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How to Texture NAM Curves

Started by dsrwhat316, March 08, 2008, 10:55:04 PM

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I would like to start this topic off by saying that I DID NOT originate this idea. I simply applied the concept differently. It came from the tutorial by Metasmurf found in the Lot Tweaking Tutorial Section.

Now let's get on with the actual tutorial! This is what we are trying to achieve:

Texturing the NAM curves may seem difficult, but it is relatively simple. It just takes a little bit of time. I'll break it down into easy steps to follow.

Step 1

Create a simple 1x1 lot in the Lot Editor.

Step 2

Plop the newly created lot in your city. Please note the direction of the arrow. You can only expand the lot to the right and towards the bottom. So it is very important which way the lot is positioned.

Step 3

For the NAM S-Road Curve, I plopped two of those lots. I must stress again that the arrows for the lot, in this case, must always point towards the road.

Step 4

Save and exit out of SimCity and re-open the Lot Editor. Open that same lot and expand the lot. For the S-Road Curve, expand the width and depth to 2.

Step 5

Fill the blank spaces with a base texture. For this, I chose to match the sidewalk textures I am currently using. But you can use whatever texture you'd like.

After laying down the textures, click the save button, NOT the save as button.

The Results

After re-opening your city, it should look like the above pic.

You can also apply this to any of the NAM curve pieces (i.e. road, avenue, rail curves). You can also use props and such. Note that if you bulldoze the lot or the curve, you cannot re-plop the lot or re-lay the curve in the same spot. Get out there and experiment!

~ Dan
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Nice tutorial! Very simple and looks great at the end! I'd always wondered how you did that with them.


Very nice! Thank you for this.
I'm thinking for easy placement of new textures after you have made a few textured curves. Instead of going back and forth from SC to the LE changing the lot, make two copies of the file one will be the 1x1 the other will be the 2x2. And each time you want to place new textures you load a city with the 1x1 place the texture, exit, replace the file with the 2x2 and load the city again.


Yes that tutorial is useful and great, Dan!


Dan I just found this and thank you for this tut on how to hide the ugly bare area's of the curve...  I will most cetainly use this...

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You I thought I would never touch those modding, batting and whatever tools but this might actually make me think otherwise.  ::)
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Yep, I still got it.


Soulstealer, that is a very good idea! And so simple, I could have thought about it myself.
But I didn't.


This is a really great discovery!  Thanks for showing us how it's done!

Check out Abelfarei!


I'm trying to do this for the first time... and the base textures I'm creating are covering the (well, in my case) rail texture.  Any idea why?  I put some overlay textures around the outside of the park I'm trying to make... but only on the outside pieces, not over all of them, and they're ALL covered.  I also placed some props and I can't see those...

(and yes, I realize how old this thread is... I was the last to comment!  It just seems like the place to post the issue!).

Check out Abelfarei!



@ mtg: This is a minor glitch that happens when using this technique. Sometimes the road textures won't show at all.

If you want the road textures to appear for a pic you want to take, there is a way to get them to show. Just line up your screen to where you want to take a pic. Then open the data view menu and select the zone option. Then switch it back off and the road textures will show through the re-sized base textures.

Or if you want to do things the hard way, you can extract the overlay textures from the DAT file (in your case, in the NAM) using the Reader. This tutorial can help you with this.

~ Dan
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Last updated: 2/9- I'm Back! +  A Teaser (of course...)


Thanks for the response, I think I go for the hard way (when i get to it) because it will show the right texture ingame always doesn't it? I really hate to see that glitch everytime :angrymore:
thanks again :thumbsup: