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March 24, 2023, 03:09:36 AM

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Started by Antoine, February 10, 2007, 08:12:40 AM

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Hi ! I want to present you my city Aurelianis. I am not a master, and your critics are welcom

They are lot of screens, sorry  $%Grinno$%

My first city
At first I have use a shadow mod but by the time I have delete it

the second city :

third city :

fourth city :

And the last for the moment :

I hope your computers havent explosed  $%Grinno$%


Nice images, maybe a little much of the same, but it is al looking very tranquill. Seems like a typical american sprawl with lots of space.
You can easily leave out some of the images in the beginning that are pixelated.


It looks nice, I like the creative streets, how you built them...
you could make the pixelated pics smaller, and I don't like the water mod, but it's your choice....

nice details :)

probably the best tropical forests Pat Riot
the jungle and the seaside resorts are looking spectacular kwakelaar
such stunning and natural tropical sceneries iamgoingtoeatyou
Walker's Island


WOW! That's a lot of pictures, but they're all outstanding! The shadow mod looks great (especially with the windmill shadow) and the way you wound the ploppable creek through the town is nice, too. Great start, keep up the good work!


Whoa, dude.  You are a one man pixel shortage.

The pics are really fine looking, very organic, "with the land" viewscapes.  You're right to highlight the windmill.  It's beautiful in and of itself, but your siting of i makes the pic!

Great job.  I'll pour some cold water on my poor 'puter, and have another look soon.

Good luck!

D. Edgren

Please call me David...

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wow thanks you for coms  ()stsfd()

I had taked this water mod to my city looks Caribbean.

This was my suburban, I attack my center and I hope to show yoi that in 2 weeks


These pictures looks fantastic! Great city and wonderful start! :thumbsup:


I like the layout of your cities, and I actually like the water mod too. Not that I would ever use it, but I think it fits in some obscure way.  :thumbsup:

I would however like to see some more growable custom content, I see you have utilised quite a lot of the ploppables, but I think more residential and commercial content would really make your cities look even better!

Good luck with tackling the center area!  ;D
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I havent utilised ploppable  :thumbsup: the only ploppable I have used are for the gettho  ;)


Sorry if you misunderstood me, I meant growable custom residential, industrial and commercial from the STEX, LEX or PLEX. When I refered to ploppable custom content I was refering to landmarks, rewards, ploppable flora, parks, etc.  :)
New Horizons Productions
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I like this. Really interesting street configurations, and you've managed to work the terrain in a lovely way. :thumbsup:

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Impressive works. I like the streets/road layouts

As I saw you're using maximac school, I'm wondering if you have experienced unrealistic EQ boost ? Everytime I ploped it I got a EQ boost over all population ages.

New Horizons Productions
Berethor ♦ beskhu3epnm ♦ blade2k5 ♦ dmscopio ♦ dedgren ♦ emilin ♦ Ennedi ♦ Heblem ♦ jplumbley
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Antoine - That is an impressive group of cities!  I like the Caribbean look and feel of the last few pics... I can't remember the last time I saw a MD (or CJ) that featured that look.

Looking forward to seeing that city center.
You're telling me I get to be home for more than 12 months?


emilin and meinhosen : thanks you ;)

wouanagaine : j'ai pas remarqué si ça augmente les valeurs de façon irréaliste, j'irais voir la prochaine fois que j'irais sur cette ville et je te dirais ;)


Héhé Niglos, t'es partout à ce que je vois !

That's a good work.  &apls Not my style of city but still good work.


lol SIMMANIA !!! toi aussi ^^


Wow.lots of great pictures.  Exactly how I like it.  Very rural feel to it.  I don't there were any buildings over 4 storeys.  I really like the way you did the line of trees through the farms, very realistic.  Great work, I'll be back.
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nothing very important, it is the suburb


I like all the parks you have. And they are good parks with stuff to do like tennis courts and not just plain green space
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