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March 24, 2023, 02:09:53 AM

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Lars' MD - Featuring the Zollernmark - First 2009 Update

Started by praiodan, February 09, 2007, 02:48:29 PM

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I know... the MD's name is extremly creative  ::)

Anyways, I wanted to write a small MD here featuring my current region, maybe even more, time will show.
As a bit of explanation: This won't be a usual MD I think (though I must say that every MD is special in its own way), because I will write a story going with the pics, I don't just want to show you my cities only and I hope you will enjoy reading the story as well as I hope you enjoy the pictures.
So... I wanted to use this first post here as a table of content, so no one looses overview when this gets on more on more pages (hopefully).










So... stay tuned


I can't wait for this, it will definitely be interesting...

Waiting patiently!  :thumbsup:


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Thanks M, I really hope you enjoy it.

1. A sunday morning's awakening

It was a cold february sunday morning when Mirco Heebelingen awoke in his huge bed. Alone. It was nearly totally silent, only the old trams outside, down on the street made some noise when they drove along their track. The sunrise filled the room with a soft but warm, orange light. Mirco enjoyed this kind of moments, knowing that they are just of short endurance.
After some time gone he straigthened up to have a look on his clock.
7 AM already..., he thought with a little sigh letting himself fall back in the cosy pillows.
After a few more moments of snoozing the alarm of his clock went on he reluctantly got up and went to the bath room.
Looking in the mirror he saw the smooth face of a handsome man at the end of his 20s with round, sapphire-blue eyes, short black hair and some stubbles arround his cheeks.

After a shower and a shaving Mirco dressed while looking out of his appartment onto the ocean and the lifefull small quarter of Friedrichstadt, the city he lived in. Suddenly it came to his mind, that he actually has a wonderful life and reached so much already: He had a good job in one of the nation's most reknown architect's office, owned an expensive Mercedes and this wonderful appartment with that wonderful view over the city. But he felt alone. He had no one to share his fortune with.
He already imagined, that his parents will complain again about that he hasn't found a woman for life, later this day when Mirco attends church with them as he does every sunday.
If they just knew..., he sighed, took his keys and left the appartment.
Down, he didn't had to wait very long for a tram - he considered to take the tram instead of the car, knowing that the parking space situation in the inner city is horrible. As the stations passed, the train finally entered the inner Friedrichstadt. Mirco got out of the train and decided to walk the rest of the way.

When he passed the Michael's Market he already saw the busy St. Michaelis Square with its pompous column which is just in front of St. Michaelis Cathedrale.

He walked a little further until he saw the whole square and the cathedrale. In the first seconds he was astonished by this view.

But then he already saw his parents waiting for him, standing on the stais of the church and had to sigh. He walked on.

When Mirco reached the stairs he put on a pretended smile when he looked up to his parents. He couldn't stand this ritual. Every sunday the same...
Mum, Dad, how's it going? he asked while making towards them and then hug first his mother, then his father. Well, son, it's well with us. And how are you? his father wanted to know. Mirco hesitated a few seconds to answer, then he quickly said Thanks, I'm well as well. A bit tired though, there's so much work currently at the office..
Poor son his mother sighed and Mirco thought Gosh, when will they ever learn to call me by the name they gave me once. A few seconds of silence occured, then Mirco said Let's go in before all the good seats are taken. They just nodded and went ahead.
The divine service was even worse than Mirco expected it to be, the priest's homily was about smething like evil in today's society, but Mirco didn't even try to hear to what the man on the pulpit said. And it was darn cold in the church. When the divine service was over, Mirco told his parents that he has to finish a presentation still to get rid of their annoying presence.

Walking down a street heading for a tram stop he realized he hadn't eaten anything yet. He bought himself a sunday issue of the Friedrichstadt Kurier at a Kiosk on Tannenbergplatz and entered a small cafe called Mausis Café, sat down on a table and sighed. A stressed waitress came around to take his orders. Welcome to Mausis. What may I bring you?. Mirco just ordered a coffee and a small breakfast, then he took his newspaper and began to read...

to be continued


awesome pictures. it really has a euro pean feal to it. i like that white brick building in the 3rd picture that'as above the el station, can you tell me where to find it? thanks. can't wait for another update!


This is a great start, praiodan! The city is quite beautiful and, so far, the story is very interesting! I'll be coming back for more!


great detai, i really love the dead trees ;D
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nice story Lars....this is an MD to keep an eye on! As always, your pics are great....I particularly like that plaza in front of the church, did you create that in LE?


Lars- the parks, plazas and squares- just alive with beauty!  You've captured the European streetscape perfectly.  Your MD's a gem.

Good luck.

D. Edgren

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Nice city Lars.    I really love the "european" feel to it.     I can't wait to see more.   Pretty good story line as well.


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Wonderful european looking city! Great start and pictures! :thumbsup:


Great city+interesting story= fantastic MD :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


Not only building cities but telling a story as well, nice work and like Yoder said the square in front of the cathedral is very well put together.


Super story and pictures, Lars. I await the next instalment with great interest.
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Really good! I especially love the plazas :)


Didn't have time to read all the text right now, but the pictures are stunning! :thumbsup:

I especially like the park around the church - it looks perfectly realistic.

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First, I feel really flattered by all your kind words!  &ops

@ goin2chicago
That's the Iron Block Building made by SimGoober. Thanks for your comment!

@ thundercrack83
Thanks for you comment! See you next update hopefully  :)

@ Cali
Thanks for your comment! They aren't dead actually, just fit the winter season  ;D And I thought, they fit the overall story's mood well.

@ Yoder7652
Thanks for your comment! Nope, it constists of several 1x1 Plaza Lots, that come mostly from the Porkissimo Plaza and similar Packs.

@ dedgren
A gem? Wow. It seems I nailed my aim of a euro city then :D Thanks for your comment!

@ Gaston, bat, urban, kwakelaar, barbyw, metasmurf
Thanks for your comments! I feel really flattered!

@ emilin
Never mind, I hope you will find some time for it anyhow. Thanks for your comment!

No update yet, sorry. ::)


Wow !! I love your city ! It's fabulous  :thumbsup:


take your time with updates Lars....we don't want you to get burned out  $%Grinno$%  ;D


Great start. It's very beautiful !


they are truly beautiful. and they do set the mood nicely.
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