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March 26, 2023, 03:05:07 PM

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Started by iamgoingtoeatyou, January 19, 2008, 06:56:52 AM

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It's been a few months since I restarted my EYECANDY project over at Simtropolis, and with a green light from the administrators, I decided to bring my journal back to sc4devotion. I started a new thread to keep things better organized, to keep the old thread from overloading with mosaics, and to have a clean fresh start :) Don't worry though, nothing is changed from the old thread. I will continue posting each update as a single shot mosaic, showing a large section of my cities. I will create random cities based in ones in real life, Some more realistic than others. Make sure to check back, as I will try to update very regularly. The table of contents will also be updated as a new update is posted, with the hyperlink to the update (as soon as I learn to do this, hehe.), to make finding the mosaics easier! I hope you all enjoy, I'll be happy to hear your comments and suggestions. - 1/19/08


1/19/08 - THE BIG CITY



2/1/08 - THE TOWERS

2/11/08 - INTO THE NIGHT










6/7/08 - EL PUEBLO

6/12/08 - THE SQUARE



MOSAIC UPDATE 1 - 1/19/08



That looks awesome!!

Love all the taxis!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Sim City 4 Devotion


Great to see you back!

And wonderful new start there! Beautiful mosaic! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...

Pat Riot

dissapointed you didnt name it iCandy. Still the same old good shiz from hot dogs though! Nathans must be so proud of you  ;D


Great to see Eyc in SC4D!  :thumbsup: nice picture  ;)


That is just amazing. The changes between big and small buildings make it look very very realistic. Just WOW

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


you relotted all of that??? wow./
NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Looks great dude. I remember all my trips to Rockefeller Center, and it all looks great. Hehe, the only real thing missing is a little PSed Dean & Deluca on the corner there. Keep it up!  :thumbsup:
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wow it is a very beautiful city, I like much these taxis yellow  ;D I am in a hurry to see the continuation  :thumbsup:
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Looks great so far!  :thumbsup:

I know you don't usually do it, but it would be very cool to see an overview picture.


Cool mosaic. Lots of variety in your buildings. I look forward to more nice shots.


Glad to see your mosaïc showcase here Iamgoingtoeatyou. I am looking forward to more of your great stuff being posted  :satisfied:
Check my MD:               


UPDATE 2 - 1/24/08

a tutorial by ilikehotdogsalot

Hey guys, I made a How to make a mosaic tutorial in April earlier this year, and since then the tutorial has helped many of my good friends and members who hadn't touched photoshopped at all since they had bought the software. I decided to give the tutorial a whole makeover, with new information that I didn't have in the first tutorial. I hope you all enjoy this second version, It may look time consuming, but it really only takes 5 minutes, I just tend to write a lot of information

: This tutorial is intended for beginners - experts, basically everyone. You only need basic knowledge on how photoshop works.

STEP 1: Open your Simcity 4 game, and load up the city tile you wish to photograph.

STEP 2: Once your city tile is opened, minimize Simcity 4 [do this by pressing the ESC and CTRL keys at the same time]. This should take you back to your desktop.

STEP 3: Open up Photoshop, [I will be using Version CS2].

STEP 4: Create a new document. Depending on your computer's resolution [the size of your monitor], The size of your document will be different than mine. My monitor is 1208 by 1024 pixels, so I will be creating a document size 1208 by 10241 pixels [you don't want the length to be too short or else some of your pictures may not fit]. ex.) If your computer's resolution is 800 x 600, You want to make a 800 x 6001 document.

STEP 5: Now that your photoshop document is all ready, Head back into Simcity 4.

: Photograph the area in Simcity 4 by pressing the PRT SCR SYSRq key located in the top right section of your keyboard. This key will photograph your whole screen, so make sure you have the pause and menu hidden!

STEP 7: Now that you have your first picture for your mosaic photographed, Minimize Simcity 4 [press ESC + CTRL keys at the same time].

STEP 8: Head into your Photoshop Document.

STEP 9: Press CTRL + V at the same time [the shortcut for the paste option], and your picture that you have just taken in Simcity 4 should appear in your Photoshop Document. Sorry for the small picture.

Congratulations! You've taken your first picture for your mosaic! That wasn't so hard, eh?

STEP 10: Head back into your Simcity 4 game to take the second picture of your mosaic. Now, to do this correctly, only move your arrow keys up or down, do NOT move them left or right, as this will cause the 2nd picture to mis-align with the first. Use your judgment on whether you're going to far down or up, as this will also cause the pictures to misallign, if you make a mistake, just head back into the game and try again [to take a picture, you press the Prt Scr SysRQ key, mentioned earlier in the tutorial].

STEP 11: Now that you have sucessfully taken the second picture of your mosaic, Minimize Simcity 4 [Press ESC + CTRL keys at the same time].

STEP 12: Head back into your Photoshop document.

STEP 13: Press CTRL + V key at the same time to paste your screenshot into your document. You will notice that a new layer will be created. Layer 1 = Your first picture, Layer 2 = Your second picture, Layer 3 = Your third picture, and so on...

STEP 14: If you want to do more pictures for your mosaic, Simply follow the steps I have mentioned above. I will take one more photograph and paste it into Photoshop to finish off this mosaic, but you can do as many as you'd like. This picture will be Layer 3.

STEP 15: Now that you have all your pictures ready and set to go in photoshop, We will begin aligning the separate pictures to create the mosaic effect.

