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Table of Contents - Pages 101-150

Started by dedgren, February 19, 2008, 11:02:13 AM

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Table of Contents - Pages 101-150

      Page 101 through 110 10-20-07 - 11-29-07

      Page 111 through 120 11-29-07 - 12-28-07

      Page 121 through 130 12-28-07 - 1-14-08

      Page 131 through 140 1-14-08 - 2-13-08

      Page 141 through 150 2-13-08 - 3-1-08


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The members who've commented on a particular page are listed, with folks who left more than one comment on the page noted with "(x2)," "(x3)" and so on.  "First timers" appear in red.

Table of Contents - Page 101 through 110 10-20-07 - 11-29-07

   Page 101 10-20-07 - 10-24-07

      Welcome to Big Sky Country! 10-21-07

      Winter's here... 10-24-07

Commenters include:  kalanc69, Pat (x2), threestooges, star.torturer (x2), sc4luv2, dragonshardz (x2), freedo50, dedgren (x2), BigSlark, sc4luv2, Jmouse, Shadow Assassin, emilin, thundercrack83, and Jmouse.

   Page 102 10-24-07 - 10-28-07

      First peek at the 3RR Atlas maps 10-26-07

      Another Atlas map; Winter pics; How to keep warm 10-28-07

Commenters include:  dragonshardz (x2), rooker1, Rayden, M4346, BigSlark, Pat (x2), Yoman, threestooges (x2), mightygoose, DFire870, dedgren (x2), BigSlark, thundercrack83, burgsabre87, Jmouse, and pvarcoe.

   Page 103 10-28-07 - 10-30-07

      "Not Elected Yet" 10-29-07

      We choose a 3RR Atlas page format; BACK UP- This Means You! 10-29-07

      We refine the 3RR Atlas page format 10-30-07

Commenters include:  beskhu3epnm, Pat (x2), Jmouse (x2), threestooges (x2), dedgren (x3), wouanagaine, Tarkus, Shadow Assassin (x3), mightygoose, burgsabre87, thundercrack83, kalanc69, and bat.

   Page 104 10-30-07 - 10-31-07

      Some observations on the shared collaboration vision; Map product submission guidelines 10-30-07

      Our friend CalibanX rolls the odometer; 40K page views 10-31-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark, sc4luv2 (x2), tkirch (x2), Jmouse, Pat (x3), dragonshardz, mightygoose, Gaston, dedgren (x2), threestooges, CalibanX, M4346, rooker1, thundercrack83, and Heblem.

   Page 105 10-31-07 - 11-2-07

      It's a terrain map!- No, it's a road map!- No, it's... 10-31-07

      St. Elmo, Colorado 11-1-07

      We complete 20% of the Atlas; 3,600 pics on ImageShack; A shameless plug 11-2-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark (x2), dedgren (x3), sc4luv2 (x2), Pat (x2), Jmouse, CalibanX, M4346, Shadow Assassin, ExiLe, FrankU, Bishop Hawke, dragonshardz, meldolion, bat, and meinhosen.

   Page 106 11-2-07 - 11-4-07

      Watch this space... 11-2-07

      Northern Pike in Big Slark Lake 11-4-07

      Happy Birthday, SC4D! 11-4-07

Commenters include:  DFire870, tkirch, dedgren (x3), Jmouse, sc4luv2, freedo50, thundercrack83, dragonshardz (x2), kalanc69 (x2), Pat, mightygoose (x2), Kitsune, sebes, burgsabre87, and star.torturer.

   Page 107 11-4-07 - 11-10-07

      Winnepeg Winnipeg; Douwe House 11-5-07

      Grand River Arsenal 11-10-07
Commenters include:  Kitsune (x2), threestooges, BigSlark, Pat (x3), Jmouse (x2), dragonshardz, Yoman, mightygoose, emilin, dedgren (x2), douwe, thundercrack83, kalanc69, jayo, and CalibanX.

   Page 108 11-10-07 - 11-13-07

      "Cabining" 11-10-07

      3RR Military 11-11-07

      Black Earth teaser 11-13-07

Commenters include:  dedgren (x3), threestooges (x2), Jmouse, thundercrack83 (x2), BigSlark (x2), quackmofro, DFire870 (x2), M4346, burgsabre87, Pat, mightygoose, kalanc69, kwakelaar, and beskhu3epnm.

   Page 109 11-13-07 - 11-25-07

      Black Earth-- 3RR's "Silicon Prairie" 11-23-07

      Welcome to Hope 11-25-07
Commenters include:  Pat (x2), Schulmanator, dragonshardz (x3), JanYpe, bakerton (x2), meldolion, freedo50, dedgren (x2), threestooges, Travis, DFire870, thundercrack83, tkirch, Jmouse, and bat.

   Page 110 11-25-07 - 11-29-07

      Passing Time with Highway Signs 11-26-07

      Adding to the Atlas 11-27-07

      Finishing topo maps 11-28-07

      Nobody wants to be the X99th comment 11-30-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark (x2), Jmouse, Pat (x4), dedgren (x4), meldolion, bakerton, burgsabre87, dragonshardz (x3), bakerton, bat, and Bishop Hawke.

Table of Contents - Page 111 through 120 11-29-07 - 12-28-07

   Page 111 11-29-07- 12-3-07

      Greetings from Twin Glacier Valley 12-1-07

      Around Thunder Bay 12-2-07

      A look at Dillingham, Alaska 12-3-07

Commenters include:  bakerton (x2), BigSlark, dedgren (x3), dragonshardz (x2), freedo50, JanYpe, Jmouse (x2), meldolion, Pat (x3), star.torturer, threestooges, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 112 12-3-07 - 12-6-07

      Trying out the new transparent water 12-4-07

      Nike Site Point and the Pine Cone Islands 12-5-07

      More of Nike Site Point 12-6-07

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat, BigSlark, bwatterud, dedgren (x3), douwe, dragonshardz, emilin, FrankU, Heblem (x2), Jmouse, meldolion, Pat (x2), thundercrack83, and Yoman (x2).

   Page 113 12-6-07 - 12-10-07

      A $50 (US) pizza in Dillingham; And the 3RR Atlas rolls on... 12-7-07

      The final entry in the Atlas; Region map with Canadian/U.S. "collar" 12-10-07

Commenters include:  Andreas (x2), bakerton (x2), BigSlark, burgsabre87, dedgren (x3), dragonshardz, meldolion, Pat (x2), rooker1, sebes, Shadow Assassin, Tarkus, threestooges (x2), and thundercrack83.

   Page 114 12-10-07 - 12-13-07

      New collaboration map 12-12-07

Commenters include:  Andreas, bat (x2), burgsabre87, dedgren, dragonshardz (x3), freedo50, jplumbley, meldolion, Pat (x3), pvarcoe, Silur, thundercrack83 (x2), tkirch, and Yoman.

   Page 115 12-13-07 - 12-14-07

      Some hand-marked distances; 3RR Mileage Chart; 3RR Instamap™ 12-14-07

      Latitude and longitude 12-15-07

Commenters include:  Andreas, bakerton, Bishop Hawke, burgsabre87, dedgren (x4), dragonshardz (x2), emilin, Jmouse, kwakelaar, Pat (x3), Schulmanator, threestooges, thundercrack83, and Unkles27.

   Page 116 12-14-07 - 12-17-07

      Murphy sez, "Hi!" 12-15-07

      The 3RR Conspiracy 12-16-07

      More proof of the conspiracy... 12-17-07

Commenters include:  bat (x2), BigSlark (x2), burgsabre87, bwatterud, dedgren (x4), dragonshardz (x2), Jmouse, jplumbley, kwakelaar, Pat (x2), threestooges, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 117 12-17-07 - 12-22-07

      Buzz across the Twin Glacier Valley 12-17-07

      3RR's One Year Anniversary at SC4D! 12-20-07

      3RR Database now online 12-22-07

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat, Bishop Hawke, burgsabre87, dedgren (x3), dragonshardz (x2), Jmouse, meldolion, mightygoose, Pat (x3), Silur, threestooges (x2), and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 118 12-22-07 - 12-25-07

      A journey to Yellowstone; A Christmas present 12-24-07

      Cleaning up curves for Christmas; Merry Christmas! 12-25-07

Commenters include:  Andreas, bat, BigSlark, burgsabre87, dedgren (x4), emilin, Jmouse, meldolion, mightygoose, Owen Luby, Pat, sebes, Silur, Tarkus (x2), threestooges, and thundercrack83.

   Page 119 12-25-07 - 12-26-07

      3RR's mad scientists still at work... 12-26-07

Commenters include:  Andreas (x2), bat, BigSlark (x2), burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), freedo50 (x2), Kitsune, krbe, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), pvarcoe, Silur, threestooges, and Yoman.

   Page 120 12-26-07 - 12-28-07

      Intro to Central Pivot Irrigation (CPI) 12-26-07

      CPI textures; sick as a dog 12-27-07

      Last 3RR Exit... 12-28-07

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat, BigSlark, Bishop Hawke, dedgren (x4), douwe, dragonshardz, Jmouse, mightygoose, Pat (x2), Silur (x2), threestooges, thundercrack83 (x2), and Yoman.

Table of Contents - Page 121 through 130 12-28-07 - 1-14-08

   Page 121 12-28-07 - 12-31-07

      Table of Contents - Pages 121-130 2-7-07

      The Great Seal of 3RR 12-29-07

      Who are these 150 151 folks and why are they so special? 12-31-07

Commenters include:  BigSlark (x2), dedgren (x2), dragonshardz (x2), Jmouse (x2), keithsed, Kitsune (x2), mightygoose, Pat (x2), Shadow Assassin, Silur, threestooges, thundercrack83 (x2), and Yoman.

   Page 122 12-31-07 - 1-1-08

      No Lurking Day; Avatar Matching Contest 12-31-07

      3RR Regulars spreadsheet 1-1-08

Commenters include:  bat, BigSlark, burgsabre87, dedgren (x4), freedo50, Jmouse (x2), Masochist, pvarcoe, Silur (x3), star.torturer, Tarkus, threestooges, thundercrack83, and Yoman.

   Page 123 1-1-08 - 1-2-08

      Going off-...or back "on-topic" 1-2-08

Commenters include:  Andreas, asturianu, bakerton, bat, BigSlark, calibanX, dedgren, emilin, jayo, Jmouse, Kitsune, krbe, meldolion, rooker1, star.torturer (x2), threestooges, thundercrack83 (x2), and Unkles27.

   Page 124 1-2-08 - 1-4-08

      Closing in on 50,000 views 1-3-08

Commenters include:  Bishop Hawke, burgsabre87, CabraBuitre, dedgren, dragonshardz, Emporer Stormont, Gaston, Giligone, Heblem, jplumbley, Kitsune, mightygoose (x3), Pat (x2), petercintn, threestooges, thundercrack83, and vab423.

   Page 125 1-4-08 - 1-6-08

      Keeping an eye out for 50,000 1-4-08

      Addressing an old concern 1-5-08

      Back to the CPI farms; Adding the irrigation apparatus 1-6-08

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat, burgsabre87, dedgren (x4), dragonshardz, Filasimo, freedo50, Giligone, Jmouse, Kitsune, mightygoose (x2), Pat, rushman5, Silur, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 126 1-6-08 - 1-7-08

      Ice fog in 3RR; The Morning Commute 1-7-08

Commenters include:  allan_kuan1992, bakerton, bat, BigSlark, dedgren (x2), Giligone, jestarr (x2), Kitsune, meinhosen, mightygoose, Pat (x2), rooker1, rushman5, thundercrack83, TopCliff, Travis, and van1357.

   Page 127 1-7-08 - 1-9-08

      200 view apart 1-8-08

      Cattle Guards--Or, Proof I'm not Mr. Wizard 1-9-08

Commenters include:  Andreas, calibanX, dedgren (x2), DFire870, dragonshardz, Gaston, Giligone, girlfromverona, Kitsune (x2), mightygoose, Pat (x3), rooker1, Shadow Assassin, thundercrack83, Travis, and Yoman.

   Page 128 1-9-08 - 1-12-08

      We've got mail... 1-10-08

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat (x2), bwatterud, dedgren, Emporer Stormont, Filasimo, FrankU, Giligone, jayo, KooriSim123, Livin in Sim, mightygoose (x2), Pat, petercintn, threestooges, thundercrack83 (x2), and Yoman.

   Page 129 1-12-08 - 1-13-08

      Thirty views away 1-12-08

      50,000 page views! 1-12-08

Commenters include:  bat, BigSlark, burgsabre87, calibanX, dedgren (x2), Ennedi, Filasimo, freedo50, Jmouse, Kitsune, mightygoose, Pat, Psteverific, pvarcoe, star.torturer, thundercrack83 (x2), and vab423 (x2).

