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chapter 6 Pictures available (2-24-2009)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Table of Contents-

Story Arc: Nex quod Vita
   Chapter 1: Stay Awake- Song: Mad World by Gary Jiles
          Part 1: 09/07/2008 LINK
          Part 2: 10/06/2008 LINK
          Part 3: 10/20/2008 LINK
   Chapter 2: In the Blink of an Eye- Song: Brick by Ben Folds Five
          10/25/2008 LINK
   Chapter 3: World Turning Upside Down- Song: I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan
          11/12/2008 LINK
   Chapter 4: Unplanned Atonement- Song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan
          In Progress

   Side Story: Amestria
   Chapter 1 & 2: On Hold 04/07/2008 LINK

:bomb: Author's Disclaimer, Rules, and General Rants  :bomb:

1) Yes, I'm going to have gay scenes, drugs, alcohol, prostitiution (nothing it too deep of detail) and all the evils of life you'd find in a normal city. If you don't like them, nobody is forcing you to read it. Simple as that.
2) Flaming. Why do people feel the need for this? Why? Do I make rude comments on your CJ/MD? I didn't think so. So show me the same respect.
3) I''m not paying for your therapist, nor am I paid to be yours. So if something upsets you, don't whine about it or your life on this space. That's what state-run mental health hotlines are for. (Yes.... I've really had people do this in the past.)
4) I'm open to constructive critism. I love it, I thrive off it. Tell me if you want to see something, or even if you just notice a mistake.
5) Don't advertise your stuff on my stuff. I don't do that to you. And if you do it to me (unless of course you have my permission to do so), for one, I'm blacklisting you, and two, I'm going to rant about it on your CJ/MD.

On a side note, I will continue Amestria kind of as a side plot here in this CJ/MD. It's probably not going to be mentioned that much as Timbervale is my new pet project (and hopefully will be for a while).

You decide their fate...

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What a way to start a new live.... Stephen King could learn from you  :thumbsup:
Check my MD:               


That's a great first chapter! And like the pictures of the air plane! The first one is fantastic!
Great work on it! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to the second chapter of Amestria! ;)


Hopefully this one won't have zombies :P Excellent start though!  :thumbsup:

Toichus Maximus

This wouldn't, perchance, have some FMA influences, now, would it?  ;)

Great start, looking forward to more.


OooooooO now this is defintly a twist Jacob, a story about a brat and his PM of a Dad hmmm now this has to be intresting and I do mean it....  Im hooked and I cant wait to see the next chapter and any song guesses this time around?

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Haha, when I saw that first shot I thought the plane was actually as big as the entire airport. :P But then I looked again and saw that it was up in the air.  ::)

Looks good though, nice first update.


Very good  :D
Where do you find the modd for the rain???  ()what()
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Teaser of Lopsas[+ How did I do it?]:Lopsas



Well, due to overwelming replies.... it looks like this story is here to stay. I firgured I'd take a page from Ian's (zelgadis) book and give character introductions here (Note to Ian: Sorry.... not trying to rip off your ideas... it's just so darned good I had to copy). Also, makes it easier for people to imagine the individual characters... and add eye candy for all you anime fans out there. (Yes... it's anime themed.... shame on me...)

So, introducing the characters we've met so far:

Edward Hoenbell
Age: 17
Siblings: None

Edward, who happens to be the Prime Minister of Amestria's son, if forced to move to Amestria from the US when his mother and brother die in a tragic accident. Edward tends to despise his father due to the fact that he generally has ignored him his entire life and not even showing up at his mother and brother's funeral.

Having none of his few childhood friends with him, he's generally hot-tempered to hide the fact that he is lonely. Also, he's extremely sensitive about his height, a mere 5'2" (157.5cm) and gets teased constantly about it.

Madame Secretary Lai Misomia
Age: 25
Siblings: None

Lai, usually referred to as Madame Secretary, is the Prime Minister's personal secretary. It's her duty in the nation to work with the Prime Minister, and with Edward's arrival, make sure the PM's son doesn't get into trouble.

So... that's everyone....

