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The Republic of Chilcombe

Started by CasperVg, March 15, 2008, 03:18:20 PM

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"The less their ability, the more their conceit."

Capital City
Askerswell (≈100 000 – 150 000 inhabitants)

Large Cities (+10 000 inh.)
Portesham, Littlemoor

Villages / Small Cities
Harpenden, Harpenden Rural, Charlestown

Calvin Adams

Prime Minister & Chief of Government
Enham Somborne



Total Population
Latest estimations estimate around 180 thousand inhabitants

Chilcombe Liris (1 CL = 1.5 Euro = 2.33 US Dollars = 1.15 GB Pounds)



After the Berlin wall fell on November 9th 1989, many former inhabitants of Eastern Germany fled to this area. They proposed in creating their own independent, modern, state. The former European Union agreed with this proposal, and gave the green light in the "Single European Act". Soon, the Provisional Government was chosen out of intellectuals, noblemen and writers. Their task was to write out the National Constitution and to officially declare the state of Chilcombe independent. When they had finished the text, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands declared that in order for them to sign the European Act, they wanted that the constitution also commanded the people to learn English or Dutch by heart, and to forget their native language. Most people learnt English, as they knew it was and is one of the most important languages in the world. Some people, including some Belgian immigrants, learnt or perfected (their) Dutch. France and Spain, on the other hand, dictated that the population of the newborn country should never exceed 200 thousand, this was also added to the Constitution. Germany offered Chilcombe military support and Italia offered economic support to the novel country, such as oil, gas and food. The Provisional Government decided that the country would be modern, and so would it's transportation facilities. They knew that with around 200k of inhabitants, it was possible to create a model country... The Government also settled the law of etnic minorities should be respected and should all have atleast 10 % of the possible votes in the Parliament that was under construction at that moment. Altho languages other then Dutch & English are illegal in Chilcombe, except for business people & tourists, some people  have chosen to speak the language of their wish. The government nowadays thrives to stop these 'linguistic criminals'. The police and the government have be very repressive against all sorts of crime, from throwing toilet paper over trees to first degree murder. The Constition however, declares that Death Penalty should not be used on any crime, except for War Crimes. Nowadays, the country suffers from inter-lingual violence, because the Dutch minorities can't stand their repression anymore. The Benelux has already  prepared additional troops, but the government declares that they can predominate the riots.

Coming soon to a computer near you
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Very good, I enjoyed reading the history and it sounds like a very interesting MD is coming our way. :thumbsup:


Cant wait Casper, your stuff is good

* star.torturer bookmarks this one straight off

Copperminds and Cuddleswarms


Added some graphs for eye-pleasure and made the history some longer.
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Hi Casper,

Good to see you start an MD here.  Interesting and amusing reading - "inter-lingual violence" very funny!

I'm sure your pics will be of a high standard, so I look forward to them.



User Comments

callbat: Thank you!
star.torturer: *blushes*
paroch: Thanks, the interlingual violence/problems will play a main role in the way the city will develop. Due to the Constitution, that declared that all minorities and inhabitants are totally equal; the Dutchspeaking people want a (monumental) building for every building the English people get.

Update 1 - The Build of Askerswell

Mods that are in use:
- Ennendi Slope Mod (Smooth)
- Shadow Assasin's Hole Diggers
- Gizmo's Day-Night Mod
- Pause Thingy Remover
- Rush Hour Rewards Unlocked
- BSC Funding Mod
- Network Addon Mod
- CP's Italia Terrain Controller (with Diagonal Jagged Edges Mod i added)
- CP's Italia Tree Controller

As Askerswell was elected to be the capital of the new country, it was the first to be build after "The Great Obliteration", in which all man made buildings and terrain was obliterated to make room for... well... everything. The Provisional Government appointed several engineers from all over the globe, to suggest what would be the best way of organizing the City's transportation. Numerous engineers suggested to use a Boston BigDig project, but the Provisional Government wanted everything to be ready in no-time; so a system of sunken highways and a ringway where build. One engineer suggested to use a GLR/Subway system, but that was deemed to costly, so a Elevated Rail System is now planned.
Some Urban Planners where also appointed to draw out a map of how Chilcombe, espessially Askerswell, would develop zone-wise. It was rapidly chosen for to create the CBD/Downtown area within the ringway. Around it there would be some prefab highrises and some Asian styled residential highrises, all around a large park with a manmade stream in the middle. It was decided that the Askerswell core should not have any Industrial activity within it's city limits.

Askerswell after work on primary Roads, Highways & Avenues was finished
Elevated Rail not yet build, nor any building...

An overview of Askerswell

Zooming in...

Zooming even more...

Grid turned off...

That was it for this update. It isn't much, but I'm still getting ready for the IWP and working on Askerswell.

Comments & Constructive Critisism Always Enjoyed
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Great planning there Casper.  It's good to see how you are approaching this and I am sure the CBD will grow well.

Are you going to used some sunken highway walls?  I think they'd look better than just the plain terrain.



They certainly do... It's a tedious job to place them on all those walls...

(also added the ELRail, and the subway (it was deemed that this had to be used in the CBD))
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good city planning! Are you going to use classical buildings or just modern?
I cant wait to see the city grow!


Great layout there on the roads and highways! Also wonderful start!
Looking forward to the first development! ;)


User Comments
Callbat: Thanks again. Most buildings will be modern, but here-and-there some classical monuments will pop up.
Bat: Thanks!

Update 2: The Growth of Asker'
When all preperations where finished, the government soon dropped the taxes for commercial buildings, in order to attract large companies and retailers. What they had wanted, soon happened. Hotel chains, retailers, gas & oil companies and banks soon started the build of their new headquarters in Askerswell. The "NDEX Inc." was a very popular team of architects among the build. It is estimated that 45 percent of all building was drawn out by one of the NDEX Employees. The need for governmental building soon rose and one of the first to be finished was the Ministry of Social Conflicts. This medrise building, shown in the middle of the first picture, now is a popular gathering place for demonstrations against the First Law of the Constitution, namely the "All minorities are equal"-amendement.

Centre of Downtown Askerswell - showing the Ministry of Social Conflicts

Same picture at night. It's a shame that the blue buildings don't have nightlightning.

This area was first comissioned to become a highrise residential area. The government, however, has now decided to make all residential areas have a maximum of 15 floors of 3 meter (45 meters), thus making every development medrise. All these buildings are ready for obliteration.

This area, was always planned to be a nice medrise area. And it is.

An overview of Downtown, also showing the soon-to-be obliterated highrise complex.

The same area at night

After the obliteration, the highrise complex became a prosperous lowrise neighbourhood. Prices for houses are still rediculously low in Askerswell, so anyone who wants a house... Wait till I release the Accomodation Update... (perhaps this evening)

A local shopping centre... Adult entertainment is popular in Askerswell...

The other side of the freeway... Close to all ammenities. The government has allowed certain designs, that they found to be attractive, to grow over the limit. Spa's Architects & Maxis Corp. have clearly taken use of this...

A close up of the shopping centre near the CBD

The President's Lounge near various retailers and restaurants. This area is the main touristic venue in Askerswell, closely followed by the Ministry of Social Conflicts...

Well, that's closes this update. I hope you enjoy this tour around the, not yet finished, Askerswell Area.
Be sure to comment & wait till the Accomodation Update.

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Looking good there Casper.  I can see you must be having some demand issues with those abandoned buildings.  It's always difficult to go high rise before the city reaches a certain size, so good luck with that problem.

I am really looking forward to seeing you use your custom lots in your MD :thumbsup:



Hello Caspervg

I like the picture of the high wealth low density homes. Sometimes the game grows builidngs just right.
Jim Myers  (5th member of SC4 Devotion)


Personal Replies
Paroch: Thanks again, the abandoned buildings where a result of a stupid setting in my taxes window... I set all R$$$ Taxes to 3%, thus making explosive growth with not enuff' jobs.
Jmyers: The game does indeed sometimes place things very nicely. Thanks.

Update 2.5 - Accomodation Update - Buy your House/Flat/Loft
I will show you numerous picture of possible estates in Askerswell, you can buy the loft that suits you... and your budget...
First come, first serve!

Estate 1 - Loft

Estate 2 -  Loft

Estate 3 - Suburban House

Estate 4 - Loft (near Geothermal Plant)

Estate 5 - Apartment

Estate 6 - Midtown Villa

Estate 7 - Loft

Estate 8 - Apartment

Estate 9 - Cottage ||| Estate 10 - UK Semi (you get half) ||| Estate 11 - Vacation House

And two overview pictures of Askerswell...

Enjoy and pick your favourite.
Please notice that the next update will be around Saturday 22th.
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WoW...it is splendid, you have very in vain beat, with a good diversity  &apls

I like much both last general sight, they are absolutely splendid !
on your last series of images you put taken hiring of different building and house, I find that is very well make!

Good works and impatient to see your next update  :thumbsup:

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Very very nice city building. I like how you didnt forget to include some classical architecture. :thumbsup:

I think I will take the UK Semi, just to feel at home  :D


Excellent start of an MD Casper. I had some good laughs on this first page already - so will definately show up here more often  :D.

Quotethe Netherlands declared that in order for them to sign the European Act, they wanted that the constitution also commanded the people to learn English or Dutch by heart, and to forget their native language.
This could come right from my (still to start) MD. Anyhow, I think it was a mistake that our government in the past did not insist that this commandment was included in all constitutions worldwide. Glad that they saw the light when Chilcombe was founded.
QuoteDutch minorities can't stand their repression anymore
Although only 14% of the population speaks Dutch - they probably do it so loud that all the others are shied away from them.... and living up with the state motto!
QuoteThe Dutchspeaking people want a (monumental) building for every building the English people get
Now whère did I hear this concept before ?   ;)
QuoteThe Benelux has already  prepared additional troops
I am a true believer of the idea that the entire world should speak Dutch - so I'll cheer for our troops!

Excellent story Casper - and the layout of the CBD roads are very nice.
I'll stay tuned..   And to be sure that I wont be missing any of this, I'll rent the 100 Liris loft in estate1. :thumbsup:

Check my MD:               


Two very nice updates there! Great views of the city! Wonderful work!

And I will take Estate 3 - Suburban House...

Looking forward to more...


Another nice update Casper - and what a great idea.  I would have chosen Lot 3 but I see bat has beaten me to it!  So, seeing as I am from the UK, I'll go for the UK semi in Lot 10!

Lot 4 looks a bit too close to the factory for me!

Great overview pics as well - very nice looking city.



Thanks everyone. An update is coming soon, now that i'm back from the Integrated Work Period. There's a week of spring break ahead of me...  ;D
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