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March 26, 2023, 03:30:44 PM

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Nantes (Updated 4-13)

Started by Amerikaner, March 16, 2008, 09:11:08 PM

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About 23 miles outside of Nantes, we sit on the other side of Lake Montieclair, with its dazzling coast, TIENT's elite speeding by in their yachts and speedboats, and the TientLink streaming by at almost 200mph. Rail is a very important part of TIENT transportation, and is one of the three ways to get to Nantes. The other two are by boat and by airplane. There is at the moment no highway that links the city to the outside world, and one must take a ferry from Metz, about a 15 min ride, to get onto the National Motorway which leads from Metz to the city of Yjervan in Samkir. Thus rail is the most frequent use of transportation, with hundreds of thousands of commuters and tourists using it daily and nightly, keeping Nantes' six main stations busy even at two in the morning.

An Ad for TientLink, which is a HSR service in and out of Nantes, Tient. It can be seen in the Picture above.

Ad by Sixcentz


Wow... Splendid mosaic! and beautiful presentation, I am impatient to see some more your works .
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Quite a splendid job indeed  &apls

The mosaic reminds me of Italy for some reason... ;D


Very good I like your job I want more pictures  :D
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas


Yes, nice mosaic of that beautiful railway! Great work!
Also nice start!

Looking forward to more of Nantes...

Earth quake

I am impatient to see more, go on.  &apls
PS: you want to do the city of Nantes ?


Dude its crazy cool!
Also, sexy ad :)



Warconsruct- Thanks my friend, I am glad to see that you like Nantes.

Callbat- HM well look who it is, nice to see there are people out there that want to destroy Tient, lol. Thanks for the comment, nice to see you here too.

Simpson- Thanks my friend, Maquazina is very nice as well.

Bat- Glad to hear it my friend, nice to see you here at Nantes.

Earth Quake- HAHA well I almost did an "recreation" of the real thing, but alas no this is from my imagination.

SixCentz- Nice to see Samkir here as well, we shall take over and dominate, yes?  $%Grinno$%


Something not seen in Nantes on this scale, the new huge demand for high-rises in and around the city. And in no place is it anymore apparent than in the Le centre de Commerce et de Mode Sector of Nantes. With almost 9 planned or already built skyscrapers, this area is becoming the most densely populated and richest part of the city. With block after block being torn down, residents are scrambling to create Bill d'Histoire which can keep there blocks from being torn down. In the fashion news a new D&G, Prada, Muschovi, and Jean Paul Gaultier have moved into the area to compliment the area's already high up-scale shops. And with fashion week just around the corner, preparations are being made in not only Mode Park, but also many of the Cathedrals and buildings big enough to hold a fashion show, while the designers themselves put the final touches on there works

Another ad for TientLink, which connects Nantes to Yjervan,Samkir .

City Builder

Interesting what you do with the mosaics.  Is this done with a photoshop filter or plugin to make them look streaky?
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Oh!  Thanks for the negative rep, I love you too!


Very nicely presented as I think I mentioned before over at ST!


Another fantastic looking mosaic there! Great area!! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the next...



excelent start!
i love the railway from the first mosaik


The rail netowork, running along the sea is amazing , simply amazing.

And your city looks also great, Towers grow like mushrow :p .


Thanks for reply's, I will comment next "update". Anyway this is the cargo area of Nantes/Metz Mode International Airport. Hope you enjoy.


 &apls &apls &apls Great mosaics you have done . I like the snake train effect too . great start :thumbsup:


That's a nice looking part of that international airport! Great work on that mosaic! :thumbsup:


Excellent looking airport!


amerikaner love that airport and overall great MD here, I will be back for more...

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