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March 24, 2023, 01:24:38 AM

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Samkir--Update Two (3/28)

Started by TheSixCents, March 19, 2008, 09:57:48 AM

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Великая и Справедливая Республика
The Republic of Samkir

Long Ruled by Tient and Its Capital, Nantes, Samkir is now a free nation, ruled by God and his Prophet,  Archbishop Suren Akopovich.


Lying on the TientLink HSR Line, which links Nantes and Yjervan, Asmara
is known as the Cultural and Fashion Capital of Samkir.


WoW...splendid mosaic  &apls

it is very successful, the Germanic style is very beautiful and your cathedral too !

and I like your industrial park all in north and I am impatient to see some more !


Province of Acadia since 2020
Province of Zillerthal (2014)
Port Aux Captes (2009-2011)
Province of Trieste (2006-2010)
Since SC4D 2007-2022


Amazing work Chris, I am so excited to see the rest of Samkir, especially Yjervan.


I like the widespread use of grass in all the lots, very realistic. Is this a nation in the real world or Sim world also?


It looks great but I don't really get it. There are Armenian letters in the name, yet in the city there are dutch and german historical houses and a cathedral. Next to a bunch of oil reservoires.

Maybe you could give us some clues as to what we're looking at here?


I wonder the same thing what Mulefisk is. Armenian / Caucasian country would have more Russian / Turkish looking cities.


The nation is part of the Adrian Union, therefore Samkir is techincly not on Earth, and cities in Samkir may differ in style.

Pat Riot

beautiful church. Is it originally from Berlin in RL? looks familier. Great work TSC.


Great start with a wonderful mosaic! Samkir is looking great, too!

Looking forward to more of Samkir...


Great start, that is a beautiful mosaic.

Looking forward to more.


Fabulous start! So far, Samkir looks much different then your previous styles. Can't wait to see some more of your fabulous work! :)

Cheers! :thumbsup:


Umm Simkir is in Azerbaijan, why is it using Georgian.
Shouldn't it be using Latin, or Cyrillic?
Unless, it it expands to Georgia.


Good to see you have an MD here at SC4D Six Cents.

And I like the mosaic alot.  I like the mix of BATS, regardless of where they come from.  I look forward to seeing more of your development in Samkir.



                   Update One:
         "Yjervan City's" Великая Авеню (Grand Avenue)

The Великая Авеню, or Grand Avenue (Shown running down the Middle of the Picture), is
an important avenue in Central  Yjervan. Pictures running along the Pictures bottom
is the Авеню Республики, or Avenue of the Republic.

Tient's Посольство, or Embassy, is one of the biggest building's in Yjervan
and one of its most important. Currently, it is decorated to accommodate Tient's
leaders, who will come for a summit with Samkir and Terra Nonia.

The Tomb of Andrea Akopovich, Wife of the Archbishop, is located 57 Kilometers North of Yjervan, but
statue's like this one, in Западный Городской Парк (West City Park), are littered throughout the city
to commemorate Andrea , Who Died in a Train Accident in 1997.

The city takes deep pride in Новый Центр Исполнительных видов искусства, the Cities recently built
Performing Arts Center. It is host to Ballet, Opera, and Theater from all over the world.

The Филёвский парк (Filyovsky Park) Station on the Yjervan Metro, (The Gray, Classical Building) is the busiest station in the System, serving the Western portion of the Government District.




warconstruct- Thanks Man! One of the nicer comments :)
Amerikaner- Thanks Luke
Yoman- Naw, Its only in the SimWorld for the time being.
Mulefisk/Krio/TheGunkid- Changed the Text, but like i said, the country exists in the SimWorld.
Pat Riot- TY Pat
jrhnemo- Im glad you like it.
paroch- A Nice Comment :)Thanks :)
bat- Thank you very Much.
bigberta- I am in love with your new MD!


Excellent! It reminds me of Russia.

Pat Riot

Whats up with that multicolored dome? Its crazy  :D

Nice photoshopping, good work with the Tient Embassy.


Wow! What an amazing update! The city has a definite feel to it, you don't wonder "where am I?" :) Fantastic!

Cheers! :thumbsup:


The second update is wonderful there! And great mosaics and pictures of Samkir!
Bonus pictures are also fantastic!

Looking forward to the third update...


Just to let you know that "Samkir" is "Самкир" in both Russian, and Azerbaijani Cyrillic.
I don't know where you got "Vyelikaya and Cpravyedlivaya Republic" from.

EDIT: OK, I think we've exhausted the debate on the correct usage of Russian, Azerbaijani, or any other alphabets. TheSixCents has explained his reasoning for using the alphabet that he has chosen and, since it's his MD, is free to use any alphabet he desires. Let's move away from this, shall we? - Dustin (thundercrack83)


Woa ! It's fantastic  :thumbsup: !