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Ofenburg | Update.

Started by Manny, March 01, 2008, 01:51:36 PM

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Places : Somewhere in Europe !
Mayor : Manny
Land area : 121 Km²
Population : 130.000

The presentation

The station

At the edge of the water

The city

Mosaic I

The Vernauss II - Airport

The palace


Discover Schifenberhg and Edensturd


Images :


Looks excellent, very European and griddy. But I would love to see people in the streets, now its too dead :(


Wow, it's absolutely fantastic. I love the last scene.

It's not just another grade B attempt at a European city, you seem to have style and good taste!

Proper good job mate! Keep it up.  :thumbsup:


Very interesting city, many nice details in closeups, and the last mosaic is really great!
Maybe it would be good to see roads and streets more alive, but everything can be done, and the beginning is very good!  :thumbsup:

Good luck for you and your MD!

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Toichus Maximus

Very impressive. I've always been a fan of the Hungarian Parliament building, and you've done a great job with it!

Shadow Assassin

The map looks familiar. ;)

Hehe, whereabouts on the map did you develop?

Anyway, brilliant work in creating an European city. But as Krio said, it looks too dead. Where are the people?
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Amazing start  &apls &apls
what a wonderful recreation of a European city (I guess you took the pics early in the day before everyone was up and about  ::) Yes?  ;D)

Thats about the only flaw as everything else looks great. Marvelous mosaic too &apls

This will be interesting to follow :thumbsup:

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I am truely lovin Ofenberg and a great start here Manny and welcome back to MD'ing!!!

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I love it, wonderful work! Lots of open space. Can you show where exactly the city is located in the regionview?
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Earth quake

It's very beautiful

(salut, je savais pas que tu étais inscrit sur le forum, en tout cas magnfique ville)


Welcome back! :)

And great new European city you have there! A lot of wonderful pictures! And also nice mosaic! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to more...


As other said before me - this is again a top class European MD that you show here  &apls. I love that you have the same brick places everywhere, with the splendig Porkie tree, giving it right the spring feeling that I always love in cities.

Your selections of buildings, and the street lay out of this town, make it a joy to look at.

Just one question: why is everything mirrored?
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Manny, as I said in my MD, it's great to see you back.

You certainly have your own particular style and I have missed that. A great start Manny :thumbsup: I just love the open areas, simple but effective, they fit the city well. If anything a few more sims about town would liven things up a bit, but overall, beautiful work.

Looking forward to more.



Fantastic start! Ofenberg is very easy on the eye, yet at the same time it's filled with beautiful details. Your plazas are fantastic, too! Probably one of the best European MDs I have ever seen.  :thumbsup:



I just loved those pictures.  I'm gonna have to go back and study them again.  I love the mix of Paris meets Amsterdam - that's waht it feels like to me anyway.

The custom lots you've created here are fabulous, and the GLR on the dark grey paving is a nice touch.  More updates like this and this MD will gather a following very quickly.

&apls  :thumbsup:  &apls  :thumbsup:  &apls


Krio Thank you ! It's true, that there are few persones on streets, but it's spirit to change  ;) !
Callbat Thank you for your comment ! It is very nice  :) !
Ennedi Thank you very mutch !
Toichus Maximus I am also a fan of the Parliament, and I am happy that it incrute well in my city, thanks !
Shadow Assassin Eh! You have accomplish a very nice land ! Thank you, I shall soon post a view region with the development of the city  ;) !
TheTeaCat Yes, they are going to say her  :D ! Everybody sleeps, thank you for your comment  :) !
Pat Thank you for tone receive !
Caspervg Thanks !
Earth Quake Thanks, et si ! Sa fait même longtemps que je suis inscris ici, mais j'avoue que je participe pas beaucoup  &mmm !
Bat Thank you! Suite is soon going to come  ;) !
Sebes Thank you! I reflect all my pictures because I find that sa give a certain charm on top of that  ::) !
Tooheys Thanks a lot for tone comments! Her very pleased !
Jrhnemo Thank !
Parock Thank  ;) !


Hi ! A small updating of the city :

Here are pictures: one ballade little in the city, then they go to the quarter of the railway station :


Check out Abelfarei!


Looking fantastic, my friend! Your work is always a pleasure to view! I'll be looking forward to seeing what's next!


Wonderful new update of your city, Manny! Great work on the railway station! Nice night shot of it!

Looking forward to more...