: Select Layer 2 and move it up with the arrow keys so that it aligns perfectly with Layer 1.

STEP 17: Do the same with Layer 3, and move it up with the arrow keys so that it alligns perfectly with Layer 2. Here's what it should look like when completed:

Great! We're done with aligning, and now have a great looking mosaic!

STEP 18: Select the Marquee Tool and select the entire mosaic area like I have done below.

STEP 19: Do the command EDIT > COPY MERGED. This copies all 3 layers of your mosaic.

STEP 20: Make a new document in Photoshop, and press CTRL + V [the paste command], and you should have your mosaic nice and neat in one layer.

You did your first mosaic! Now is the time where you can do all your photoshop work, adding color, borders, etc.

QUICK NOTE: These next steps are MANDATORY if you wish to post your mosaic in Simtropolis, but OPTIONAL if you wish to post your mosaic in SC4devotion and other simcity 4 fansites.

STEP 21: Select Image > Image Size from the toolbar, and change the Width to 800, leave the Height alone though.

Now we will be breaking down the mosaics into different picture pieces so they abide by Simtropolis' 800 x 600 image limit.

STEP 22: Press CTRL + R at the same time, and you should notice a ruler appear.

STEP 23: Select the Marquee Tool, and in the menu you should notice a small feature named Style: [drop down box] Select 'Fixed Size' from this box. Next to it, There is a width and height feature with two fill in boxes. Put in 800 on Width, and 600 on Length.

This feature makes a 800 x 600 [750 x 600 in my case] marquee box, which allows you to seperate your mosaics into many different 800 x 600 seperate pictures.

Now, Remember the ruler tool I mentioned earlier? For this step, Click on it, and drag it down with your mouse. This should bring out the guiding ruler. This will help you decide where to put your next marquee box so all your pictures align again.

STEP 24: Drag the guiding line tool to the bottom of the marquee box, and then let go of the mouse. This should make a blue line on the bottom of the marquee box like shown below.

This blue line will guide you on where to put your next marquee box, and is extremely helpful for this separating process.

Now that the area you want to separate it marqueed, It's time to copy and paste it into a new document.

STEP 25: Do CTRL + C [copy command] to copy the marqueed area.

: Create a new document.

STEP 27: Press CTRL + V to paste the copied area into your new document.

There you go, You separated the first part of mosaic! It may be tricky at first, but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it'll take no longer than a few seconds

STEP 28: Go back to your mosaic document.

: Click with the marquee tool selected on right under the blue line, and it should make a marquee box. You can move the marquee box up or down with the mouse to make sure it aligns with the blue line

: Repeat steps 25 - 27.

STEP 31: For the third and final picture, just repeat steps 28-30

STEP 32: Once all your pictures are all seperated, save each one by doing the command File > Save as...This will trigger the popup box that allows you to save, I assume you all know how to save an image

Make sure to save it as a .JPG so IE users in Simtropolis are able to view the pictures.

STEP 33: When the popup box comes up asking for quality number, choose 8. Too big and it'll be too large of a file size, too small and you will lose a lot of quality in the picture.

STEP 34: Upload your images to or any other image hosting website of your choice.

: Click 'Reply' on the topic you wish to post your mosaic in, and put in the mosaic images like shown below:

STEP 36: Click 'Reply to Topic' and you're DONE!

Hope you guys liked this tutorial! Drop by a comment or PM if you have any questions!


Alfred.Jones: Thank you for stopping by, happy you liked the first update!

bat: Thanks :)

Pat Riot: Haha, I left it Icandy at the other thread for a few days to get some people confused :P

Heblem: Hi Heblem, Thank you very much for stopping by!

star.torturer: Thank you Joe, I'm happy you liked the NYC style update!

mightygoose: Haha, nah. I cheated a little with some of mjig's mod magic :P

TopCliff: Thanks! I love Rockefeller Center too :)

warconstruct: Thank you! I'm glad you liked all the taxis! More updates soon ;D

Mulefisk: Thank you for stopping by! Not sure if I'm going to make an overview picture in this journal because I want to keep it a mosaic format, but we'll see if that changes.

bobinator: Thank you!

sebes: Thanks sebes, nice to see you here!


Excellent tutorial. You could put it in the Tutorial section too. Anyways, Rockefeller Center is awesome. One time, when I was waiting outside the bathrooms on the concourse below the building, I thought I saw Jon Stewart walk by. Well, lokk forward to an update. Later dude.
Best movie of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If you disagree, Cameron will send your car over a cliff.

Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.

Pat Riot

recycling tutorials, eh?  ;D

very well written and helpful ketchup&mustard


More good news! :thumbsup:

I really enjoyed the other "Eyecandy" journal and this looks just as promising. And I also like the taxis a lot.

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Wonderful tutorial there!! :thumbsup: Looking forward to more of EYECANDY here! ;)


Not sure how this one got by me.  Good to see that you are going to start this one here again.  I always thought your mosaics were awesome and I really missed them when you closed your MD.  Thanks for the tutorial.  You know I still haven't tried to do a mosaic of my own city.  I think I will give this a try this weekend.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Good tuto, very well explained and detail, I'm sure you can put it in the tutorial section

Remember that SC4D allow unlimited height image, so there are part of the tutorial unneeded for here, but still applicable for others sites

And if you have photoshop, there is the 'Photomerge' option which will do all the job for you ( File/Autmoate/Photomerge )

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