condor Valley, Condor Bay, Ace Mountain, Ace Valley, (Valley) Vista Hill, Crystal Rock Mt., etc.  And here's an overview with those certain named topographic features on it:

So the city of Fordville, as it was in SC3KU, will be built around and between these features.  Here's an overview of my plan for the city itself:

The planned freeway network.  Whether those will be the only freeways or not remains to be seen...although if there are any additional freeways, they'll probably be RHW's...

The planned zoning layout.  The blank spaces are blank for a reason.  The black spaces are parts of the city that I'm not quite sure what to do with yet...we'll see, though, right?

Hmmm...what else?  &idea

Ahh, yes!  Within Fordville are areas that I will take special notice and build carefully and with much planning.  These projects will be pretty heavily documented throughout their development (except for the first one), and they will have LOTS and LOTS of pictures devoted to them (judging by the one I just got done with...).  I have seven planned...there may be a couple more depending on what happens:

Some of them are obvious, a couple of them may not be so.  The first one is, of course, the seaport.  One more thing: be prepared in this CJ for lots of things to have either Condor, Ace, or Fordville in their names.

Okay...if you read any of the above, you might remember that I said that I had another city (Power City), and that most of pictures I posted (including all of the CBD ones) came from that city.  So maybe you're wondering why it never got a CJ...or why this one is my very first one.  Well, the reason is that I play SC4 waaaaay too sporadically to be able to update regularly.  I've also never been a frequent visitor to the City Journals forum.  I don't follow any CJ too rigorously (with the exception of any of Aleking's); in fact, it was only last week that I made my first post dedgren's great project.  Suffice it to say, City Journals and Mayor's Diaries have never really been "my thing."

I'm trying to change all of that with Condor Bay.  I'm hoping that this Mayor's Diary will motivate me to play the game to stay ahead of updates and to be able to give teasers, and that posting here will give me initiative to visit other people's Diaries and Journals and see what they have cooking.  That...and I want to see if I can use as much of the 2 GB of plugins I've downloaded as I can.  I've got a few Maxis zones blocked (thanks to Dusktrooper), so we'll see how it works...we'll see if I can do it ;). If I may be a bit self depreciative for a second, however, I wouldn't really expect too much from this Journal...there may be a few pretty pictures, but I doubt there'll be anything you haven't seen before.  Still...never know ;)

So there's your introduction.  Hopefully I don't ever post an update that straightforward again (I'd rather spice it up a bit); still, I hope you enjoyed it.  As I said earlier, the Seaport's the very first thing to be built in the city.  Most of you have probably already seen pictures of it...but I'll show 'em again ;-).  And even before that update, I'd like to thank emilin for his amazing [Seaport Tutorial] (without which that seaport would've never come to fruition)!'s a teaser, eh?:

I'll try not to make the next update so late in coming.  Thanks for reading!  See you next time!
(Under Construction)


Fantastic first update here, Isaac!

I love the contrast between the SC3K cities and your transformation of it into SC4! And don't worry about the region being too small, you can concentrate more on the details than on trying to grow the entire region this way.

Your freeway system looks like it will be set up nicely, too, so I'll be looking forward to seeing it come together, as well as the proposed development you've ironed out!

Keep up the good work here, my friend!



wow nice start to your MD masochist!!! cant wait to see how this turns out!  :thumbsup:
Plaza Mall Project
Coming Soon to the LEX!

NAM Team
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everything looks soo perfectly planed, looking forward for more, take care  ;)


Isaac, whoa!  A great story, really nice terraforming, well written- and fun to boot.

I think you've got something going here.

Good luck, my friend.

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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very beautiful area and the charts of zones are very well made!  &apls &apls
the urbanization will not be easy on the second image  $%Grinno$%

hasten to see the continuation!  ;)
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nova vesfalo

love the idea of "recreation" a SC3's city ! Can't wait to see the developement ! You had an hard work to do !



thundercrack83 -
Thanks!  So far, if you can believe this, every new city I've done on SC4 is a recreation of one I've done on SC3KU.  Well...almost all of them.  The ones that aren't also happen to be my worst...:-[.  Still...I hope this ends up coming out as I want it.  That freeway system was ripped straight from SC3KU, as well :P!  There are a couple of add-ons, but mostly it's the same.  I do hope you enjoy what I have today!

Filasimo -
Ahh, I see you've found it!  I'm hoping it comes out all right, as well :P.  Thanks for stopping by!

dedgren -
Thanks for the compliments!  I'm hoping it turns into something worthwhile...but only time will tell (and I may play a part in it, too).  I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

warconstruct -
Welcome back!  I'm glad you like the maps I took me a while to do the one of the zones.  When you said "second image," did you mean the second image of the entire post (the SC3K downtown picture) or the second image of the SC4 pictures (the street layout of the suburbs).  If you meant the first one, then yeah, it'll be tough!  That little peninsula is huge in this region...I don't know if I'll be able to cover the entire thing with Commerce.