   Page 130 1-13-08 - 1-14-08

      Back to the cattle guards 1-13-08

      One more before bed. 1-14-08

Commenters include:  bat, Copperalis, dedgren (x2), emilin, Filasimo (x2), Giligone, Grneyes, Jmouse, Kitsune, krbe (x2), mightygoose, rooker1, schm0, Shadow Assassin, threestooges, and thundercrack83 (x2).

Table of Contents - Page 131 through 140 1-14-08 - 2-13-08

   Page 131 1-14-08 - 1-15-08

      Table of Contents - Page 131-140 3-1-07

      Hang-ups with the CPI farms 1-14-08

      A bit of maintenance... 1-15-08

Commenters include:  bakerton, BigSlark, dedgren (x2), dragonshardz, Filasimo, flame1396, FrankU, Grneyes (x2), Heblem, Jmouse, Kokopelli, Pat (x2), PhilsCafe, pvarcoe, rooker1, star.torturer, and Yoman.

   Page 132 1-15-08 - 1-20-08

      Sunrise over McLaren Flowage; A look at Broken Arrow Lake 1-19-07

Commenters include:  bakerton, bat, BigSlark, burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), Jmouse, mightygoose (x3), Pat (x3), quackmofro, schm0, Shadow Assassin, star.torturer, threestooges, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 133 1-20-08 - 1-21-08

      Closer on the CPIs 1-21-08

      Prairie: A 3RR Guide 1-22-08

Commenters include:  bakerton, BigSlark (x2), dedgren (x2), emilin, flame1396, FrankU, Gaston, Giligone, Grneyes, Heblem, Pat, pvarcoe, rooker1, Silur, TheTeaCat, thundercrack83, wouanagaine, and Yoman.

   Page 134 1-21-08 - 1-23-08

      CPI 101: Crop Circles 1-23-08

Commenters include:  bat, beskhu3epnm, dedgren, Filasimo, flame1396, Giligone, Grneyes, Heblem, jeronij, Jmouse, jplumbley, Kitsune, krbe, mightygoose (x2), Pat, Silur, threestooges, thundercrack83, and Yoman.

   Page 135 1-23-08 - 1-28-08

      CPI 101: Crop Circles 2 1-24-08

      Still plugging away at the CPI farms 1-27-08

      CPI farm props 1-28-08

Commenters include:  allan_kuan1992, bat (x2), BigSlark (x2), bwatterud, dedgren (x3), flame1396, Giligone, Heblem, iamgoingtoeatyou, mightygoose, Pat (x2), threestooges, thundercrack83 (x2), and Yoman.

   Page 136 1-28-08 - 1-31-08

      A thank you from Heather! 1-31-08

Commenters include:  bat (x3), dedgren, dragonshardz, Giligone, Heblem, Jmouse, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), threestooges (x2), thundercrack83 (x3), and Yoman (x3).

   Page 137 1-31-08 - 2-4-08

      Ploppable windmills?; Now that's a monitor! 2-4-08

Commenters include:  bat (x2), BigSlark, burgsabre87 (x2), dedgren (x2), emilin (x2), Filasimo, FrankU, Giligone, Kokopelli, M4346, meldolion, Pat, rooker1, star.torturer, thundercrack83, and Yoman.

   Page 138 2-4-08 - 2-8-08

      Thinking about fields and fences 2-6-08

      Still thinking bout fields and fences 2-8-08

Commenters include:  bat, Bishop Hawke, burgsabre87, bwatterud, dedgren (x2), FrankU, Giligone, Grneyes, Heblem, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), sebes, star.torturer (x2), TheTeaCat, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 139 2-8-08 - 2-10-08

      A bit of eyecandy: Where the corn is as high...; Seasonal trees 2-10-08 

Commenters include:  bat (x2), dedgren (x3), Filasimo, Giligone, girlfromverona, jayo, Jmouse, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), Shadow Assassin, star.torturer, Tarkus, TheTeaCat, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 140 2-10-08 - 2-13-08

      And the countdown begins...; Farming in the North Country 2-12-08

      More seasonal trees 2-12-08

Commenters include:  Andreas, bat (x2), BigSlark, burgsabre87, dedgren (x3), FrankU, Giligone, jayo, mightygoose, Pat, star.torturer, Tarkus, threestooges (x2), thundercrack83, and Yoman (x2).