Time for some replies:
sebes: King couldn't live up to my awesomeness :P
bat: Well, expect is to be sometime this week if I have my way!
Yoman: The trailers said that there wouldn't be. Trailer's don't lie..... Wait a sec.... :P Honestly thoguh, this one won't be involving zombie if I can help it.
Toichus Maximus: I have no idea what you're talking about. :-[ Hehehe....
Pat: Possibly. I haven't decided yet. Most likely if I can manage it.
Mulefisk: Gah! Giant planes from Mars! Hey now... that might be a good plot.... :P
Simpson: No modd... just some photoshopping. That's all.  :)

Well, that's all for today peoples. Look forward to the next chapter (or maybe even a trailer -nudge nudge-) coming out later this week. Should have the pictures ready in about a day or two if things go well.


You decide their fate...

"Ok class... this week we graduate from 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to 'Bazooka, Tear Gas, Butcher Knife'..." -derived from a Maki Murakami manga


Jacob those so far are very intresting charater bio's.... I cant wait for the next update...

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Very interesting way to make a MD.  I'm not much of a reader but I think I will try to follow this one.
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Nice introducing of the characters there! And again looking forward to chapter 2! ;)


Hey Jacob I see you changed a few things here lol and I like the new pics, btw I want windsor park back!!!

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Shadow Assassin

Heh, the wet weather looks pretty impressive.

Love the story and well, since this is only the beginning, can't wait till the next update.
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-Chapter 1 Moved Here-

Ok.... so it's now Spring 2008. And I guess, as I promised to those of you who read Windsor Park (hopefully ;) ), I'd be releasing this.

I've only got Chapter 1 set up and written right now, so I guess you all will have to read that....

I guess a few warnings are in place....

Beware annoying bratty teenagers with ill-tempers to be common place in the plot. Also, things will be getting PG-13 in here, so if you can't handle that.... you shouldn't be on this site :P

Other than that, I'm going to be just writing the story as I go... and, well, enjoy!

"As we begin our final descent, we ask that you return your seat and tray to the upright position. Please make sure all baggage is secured properly and all electronic devices are shut off at this time. We will be landing shortly in Amestria."

Ignoring as the announcement on the intercom started again in another language, Edward turned his attention to the window on his right, looking at the wide green valley and giant airport below the rapidly descending aircraft.

It had been nearly 12 hours since he'd gotten on to the plane, and his legs were slowly getting numb. He muttered to himself, regretting not getting up like he was told to before the flight, and knew that he'd be limping off the airplane considering the slightly prickling feeling creeping p his thighs.

"Ugh! Can't they just land the plane already!?" he griped out loud, kicking the seat in front of him, much to the annoyance of the stranger sitting in front of him.

"Edward, quit whining," the older girl next to him growled, "I'm tired of listening to you complain about moving and the plane trip."

"So what?" he shot back, turning to look at her with a perturbed look on his face, "It's not like you had to leave all your friends and move to some stupid place. You've been living here for years."

Rolling her eyes, she turned away from her annoying younger companion.

"You know, you could make the best of it," she muttered, gripping the handrails of her seat as a low rumbling shook the plane.

"Jeez," Ed sighed, smirking as his she paled with the sudden rumbling and shaking of the airplane, "Haven't you heard of landing gear and turbulence?"

"Just shut up," she gasped, bringing her hand to her mouth, "Or I'm going to vomit all over your tiny shoes."

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT THEY COULD HAVE BEEN AN OOMPALOOMPA!??" he screamed out, making most of the crowded cabin turn around and stare at him.

"Well, I don't remember saying that, but if you say so..." she said, smirking at finally scoring an insult against him.

As the plane landed on the runway, slowed to a halt and made its way to the appropriate gate, the two sat in silence, Ed shooting death glances at the woman next to him.

As the engines slowly whined down to a stop, the cabin lights turned back on, and its passengers stood up.

"On behalf of the flight crew, we thank you for flying with us here at British Airways. Local time is 14:25 and the weather outside is a balmy 15.56°C with heavy showers in the Greater Valley Area. Cabin crew, please begin arrival procedures."

"So, I've arrived in hell," Edward scowled, looking out the small window to the men in raincoats on the tarmac, "And it's raining."

"Yes Ed, hell is rainy," she replied, and to add further insult to her previous comment, "And you're the one wearing the grocery bag as a poncho."

Turning to her, he squinted his eyes, and balled his fists at his sides.

"I am so not qualifying that with an answer..." he replied, the cold hatred easily heard in his voice.

Grabbing their bags from the compartment above their heads, she handed Ed his suitcase as she grabbed her own.

"Come on," she called behind her following the crowd of people making their way to the door on her left, "Gretna is waiting out in the car, and I would rather not spend my day in the airport."

Though not admitting it out loud, Ed silently noted that he was lucky to be so short, and easily weaved through the people on the airplane, easily keeping pace with his much taller companion.

"Gretna?" he asked her, as they made their way to through customs and the baggage claim area, "Hasn't that evil dinosaur of a woman died off yet? She has to be what? 100 or 200 easily?"

"You know she'd poison your food if she heard you say that, right?" she called back to him, laying their passports on the small pad at the customs gate, as the information was quickly downloaded onto the screen in front of the agent.

Receiving a nod from the man, she grabbed them again, and they made their way out of the busy terminal, toward the black Lexus waiting just outside the doors, its lights on and windshield wipers going full speed against the pouring rain outside.

As they stepped outside, running quickly to the car, Ed could feel himself getting thoroughly drenched.

Throwing their suitcases into the trunk of the black car, and jumping into backseat, Ed couldn't help but notice that he was indeed in hell, and that it was miserably rainy. And like any great hell, it had an all-powerful devil.

Unfornately for Ed, the devil, or in this case the Prime Minister, happened to be named 'Dad'.
Well, thus concludes chapter 1 of Amestria!

Comments and questions are more than welcome, and don't forget to check out the Windsor Park MD for wonderful zombie fun!



Gah! Even more replies?! Well, before I get to those, I have a couple of pieces of news...

Windsor Park has been discontinued here on SC4D due to a rule about there being only 1 MD per person. It's still going to be available on ST, but can not be posted now at this site. I did have the option to have both in the same thread, but I spoke with some people, and everyone agreed with me that it would be too confusing have both in the same area.

I'll be posting direct links to ST for those of you that still read Windsor Park so that you can still keep up with updates.

Well, that's it.

Replies (continued):
Pat: Yeah... I took the idea from zelgadis' CJ on ST
rooker1: Thanks!
bat: Thanks!
Pat (again): I know.... but the admins won't let me. Not without making things much more confusing.
Shadow Assassin: Thanks!

And now....

"Well...." The woman next to him replied as the black car pulled up to the sprawling grounds of the mansion, "What do you think of your father's home?"

Staring at the giant home, he rolled his eyes and sighed.

"Do you think he's over compensating a little?" Edward smirked, proud at the jab he'd made at his non-present father.

Blushing slightly, the woman next to him looked away, holding back a small laugh.

As the car stopped in front of the massive front door of the estate, Edward unbuckled his seatbelt and opened the car door.

"This place is too big," he replied flatly craning his neck up trying to take in the massiveness of the place.

"Afraid you're going to get a little lost?" the young woman asked, opening the trunk to remove their bags.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO TINY THEY COULD USE A PANTRY AS A MASTER BEDROOM!?" he screamed, flailing his arms as his face turned to same shade as a ripe strawberry.

"You took that one way out of context, you know?" she sighed, shaking her head slightly at the sensitivity of the short blonde.

Huffing slightly, he grabbed his suitcase from her and walked towards the large front doors.


Walking into the dimly lit, and utterly massive entry hall, Edward noted how each of his steps echoed  in the eerily quiet  manor.

"Geez..." he muttered to himself, "Who would want to live in a place like this?"

"I'm guessing anyone that would be civilized," answered a shaky old voice with a strong accent.

"Oh... um... hi Gretna. How.... are you doing?" he asked, and adding an illegible scathing insult under his breath.

"I'm surprised that they let a filthy foreigner like you allowed you into my country." she replied dryly, not surprisingly having heard the scathing comment.

"Dried up old hag," Ed countered... his eyes squinting at the old woman.

"Spoiled little evil sh..." she began quickly getting cut off by the younger woman coming into the hall.

"Gretna... I see you've gotten to say hello again to the Prime Minister's son?" she replied, cutting off the next words coming out of the old woman's mouth.