If you mean the second one, well, developing that hill was pretty hard to get just right, but you can see the result in the fifth picture of that group.  Unfortunately...that trial of this region is dormant.  I'm working on this smaller one now.

I do hope you stop by again!

nova vesfalo -
LOL!  That's all I do in this game is recreate cities I made on SC3K.  None of my successful cities are original... $%Grinno$%.  Yeah...lots of hard work ahead of me.  Hopefully I can make it through.  Thanks for stopping by!

PROJECT ONE (1) - Fordville International Seaport
Warning - LOTS O' PICTURES follow!

Welcome to the first official update of Condor Bay ;D!  Before I start, I'd like to reiterate what I said in the previous update. 

The first five SC4 pictures I showcased in the previous update are from a now-defunct trial of this city.  That region was much too large for me to build I started this much smaller one.  I showed those pictures just to give an idea as to what I was trying to do with Fordville...but you probably won't see any more pictures from that trial again.  This one is a brand new try, and hopefully it will be much more successful.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

As promised, this one will deal with the very first of the seven-or-so proposed projects of Condor Bay: the seaport.  Here's what it looked like in SC3KU:

...and this is how I prepared for it in SC4:

Heh heh...nice!  I suppose this would be the spot to tell everyone that I had never ever done a stylized seaport in SC4 before this one.  Never even attempted one.  Oh, I've seen plenty of pictures before, and I had all of SOMY's stuff just in case, but it never happened.  Needless to say, I had no idea how to go about it.  "Where to even start, eh?  Well...maybe there are tutorials?  Search, search, search...'Building a Seaport (The Hard Way)'?  What's this?"  I clicked...

And then my eyes were opened :o.

emilin created what is, in my opinion, a contender for the "Most Informative Single-Subject Tutorial," right up there with phillippbo's BAT tutorial on ST.  The tutorial, if you haven't seen it, comes complete with two or three full posts of information BEFORE you actually start building in SC4; things like links to seaport-related props and lots, Google Earth pictures of real-life ports, and a lot of knowledge about the structure and layout of ports from someone who has lived around ports his entire life...basically everything that I needed to build this thing in confidence.  So yes...emilin, thank you so much ;D!

emilin's tutorial can be found [by clicking here].

Armed with the info that guy provided, I realized that my current proposed seaport was unbelievably I reworked it a bit.  Here's what it looks like now (as seen in the SC4 Terraformer pictures, as I took those recently...there are other foreshadows in those pictures, as well ;)):

A little better, maybe?  The arms are thinner and longer, and there's more coastline for more ports and such.  This looks like a good place to throw down a seaport...yeah!  So I got to work:

Hmmm...look at all that abandonment!  Left the game running without a powerplant....

As you can see in the picture, I started out experimenting how I wanted to juxtapose different BAT'ers ports.  In this one picture alone you can see SOMY, Pegasus, and fukuda.  I already figured that PEG would dominate the port because his ports are the most customizable, and look the best when used over long stretches of coastline. 

I wasn't too happy with this strange jumble of SOMY I got rid of the blue ones right there.  I also wasn't too happy with the breakwater piece there, so I got rid of it after a while.  I did really want to use SOMY's gigantic fishing harbour, though...but where to put it?  Hmmm....:-\

One thing I tried to do during all of this was figure out my rail network...because what's a port without a rail network %wrd?  I have that huge railyard there, and I love it!  The rail network you see up there isn't the final network, changes quite a bit. progress report:

I just don't learn, do I?

Here, more of SOMY's stuff makes its debut...including that fishing harbor (dressed in "Dilapidation Black" for the occasion).  Also, jeronij pops on the scene with his seawalls and  maritime control tower...which is called the Emilin Maritime Control Tower.  Peg's ports have filled in the corner there.  I start to throw down filler: NOB's pipes provide nice looking space-wasters, as well as Peg's canals-turned-pools (as per emilin's suggestion).  Something I didn't mention above is that Newman Inc.'s industrial lots are up, and I love how the rail runs under the overhanging parts of the buildings.

So I do a bit more work, a bit more filling, and a bit more cleaning up, and...:

This could be considered the "beta" version of the seaport, I suppose.  Not much will change after this from this part.  You can see I finally finished the westside of the port (which is on the edge of the region, so those who complain that the seaport is too small: that ain't all of it  ).  I increased the amount of Peg's canals on that arm of the port, and I filled in the rest of the space with small container stacks.

This is the seaport with a better view of the rest of the town.  The big empty area in the Northwest corner there will be a nice, large industrial area, and the coastline on the Eastside with the cliffs will be a beach.

"But what about that big empty area on the opposite side of the port?"'ll find out in a moment  .  Right now, it's time for me to shut up and deliver those LOTS O' PICTURES I promised....

