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March 24, 2023, 03:10:09 AM

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Réaumur 09/02

Started by n3w-y0rk-city, April 06, 2008, 09:53:36 AM

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Hi, I'm french my english isn't very good so please if is this some errors can you be forgiving
Today Réaumur


Interesting city you have here. Excellent use of the seasonal trees.
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Please, call me Leo.  I quote John Lennon now, a great musician and philosopher. Particularly, one of his songs: You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you join us, and the world will live as one.



A great start there of Réaumur's land! Wonderful first pictures of it!!

Looking forward to more of Réaumur... ;)


Thank you
I think tomorow the weather of Réaumur come
If you don't understand I'm sorry because I'm french and my english isn't very good


Very nice start and don't worry about your english, especially if you show this many pics.  :D
If I could make a few suggestions, it would be to turn off the pause button, turn off the menu icons and possilbe get a side walk modd to make your sidewalks more uniform.  I personelly hate those red sidewalks.

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Thank you my plesure !
I like the red sidewalks  ::)


That's fine that you like the red sidewalks, my point was that you have several colours of sidewalks and by choosing one, I thought it may look better and make your city more uniform.  ;)

Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Ok but i don't know if i can choose just 1 color ...

oday Mal devoted solely to the Old City of Réaumur les Bains

Most of the buildings have been very well maintained since the late fourteenth-century

View from east to west of the Old City

The station

The big wheel

A church dating from the sixteenth century

The central library with more than 10000 books

The statue of the liberation of the Réaumur's region in 1731

An overview from the north

The channel was started as a means of defense against invasions & now even the tourists can take a pedals do through the historic centre

I hope you enjoy it!


You need to have some patience.  People will come, don't you worry.
It was a nice update, BTW.
Robin  ;)
Call me Robin, please.


Great work there on that part of your city, n3w-y0rk-city!
Nice work on the canals...


Hello n3w-y0rk-city,

I like to see how you use some famous landmarks and to turn them into a new way &apls.

The big Soviet Victory statue is wonderfull in the middle of the canal (though a water link between your canal and the see would have been nice ;)). Can you tell us where does your library come from ?

A question : How do you sims living in this wonderfull old houses do to catch their train ()what()?
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Thank you for all
the library is in the LEX
I have make a tramway for going to the railway station if it's that your question 


Beautifull town  :thumbsup:
We want to see more to make further comments  ;)


The point 0 of the tramway of Réaumur ... The lines 1,2,4 & 5 transit here

The CBD Réaumur - O'clock


Great work  :thumbsup:
You should not flood us with such many update per day :)

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Good work  :thumbsup:
However, you must make some corrections on some parts  ;)