"Yes Madame," she replied coldly glaring at Edward who was smiling at her, death glances shooting from his eyes.

"Come along Edward," the woman replied, rolling her eyes at the hate passing between the two, "I'll show you around the estate and show you where your room is."

As he followed the older girl around the house, he noted the sheer feeling of emptiness of each room and its adjoining halls, and how each room had a distinctive echo.

He noted to himself that he'd be extremely bored, and desperately hoped there was a good library or at least internet connection in the so-called palace.

Finally, she stopped in front of a room and opened the door for him.

"This will be your room," she said, beckoning him into the room and began showing him around. "Here is your closet... please don't mistake it for your main room..." she began, making a jab at his comment he made earlier that morning, "And your bathroom is here. You'll have a place for your computer here when you are here."

"What do you mean staying here?" he asked, trying to figure out what she meant. "Are you telling me that my bastard of a father has another frigging mansion?"

"No Edward. This is his governmental manor. The only one. But..." she continued, her face slowly turning to a smirk as she opened his closet and made room between the odd uniforms inside it.
"Ok... you not making sense," he replied, scratching his head, watching her riffle through the offending garments, "And why are there other people's clothing in my room. This place has to have more closets than just mine."

"Oh they're yours," she said, her smirk spreading even more across her face.

"I'm not wearing those here," he whined, clutching his suitcase closer to his side.

"Don't worry Ed, you won't be wearing them here," she replied, causing him to look at her with a confused look on his face.

"What do you mean I 'won't be wearing them here'?" the disappointment and hurt creeping into his voice, "Where would I wear them if not here?"

"Didn't I tell you?" she asked, trying to hide the evil laughter in her voice with an innocent look on her face, "You're going to a private boarding school. Your father said Gretna suggested it. Best in the country from what I hear."

"WHAT?!" he screamed, filling the empty hallways of the gigantic mansion, much to the delight of the old woman cleaning the entry hall below.

Well, hope you all enjoyed the chapter! More probably next week!

You decide their fate...

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Oh I would kill someone if I were sent to boarding school :P

Nice update!


gaaaaaah anther one of my post disappered thanks to moving lol..... Jacob wonderful update here and Yoman has it right on the head I would have killed if i was sent to boarding school...  BTW any update's on WP?

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That father's gigantic mansion is looking very great! Wonderful pictures of it there! Like the fog-effect!

Looking forward to more...


New MD huh? Now I'll need more monkeys.
Great start on this one.  :thumbsup:


OMG! I can't believe its been 2 months since I updated. Been working and getting ready for school... fixing my computer... and such and I've FINALLY gotten to updating!

Sorry for taking so long to update but now that I don't work every night, I look forward to being able to fit more freetime in around my homework and such.

And now....

Yoman- Lol... so would I!
Pat- I've suspended WP for a while, not really feeling it, you know?
bat- Thanks!
xxdita- Lots of new monkeys!

Chapter 3: Torment

"Oh god... What the hell happened ... Where am I?" Ed muttered to himself as he opened his eyes, slowly regaining consciousness. Looking first to his left and then to his right, he began to realize that he was in the center of a normally busy highway.

Looking around at the scene before him, his brain frantically tried to piece together his memories from minutes before, looking around at the dozens of cars strewn about the large highway, much like a set of toys from a young child's room. Walking around in the eerily calm area, he could hear the muffled screams from some of the people still trapped, while many other cars remained silent.

Looking down he could see large amounts of blood oozing down his left leg and right arm. Looking back up he realized he was standing in front of what was once the family car.

"HELP! SOMEONE!" he screamed out looking around at the carnage around him on the freeway.

Struggling to move his left leg and right arm, he made his way to the car. He looked inside the remains from the cabin and began to scream...

Waking up, drenched in sweat, Ed looked around where he was, slowly regaining the feeling in his now asleep leg and arm.

Turning to the clock beside the bed he noticed it read 1:30 in the morning.

He jumped as the door to his room opened up and Lai poked her head inside, hair tangled from sleep.

"Edward?" she called out into the dark room, trying to make out his dark figure across the dimly lit space, "What's wrong? Are you ok?"

"Yeah..." Edward sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"Well," she continued, opening the door more to allow light to fall onto his bed, "I heard screaming from your room and I was worried."

She met her concern with silence, as Edward lay on his bed, slowly recovering from his overly realistic nightmare, trying desperately to slow his breathing and stop shivering. 

"What happened?" she continued, concern spreading across her face, "You didn't have that nightmare again did you?"

"Yeah," Ed whispered, barely audible in the room, "I had that nightmare again. The one from that day."

Lai reached for the light switch next to the door, and flicking it on walked over to Ed's bed as he quietly began sobbing.

"Edward..." she said to him, sitting down on the edge of his bed, and reached for his hand. "You can't keep blaming yourself for what happened. It wasn't your fault and nobody blames you for it," she continued, looking at him with sympathy in her eyes.

"Yeah..." Edward said, continued between sobs, "Someone does. You know he does."

Having no reply to the supposed reference to his father, Lai sat in silence calming Edward as slowly he cried himself to sleep.


"Who the hell says I have to wake up this early in the morning?!" Edward groaned, reaching for the piping hot cup of coffee in front of him looking at the remains of eggs, hash browns, and bacon in front of him.

"Well, Edward," Lai replied, trying desperately to not throw, in annoyance, the remains of her bagel with cream cheese at the still yawning teen "I don't exactly control the train schedules here."

"All your government power and you can't change something as simple as a train schedule?" Ed retorted, poking his fork into the small bowl of discarded cream and oatmeal, "Don't they trust you to figure something out like that?"

"Well, you're running short on time before we need to catch your train to the school," she replied, ignoring his previous comment, quickly adding "And before you even think about making a complaint about me calling you short... that was NOT directed at your height."

"Wow..." he replied, looking at her in dismay, "You learn fast."

"One more wise crack and I'm going to slip milk and horse tranquilizers in your coffee," she replied, looking at her watch as she got up and made her way to the door.

"You wouldn't dare ruin my perfectly good coffee," he gasped in mock seriousness, pulling his coffee several inches closer to his chest.

"No..." she replied, looking back at him from the doorway, "But Gretna happily would. And she does make all your food here."

Turning back around and walking out of the small breakfast room, she called out, "Now come on... we're leaving in ten minutes for the station in town."


Grabbing his new leather school bag and pulling at the itchy new uniform, which he'd aptly named his monkey suit, Edward looked at the gleaming train before him, letting out a long whistle.

"Geez, you Amestrians sure take your trains seriously, huh?" he said out loud looking over to Lai as she finished giving orders to the man in the black suit and dark glasses.

"Yeah," she replied, pulling out her thin, sleek cell phone and began typing a text out, "But this is the main form of travel across the country."

"And apparently your cell phones," he continued, pointing his finger at her phone as she put it back in her purse.

"Government issue," she replied, reaching further into her bag and tossing a shiny object at him, "And this is for you."

Catching it, he looked into his hands, and let out a small gasp.

"Geez!" he managed, turning the sleek, black and silver item around in his hands, "What is it?"

"Your phone..." she blandly replied, slightly pushing him forward as the small crowd on the platform made their way onto the train, "And I expect you to keep it on you at all times. I already transferred your contacts on there and it should be active now. It's got WiMax, unlimited text and calls, music and video, and even a video phone. Most importantly it has GPS. Just one of the few perks on having a governmental contract."

"Uh... wow...." he continued with a slight stutter, running his hand through his bangs and looking up at her, "Thanks! You really didn't have to... But why is GPS so important?"

"Because..." she replied, a slight smirk spreading on her face.

"Why?" he demanded, feeling an onslaught of jokes at his expense coming at him.

"Well..." she replied, waving her hand around at all the people around them, all of which were considerably taller than Ed, "How else could we find a bean sprout like you in a crowd like this?"

"Great..." he thought to himself before unleashing a torrent of insults at the significantly taller woman in front of him, "I'm clearly living in short people hell, and the devil's advocate has a damned twisted sense of humor."


And to make up for my lack of updates.... some fun extras!

You decide their fate...

"Ok class... this week we graduate from 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' to 'Bazooka, Tear Gas, Butcher Knife'..." -derived from a Maki Murakami manga