The Pegasus arm

I love how that ship can magically go through the seaport like that...

The big red tower.  There's another picture of it further down...

Lots of open water here...

I think this might be my favorite arm of the port...

I just love the way that rail goes under the silos!

Nice railyard...with the rec harbour in view already.  Oops. border.  And a bit of the rec harbor again...oops.

I gotta take it on the other side...

...the other side, of course, being the other side of the harbor.  It just so happened to be my luck that as I was making this seaport, PEG was releasing his reworked CSK Marina kit, and I was collecting them.  This presented me with an opportunity to use quite a number of them, as well as plenty of pieces that I've always wanted to use but never really found a place to before (such as Goldiva's Yacht Club and Marrast's seawalls).  I don't have any progressive pictures to show (lucky you), so instead, you just get the entire shebang right here and now:

The whole recreational harbor...harbour...however it's spelled in your neck of the world

Focusing on PEG's stuff (that's not the last you'll see of it here...)

Goldiva's Yacht Club.  I've always wanted to use this...

Hmm...another one with no border...

Night mod!!!

The teaser from the last update

I like the trees...

The seaport after this point:

Notice how the entrance to the seaport on the Southwest side is a bit wider than before.  Fukuda suggested I do I did.  I think it looks a lot better :thumbsup:...but it also helped emphasize something else that irked me a bit.

My eyes kept getting drawn to SOMY's cranes on the water.  I lined them up all in a row, but they weren't meant to be like that because there are cranes on the side facing the shore, as well (which have no use if those land connectors get in the way.  So I fixed it a bit...:

Which one do you like better: the row of cranes, or the separated ones?  Please let me know...thanks!

I've also got some edited photos of the seaport for you:

The Big Red Tower

Emilin Tower In focus

Sunset on the Pier (as seen in the Picture Contest)

Whew!  That was intense!  I've got a few remaining pictures for you:

Where the heck are these rail and street textures???  I should have all the dependencies for this lot, and yet...*sigh* guys aren't supposed to see those houses yet...%wrd

That is, obviously, a lighthouse for the inner part of the rec port. 

And for the grand finale:

The completed seaport as it looks today, complete with SAM-textured parking lots and SOMY/Jeronij cargo ships.

And finally, you get two teasers for the next update:

So to recap...

I used emilin's Seaport Tutorial to guide me in making my very first seaport.  I used the following people's stuff to actually build it:

-Newman Inc.
(If I missed you, kindly let me know!)

...and the next update will be me building the rest of that town.  It'll come after a while...I'll let this one sink in, first.

And there you go!  This update is officially done!!!  I hope you enjoyed it!

Just to let you guys know, most updates (hopefully) won't have this many pictures.  Only the special projects (like this one) will be as graphically heavy.  Just to let you know...

Also, I really appreciate all those who leave comments and replies in here!  I'm trying to get better at returning the favor if you have a Mayor's Diary.  Thing is, the internet in my dorm room, for some reason, cuts off five minutes after I turn my computer on.  To even post this post, I have to hurry up and get to this site, copy my update from ST, try and fix it up to work here, save the entire thing to my desktop, then restart my computer so I can fill in the missing pictures.  Obviously an ordeal right now until I can get someone to help me fix it.  Even still...I'll try and visit you guys more often.

Congratulations!  You made it to the end...stay tuned for the next update, eh?  Thanks for reading!
(Under Construction)


Na, not too much pictures but if you put in more than 4 or 5 pictures you really should consider numbering them. Makes it way easier for us to ask, suggest or comment and for you to answer ...  ;)

I really like that comparison to SC3K even though I began SC3K rather late - I played SC2K for a really loooong time and it seems that SC4 may overtake SC2K eventually ...

I like that harbour. I am not very good at making harbour - I grew up in the blackforrest far away from the next sea and never had a relation to river harbours even though there are some really big ones along the Rhine.

For that lost textures at the intermodal station I would suggest replopping it. I had a similar glitch with some other railway stations and replopping solved it.

But I would redo the railway design shown by the teaser pic. Way to much RR crossings and those half circles at the junctions are just ugly IMHO

Take care

Bernhard  :thumbsup:


wow excels port!!  &apls &apls I like much, and this effect on the sight with foreground is splendid!
yes I spoke about second image SC4, very well the development very is successful!

hasten to see the third MAJS!  :thumbsup:
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Province of Zillerthal (2014)
Port Aux Captes (2009-2011)
Province of Trieste (2006-2010)
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 :thumbsup: &apls

Isaac wonderful Im soo happy you finaly kicked off a MD and seeing such wonderful pics that you have had in the compition its great to see where they come from!!!  BTW what is that Lot you showed, I wouldnt mind having it even though with the missing rail textures and road textures, which i could easly fix for ya's  ;)

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie