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Eagle Island

Started by Cockatoo-210893, January 20, 2008, 07:13:59 PM

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Yep, I'm starting this up here at SC4D!

National Park

by Cockatoo

I've had this project over at ST for a while now, but I've decided to start posting this CJ/ MD over here too because of the fact that you can post larger pictures here... which is awesome, and because I'm trying to become a little more active on these great forums that you guys have set up here.  :thumbsup:

If you want to see all the previous pictures and get the full outline of this project so far, then you can head over to the original CJ ---> Eagle Island on Simtropolis
If not then here's the original introduction and some selected pictures from the first six updates. From now on, all updates will be posted here, as well as on ST, but this version will have the full sized images.....

Eagle Island National Park is the name of the region I've been developing over the past month, the map is actually made from a real life area somewhere in Canada but I've decided to make this a fictional region (not another re-creation). The basic theme of the MD is Canadian / North American styled cities with mountainous terrain and a temperate climate.

Franklin sound is a large U shaped lake in the middle of 2 protected mountain ranges and the inlet, Franklin Sound Inlet is where this MD begins. Built at the end of the Eagle Passage River, Franklin Sound Inlet is the largest city in the entire (mostly semi-rural or un-developed) region. It consists of a small central business district and a port which would be the main way to import and export goods in and out of Franklin sound. Most of Franklin Sound is protected by its national park status but the immediate area surrounding the inlet is allowed for development. Here's your first look at the region, the development in the bottom left hand corner is Franklin Sound Inlet and in this photo you can see the western half of the sound. Hopefully I'll be able to create more townships around the inlet and the edge of the outer edges sound as the project continues.

And here's some of my favorite images from updates one-six, all taken from the Franklin Sound Inlet CBD area and it's outskirts... yea, these ones have just been copied in from the ST version, but the future updates will take advantage of being able to post larger images. ;)

Thanks for looking guys, I'll have some more updates ready very soon!  :thumbsup:

•UPDATE ONE  Assorted Images of 1-6  21st JANUARY 2008•
•UPDATE TWO  Satelite CBD Part Two  23rd JANUARY 2008•
•UPDATE THREE  Satelite CBD Part Three  27th JANUARY 2008•
•UPDATE FOUR  SC4D Exclusive: Eagle Island Floods  2nd FEBRUARY 2008•
•UPDATE FIVE  SC4D Exclusive: Eagle Island Floods Part Two  3rd FEBRUARY 2008•
•UPDATE SIX  Hammond Port Part One  8th MARCH 2008•
•UPDATE SEVEN  Hawke Bay Part One  9th APRIL 2008•
•UPDATE EIGHT  Hawke Bay at Night  14th APRIL 2008•



I am very impressed, my friend! This is absolutely extraordinary work you've got going here, and this is only your first update! I can't wait to see where things go from here!



Quite average citybuilding, without awesome photoshopping this wouldn't be good.

Edit : This is a rude comment, you're entilted to your opinion but you'll need to provide at least constructive critism which I do not find in your sentence ~Wouanagaine~

I'll change it: Average citybuilding, too many different styles in one area; like football stadium next to Gare du Nord isn't fitting at all. Same thing with Opera house in the pic where Capitol Records Tower is, the Tower fits perfectly and looks great with photoshopping but opera house is  &mmm. Highways and trees looks very good, atleast your city has life - thing which is missing from most of the MDs.


I think the city building is above awesome.  I thought everything was very well thought out and executed perfectly.  Great work in photoshop as well, I am very envious.  I will be back to check this one out for sure.  Great job.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Excellent pictures there, Cockatoo-210893! Great start, too! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...


this must've taken forever to put together. my computer starts to have issues when I get at about that point with the level of BAT's in a area...

War Kittens !?


Whoa... I'm going to like this... so many great BATs I've never seen before.
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Nice use of the PEG marina stuff. Where'd you get that huge tan resort area? Also, that normally awkward Maxis bridge works flawlessly there. Good job, keep it up.
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I like this - ALOT :thumbsup:

The PEG marina is very well executed.

My favourite pic is the night shot of the two hotels near the highway - SUPERB.

I can see what Krio is saying about the Opera House - but only after studying the picture for a long time.  It does seem out of place next to the apartments and overlooking the freight stations - but hey, in RL there are some awesome buildings in cities in less then prime locations.

Overall I think you've shown us some brilliant pictures here and I look forward to seeing Eagle Island develop here at SC4D.

Pat Riot

photoshopping grabs my jaw and slams it to the ground. well done.

Shadow Assassin

Nice job, the composition of it all's excellent. But one thing stands out too much. The bridge approach to the bridge appears to be too steep. Perhaps you could give it a better gradient?

It looks like, though, you've made maximum possible use of the space available to you. Great work.

BTW, there's a typo in the "Eagle Island" thing below the header...
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How long have you been working on this, so much to feast the eyes on, excellent!  &apls &apls &apls
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thundercrack83:  Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked the first updates.

Krio:  Mixed styles can be a good thing. The only thing I agree with you on is that the stadium needs to go, which I've been meaning to get rid of for a while.

rooker1:  Haha, well thanks Robin, good to hear that somebody likes the city building! Again, thanks for your nice comments.

bat: Hey thanks, glad you liked the first updates.

Zaphod:  Well, if it wasn't for the Dat Packer, I'm sure my computer wouldn't be able to handle all the stuff I have installed as well as it dose. Strangely it seems all just to flow nicely though... thanks for stopping by.

flame1396:  Wow, thanks mate. So many BAT's you've never seen before? Nearly all of it is off the STEX and probably about 20% of the LEX. Only about 1% would be from other sites, so I guess you have to go looking for it! Thanks for your nice comments.

TopCliff:  Hey thanks mate. As for the 'Tan Resort Area' you're talking about, do you mean the BAT's in the fourth picture from the bottom. If so, they are Bixel's two newest BAT's on the STEX. Thanks for your nice comments also!

paroch:  Hey thanks for your comments! Glad you liked what I did with the Pegasus stuff and Bixel's hotels. As for the Opera house, you don't know just how much that has cropped up, probably the most controversial building I've ever plopped! People in the Rate one Image thread, my CJ here and at ST have complained about it, but I like it there, I think it adds a lot of character to the area so it stays and that's final. Thanks for taking the time to write out such a well thought through comment, much appreciated!

Pat Riot:  Hehe, thanks Patriots.

Shadow Assassin:  Oh sh... I suck with typos! Thanks for noticing that! You're right about the bridge too, but there's a little problem with the slope mod I have installed at the moment and for some reason it won't let me build a perfectly sloped avenue on a lesser gradient. I'm sure there's something I could do to fix it but it's really just a minor problem, and I have moar important city building to do! Also, that image was taken about a month ago, I have actually managed to make the gradient just a little shallower since then. Thanks for commenting.

Hogmeister:  I said it in the first post, about a month. I'm glad you liked it though, thanks for stopping by.


These are some beautiful images from Eagle Island, your harbour and waterfront is looking excellent.


fantastic work here, this is brilliant.... so many of those pics beling in the hall of fame .... srsly....
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 &apls &apls Al ot of nice pics you just show . Very nice looking. I don`t know wich one i prefer but for sure i`m looking forward to your work :thumbsup:


Love the pics.  You city feels old.  As said earlier excellent use of space.  I have to agree with the bridge approach being to steep.  But, i also know it sometimes can't be helped because of the elevation on the other side. 

Looks good cant wait to see more.


Really nice photos, Cockatoo-210893. :thumbsup:
That interesting map makes me think this region can be turned into something spectacular.
Overall the CBD looks good, but I especially like the area near the harbor.
The night shots are my favorite, though, and the mosaic is beautiful.

Until next time...


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I'm pushing this over to the next page for Load Time reasons.