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March 24, 2023, 03:06:47 AM

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The United Caribbean-Atlantic

Started by jrhnemo, March 08, 2008, 08:37:23 AM

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Hello all! Welcome to my very first MD here on SC4D, the United Caribbean-Atlantic. I plan to take an entirely different approach than the Simtropolis version of this MD that will hopefully be a little more interesting  :). Enjoy!


Table of Contents

Update 1: South of the Border!

Update 2: Ashtonville Historical Center (Sorry, no clever title this time!)

Update 3: The Capital District: Where the Government Decides to Audit Your or Not!


New England has long been inhabited by Algonquian-speaking native peoples, including the Abenaki, the Penobscot, the Peqout, the Wampanoag, and many others. The peace didn't last for long, however. Europeans such as Giovanni da Verrazzono, Jacques Cartier, and John Cabot began exploring the area, and eventually da Verrazzono settled in an area then known as Nouvelle-France.

Then, in 1615, a rebellion began to form when King Louis XIII required that all citizens of Nouvelle-France be taxed in order to pay for His Majesty's new, grand palace. The rebellion continued all the way to 1787, when freedom was finally gained in the Guerre de Liberté War. The United Atlantic Provinces was formed.

Years of peace and prosperity continued, in which the United Atlantic Provinces made allies with America, joined the United Nations of Sim City, and tripled their population. This all changed when the capital, Atlantic City, was bombed by an African terrorist group. The United Atlantic Provinces was devastated. Their land was no longer hospitable.

However, America generously granted a Caribbean island and an area of land in New England. The name was changed to the United Caribbean-Atlantic (UCA), and the devastated nation began to recover from the attacks.

Today, the UCA is prospering, with 2 provinces and over 700,000 people.

Some Basic Stats

Official Name: United Caribbean Atlantic
Other names: UCA, U. Caribbean Atlantic, United CA
Number of Provinces: 2, New England Province and Caribbean Province
Form of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Current Prime Minister: Jason Handy
Current Head of Monarchy: Queen Ophelia IV
Capital: Millau, New England Province
Population: 700,312
Climate: Tropical (Caribbean Province), and Continental (New England Province)
Economy: Market
Update 1: South of the Border!

If you've ever gone down 95 through Northern S. Carolina, you've heard of South of the Border. It's basically the cheesiest, stupidest amusement park-thing you'll ever see. They advertise 100 miles away! It's crazy!

Well, lucky for you, we are not talking about that South of the Border! We're talking about south of the border from America!

*Collective "Ohhh!"*

As you can see from the above picture, we're going to be exploring the area inside that cute little box. Aren't you excited!  :D

The border is home to the Liberté Clock Tower, a tower built in 1843 to commemorate the friendship between the UCA and America. It has been painstakingly restored to its original glory, and is now a very famous tourist attraction. At the very bottom of the picture, you can also see the beautiful UCA flag. I just love this picture!  :)

This is all the time I have for now, I have to go get ready to go to Albany for a basketball game. Go Saints!
Cheers! :thumbsup:

Edited 3/10/08 to fix picture problem ;)


Interesting start of this MD! Looking forward to future updates.
Check my MD:               

Earth quake

Excellent projet, It's very promising. :thumbsup:



Nice start there of this MD! Looking forward to more...



Glad to be back with another, more interesting update! First, here's some replies from the mailbag!


Sebes: Thanks for the kind comment! Hope you enjoy this update!

Earth Quake: Thank you! You've used my favorite smiley :thumbsup:

Bat: Thanks for the welcome! I'm very happy to be here, and I've been having a lot of fun so far. Not to mention I've learned many new things and got lots of inspiration!

Update 2: Ashtonville Historical Center (Sorry, no clever title this time! ;))

Today, we take a tour of one of the UCA's many historical centers, Ashtonville. Built in 1983 to preserve the nation's history, the park represents the native homeland of many in the UCA: Amsterdam! Over half of the buildings are imported from Amsterdam itself, and rebuilt piece by piece inside the park. Before we begin our tour, let's find out where exactly we are! :)

Ah, here we go with that cute little box again! $%Grinno$% Ashtonville is located just several miles from our last visit (the Liberté Clock Tower).

The grand entrance to Ashtonville! Well, maybe not, but it'll have to suffice!

The Ashtonville Welcome Center. Not only does it provide maps and helpful tour guides, but it also shows several movie presentations in a small theater about the history of Amsterdam.

The picturesque Aurora Park, where hundreds, sometimes even thousands of people come to eat lunch, chat, or just relax during their busy, fun-filled visit.

Behold, the pride and joy of Ashtonville, the church of St. Michael! Put together piece by piece over the course of 24 years, it is now the largest, tallest, and most complex of all the structures in Ashtonville.

Our final destination is the newest structure in Ashtonville, St. Ashton Tower. Previously a guard tower outside of Amsterdam, it now sits proud among the oaks and maples of the surrounding forest.

Hopefully you've enjoyed the update, as I've really enjoyed putting it together. See you soon! :)

Cheers! :thumbsup:

Edited 3/12/08 to fix Amsterdam, Germany to Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Who knew I could be so blonde?


That historical town is looking wonderful! And a nice center there, too!

Looking forward to more...

Pat Riot

Amsterdam is in the Netherlands, not germany  :D

The cities are looking great, although the pics are too colorful  ;)
tone that down and you have a nice CJ on your hands.


My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Very nice, I especially like those lovely plazas between the buildings!  A wonderful capital indeed.  Keep it up buddy!   ;)


Capital district is looking great there! And wonderful pictures of it! Also great work!

Looking forward to more of your work...


Hey Jason! Didn't know the UCA was on here too! Great updates! Looking forward to more!


Great work here dude. Just awesome. I like how you're one of the only people I've ever seen to successfully use that giant palace. Keep up the good work dude.
Best movie of all time: Ferris Bueller's Day Off. If you disagree, Cameron will send your car over a cliff.

Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.


It's very small city , i hope in future you can show as a uptown/suburban
Well done ;)