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March 24, 2023, 03:15:47 AM

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Started by Andy2k, March 02, 2008, 02:27:35 PM

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02.03.2008 | The first Pictures | (District: Waldesnau + Village: Klein-Haselstein)
03.03.2008 | Update 02 & 03 | (District: Waldesnau)
04.03.2008 | Update 04 | (District: Waldesnau)
10.03.2008 | Update 05 | (District: Waldesnau + Village: Fengsdorf)
17.03.2008 | Update 06 | (District: Buchholz)
24.03.2008 | Update 07 | (District: Buchholz)
16.04.2008 | Update 08 | (District: Buchholz)
04.05.2008 | Update Overview | (Districts: all)
12.05.2008 | Update 09 | (District: Buchholz)
29.05.2008 | Special Update | (Magic World)
My City: Sinburg
Last Update: Here


Good luck with your MD here at SC4D.

I like the style of the first installment - and your English is much better than my German ;)

Guten Abend und Tsusch


Guten Tag, Andy2k!

I wish you the best of luck with your MD and look foward to seeing more.


The name "Simburg" sounds menacing...:P...I'll look out for more.;)
"With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound he pulls the spitting high-tension wires down..."


My English is powered by Translation Tools and Sites  ;D

Thanks :)

But is a peaceful City *gg*

So .. lets go with the first Pictures.

The Beginning:
I make all terraforming self, when I start a new Part. Many Rivers comes and a Ocean. But you see it then *g*

Now the Suburb of Sinburg

A graveyard in a Forest ... the Kids in the Town have the best Stories for a Helloween Night  ;D

The last Image, I have build with a Picture of Google Earth:

Not perfekt, but I hope you can see the affinity

So thats all for Today
Have Fun :)

My City: Sinburg
Last Update: Here


YES! I can see the affinity. What is the name of the real town and area that you pictured? It looks like a very beautifull region. 

Good look with this new MD - the start is very promissing !
At least I feel at home already here  :thumbsup:

Check my MD:               


Its a Small Town in the North of Germany. But i don´t now how the Name is. Forgotten  :'(
My City: Sinburg
Last Update: Here


Das sieht sehr schön aus! Deine Stadt sieht auch gut aus! Großartiger Start!

translation: That is looking very nice! Your city is also looking good! Great start (there)!


very beautiful countryside! and I adore your village like your park to accompany by channels  &apls

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Province of Zillerthal (2014)
Port Aux Captes (2009-2011)
Province of Trieste (2006-2010)
Since SC4D 2007-2022


@bat & warconstruct
Thanks a lot :)

The next Pictures :)

The right Rail is the Main-line, the left is Rapid-transit Railway (is this the Right Word for the Railways in a City ?)
I don´t build it with the NAM, because it looks no Good on a Suburb of a City. In the Downtown comes the NAM ;)
On this Picture: The last Terminal from the Line "S2"

And more Pictures

At the End a preview to the next district on the way to the Downtown *g*
More of this, it comes with Update 4 or 5 I think

Hope you enjoy ;)
Next Update Tomorrow (then the English Version and the German are on the same state *g*)
My City: Sinburg
Last Update: Here


I dont believe I'll come up with great cities like these. Cause I'm always starting over. I'm never satasified  :D. Great work on Sinburg Andy, keep those updates coming!
Your Friend;
Mayor Of Steven's Point & Maxiston
(Proud To Be Cities Of Sim Nation!)


I like it, great usage of railways!  :thumbsup:
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Earth quake

Excellent. &apls
It's really realistic and very splendid. :thumbsup:


Very good start.  How about trying some curved rail pieces.  Other than that I have no suggestions.  Great pics.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Andy2k you have a real good start here and I cant wait to see more Sinburg....

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City Builder

Guten Tag Herr Andy2k,

Mein tee ist kalt.

Ernsthaft aber es sieht aus wie diese wird man einen schönen Zeitschrift. Ich freue mich darauf, zu sehen, wo das geht.

Good Morning,
My tea is cold.

Seriously though, it looks like this will be a nice journal.  i look forward to seeing where this one goes.

Which sea wall are you using in that last photo?
When your tired of games of destruction, come to to discuss games of Construction!
Oh!  Thanks for the negative rep, I love you too!


@Starmanw402007, caspervg, Earth quake, Pat
Thanks :)

I tested another Rail curves. But the Overlines can´t build on another Railways. It looks not good. So I wait for a Update from the Overline-Lots *gg*

@City Builder
Goggle Translation ?  ;D  ;D
Marrast Seawalls: or

Today only a little Update, but a nice One ;)

Have Fun  :)
My City: Sinburg
Last Update: Here

City Builder

Quote from: Andy2k on March 04, 2008, 02:30:41 PM
@City Builder
Goggle Translation ?  ;D  ;D
Marrast Seawalls: or

Im learning to speak German here at home through a sell teaching courses of books, videos, cd's etc so I still try to speak German like I think in English so it looks like bad translator service.  Ssssshhhhh, Plus I still have to look up many words in my study books to find how they are written.  Sssshhh don't tell anybody.  :P

Very nice Mosaic
When your tired of games of destruction, come to to discuss games of Construction!
Oh!  Thanks for the negative rep, I love you too!


I think you have a very promising MD going here, Andy2k.

That's an impressive mosaic in which you show off your skill with pathways and trails. Also I like the way you've laid out the neighborhoods -- the streets have enough curves to provide variety, but the layout is not outrageous (like mine tend to be! :D ).

You've made good use of PEG's wonderful streams, and created some very attractive park areas. Overall, Sinburg looks like a very pleasant place to be.

I would offer but one suggestion and that is to number your photos in some way so readers can comment on them individually. My good friend Paul (paroch) uses a system which works very well IMO. 01.05 refers to the fifth photo (05) in the first update (01) and so on -- I think he's up in the 20s by now. You can certainly get along without numbers, but as your updates get more numerous and complex, you and your readers might come to appreciate them more.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Sinburg in the days and weeks to come.

Until next time...


Andy2k wonderful update last 2 updates and I am really enjoying coming on down to Sinburg and I cant wait till the next one - pats

Don't forget the SC4D Podcast is back and live on Saturdays @ 12 noon CST!! -- The Podcast soon to Return Here Linkie