Table of Contents - Page 141 through 150 2-13-08 - 3-1-08

   Page 141 2-13-08 - 2-15-08

      Some new seasonal trees 2-13-08

      Preserving c.p.'s seasonal trees 2-14-08

      Comin' on fall; A lotta 5s! 2-15-08

Commenters include:  bat (x2), dedgren (x4), Filasimo, Giligone (x2), jayo (x3), mightygoose (x2), Pat, rooker1, sebes, TheTeaCat, and thundercrack83 (x2).

   Page 142 2-15-08 - 2-18-08

      Welcome to some new folks! 2-16-08

      Thanks for bearing with me; Welcome to Truro 2-17-07

Commenters include:  bat (x2), bighead99999, burgsabre87, dedgren (x3), dragonshardz, Giligone (x2), Jmouse, Kokopelli, mightygoose, Pat (x2), pokestik (x2), threestooges, and thundercrack83.

   Page 143 2-18-08 - 2-19-08

      Collaboration update; Dinner with 3RR 2-18-08

      3RR flag, version 1.0 2-19-08

Commenters include:  bat, bighead99999, burgsabre87, dedgren (x2), Giligone, jayo, Jmouse, mightygoose, Pat (x2), quackmofro, rooker1 (x2), star.torturer, thundercrack83 (x3), and Travis.

   Page 144 2-19-08 - 2-20-08

      3RR flag, version 2.0 2-19-08

Commenters include:  bat, burgsabre87, callagrafx, Darmok, dedgren, dragonshardz (x2), Jmouse (x5), mightygoose, Pat (x3), thundercrack83 (x3), and Travis.

   Page 145 2-20-08 - 2-20-08

      The flag debate continues; Lookin' in... 2-20-08

Commenters include:  burgsabre87, Darmok (x3), dedgren (x2), dragonshardz, Heblem, Jmouse, Kokopelli, mightygoose, Pat (x3), pvarcoe, rooker1 (x3), thundercrack83, and vester.

   Page 146 2-20-08 - 2-22-08

      More of the flag discussion 2-21-08

Commenters include:  emilin (x3), Giligone, c.p., Darmok (x4), bat (x2), mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), dedgren, thundercrack83, Gaston, Jmouse, and rooker1

   Page 147 2-22-08 - 2-25-08

      We select our basic flag design... 2-22-08

      Police Service Areas; A little about PSAs 2-24-08

Commenters include:  dedgren (x2), Darmok, mightygoose (x2), Pat (x2), bat (x2), thundercrack83 (x2), threestooges, dragonshardz, burgsabre87 (x2), bighead99999, BigSlark, jayo, Shadow Assassin, and Haljackey

   Page 148 2-25-08 - 2-27-08

      Fire Service Areas Map; About FSAs 2-25-08

      We add Fire Service Area 11 thanks to the 3RR Fact Checkers 2-25-08

      3RR's Official Flying Mammal- Double-0 honors to our friend bat 2-26-08

Commenters include:  Yoman, Jmouse, Ennedi, bighead99999, Giligone (x2), bat (x3) dedgren (x4), TheTeaCat, thundercrack83 (x2), Pat (x2), dragonshardz, and bobvmiami

   Page 149 2-27-08 - 2-29-08

      3RR's Official Bird- Double-0 honors to our friend jayo 2-28-08

Commenters include:  bat (x2), Pat (x3), paroch, TheTeaCat, dragonshardz (x2), dedgren, rooker1, thundercrack83, Jmouse, Zaphod, Godzillaman, krbe, Heblem, BigSlark, Pinchman, and Darmok

   Page 150 2-29-08 - 3-1-08

      Happy Leap Day!; We hint at Emil's honors post; There's a lot going on! 2-29-08

      That old odometer just keeps a'rollin'... 2-29-08

Commenters include:  jayo (x2), dedgren (x2), emilin (x2), Gaston, paroch, Jmouse (x2), dragonshardz, Giligone, Pat, threestooges, thundercrack83, Heblem, star.torturer, sebes, and rhizome21

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