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March 24, 2023, 02:48:39 AM

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Military region of Mykérinos. (update of 01/03/08)

Started by Earth quake, February 26, 2008, 10:57:58 AM

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Earth quake

Good morning, today, I decide of introducing on the military region of Mykérinos on sc4 devotion which will be normally composed of 6 military bases and a city in periphery of the card as well as a space centre, all this are only plans.

The region of Mykérinos was an uninhabited region of the planet Archéoptrak, she located some million years light of the earth. This planet is strong ressemblante in our, the same climate, the same ground, the same name of poles, and the same languages, one perfect copy of the earth.
To come back to history, Mykérinos is on the continent Hélioporkol, which makes size   of the North America. This region was empty until 1960 (the same epoch as us), when that war burst against the Orkynrkops and the Olympians,the Olympians decided to construct the millitaires bases in this absolutely empty region, only filled with animals and from forest.
Immediately arrived, the building soldier began build in pushed, and first Overlord arrived, of soldiers of elite, who will create the base of Spartakis, then a city was also constructed for the families of his soldiers.So in succession, the soldiers arrived, and they colonized certain party of the region, during war, the Olympians brought their troops here towards the battlefield.
In 1970, when war been finished, the region becomes the most important military centre of the country and even the continent, and had a big reputation in the world, all this to in 2008.
In 1995, at the request of Darkvivy, the president of the country, a reammenagemment huge of the region begins, and huge funds have to be able to this plan, in case of next war, everything needed to be ready.
It was the instant of create a space centre also, plan of which was stopped in 1980 because of lack of means (in 30 billion Darchmlar therefore 50 billion euro plan expensive props for epoch, supporting that one réunnissait enough bottom, it was the instant!!
In 2008, here is after this today development very couteux, the most part of the base has re-opened, but the sation spacial is construction (déja 13 ans that it hard), and of news weapon atomic and bacterilogique are still of manufacture, but it is kept secret defence, and new troops of soldiers are preparing, the great soldier on 2008, Super Overlord and Cruisders, as well as tanks (T-400-08, T-950-08 and very powerful Ultraspider t-1005-10.5), but any will be impossible to see in my pictures. &sly

here is a picture to make you wait: Good day.

Good day


Preparing for war huh...  And looking at the base on the picture you're doing a proper preparation  :thumbsup:
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That's looking really great there!
Looking forward to more...

Earth quake

sebes:Thank for your comment.
bat : thank for your comment, happy that this pleases you.

Good morning everybody, to make you wait until Saturday, here is a foretaste of the update which gets ready:

It's everything for today, I hope that you 'll like it, good day.

Edit : Translated some french words ~Wouanagaine~


Great shots, make sure you turn off the grid ( 'G' key ) to have a better quality image

PS : J'ai édité ton post, il y avait certains mots en français. T'inquiètes pas pour l'anglais, j'aurai bien aimé en connaître autant à ton age

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very beautiful image! glad to see you in this section my friend !

bonne chance pour l'anglais , et bon séjour parmi nous  :thumbsup:
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Love it!! Please tell me how you get the SNM lots to show up. All I can ever get is the security fences.
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You're off to a good start here, Earth quake! The military base looks good, and I can't wait to see more of it!

Take care!


The creativity on these forums ceases to amaze me, this is so cool! I really like how much detail you put into the training area of your base Earth Quake, great work.  :thumbsup:

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Wow - I realy love these teaser pictures Earthquake... soo many tanks, wow... (imagine all the soldiers on the grounds). The trees you use are wonderful too. So, I am looking forward to Sundays update.   

By the way : the french accents in your text give this MD an extra charme ;)

Mes compliments  &apls

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The preview is looking great, Earth quake!

And looking forward to the update! ;)


Hi Earth quake.

A really good start here with something that is a little different.

The "Aspen Village Condos" are one of my favourite apartment blocks, so it is good to see them.  And it looks to me as though you have created your own custom Lots with the military jeeps parked in front of the apartment blocks.  Nice work.

@sebes - LOL, stop dreaming of soldiers in SC4 cities!! ::)

Earth quake

wouanagaine:thank for your comment, for the key G, It's a forgotten, sorry.
(Merci d'avoir traduis certain mot de français en anglais, c'est sympas, d'autant que le traducteur fait des erreurs souvent et que je suis obligé de corriger pour que la phrase est un sens)
warconstruct:Thank for your comment.
(merci pour ton accueil warconstrcut)
Schulmanator :Thank you for your comment Schulmanator. For your problem, it is surement because of dependency, me can help you to search them if you want (I found everything after 4 hours of research and downloading) :thumbsup:
thundercrack83 :Thank you for your comment, happy that this pleases you.
starrdarcy: Thank you for your comment, I passed 8 hours to make this base.
sebes: Thank you also for your comment, happy which the preview have you more. For trees I use It of Cycledogg.
bat : Thank your for your comment, happy that this pleases you.
paroch : Thank you for your comment, it is true that it is immeuble is splendid.

Good morning to all, here is the very first series of Maj de Mykérinos. It will be divide in 2 parties, one this afternoon and other this evening or tomorrow. Without deferring more, here is first one series:

Here is two pictures of the first smallest of the centres of training reserved for the beginners, here the entrainement is loaded, but hard only 6 hours a day, 5/7 days

The entrainement takes place in forest from 6 am to 12 hours, alas the winter needs to be hard, because in-5 °, euh...

Some people are lucky, they begin with learning to drive tanks.

but before making all this, here is where the beginners sleep.

The base contains a railway station, which allows to have in base the military vehicles and armed.

The foundation also contains firefighters' barracks in case of attempts or forest fire.

As well as a very new hopital, having the most sophisticated medical equipment (allowing to take away a bullet of the head of a soldier)

When the soldiers make nothing, they march the general during one hour, and those who are punished have to clean everything with a washcloth.

Seen on other dormitories

Here is the heart of the foundation, where from are given all orders.

Here is a party of the "High-tech" foundation, which is made up of buildings of communication,nuclear and bacteriology research.

Here is another view on the control tower " Elisios ", which allows to pick up fibre optics 850 BO (billion octect) put blends it with the wi-fi 6205, 854 BO of OKFT, potency in computer, multimedia, game

Here is the secondary school of military Grande École of Science and Technology of Spartakis, renowned in the country

Finally to end the first party, a view on the garages of the foundation

The first part is finished, i hope that you are giong to like, have a nice day! :)


The military town and base is looking wonderful! Great work on it!

Looking forward to the second part! ;)


This is absolutely one of the best military complexes ever seen!  Good job Earthquake...  :thumbsup:
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Great Job there Earth quake.   &apls  I am very impressed with the details you have put into your military base.  This must have taken you a long time to create.

I look forward to your next update.


What a great update!!! Bon travail! I am still having difficulty with the SNM lots. I think I have all of the dependencies.
See the all-new National Capital Region!:

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Wonderful update, my friend! I love all the little details that you've taken the time to put into the military base! Can't wait to see more!