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Started by Diggis, April 08, 2008, 10:36:12 AM

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OK, I am going to copy my CJ over here.  Much of this has already been posted at Peg's but I thought I'd try a wider audience.  I'll be bringing across the updates one at a time over the next wee while so keep checking in. (Mods, I think this is the right place.  Please move it if not. :thumbsup:)

I forgot the very first post:


Watersford Forks

Nestled between the left and right legs of the Watersford River, the arrivals decided this was the place to start their civilisation.  Being at the fork of the river the unimaginative locals called it Watersford Forks.

The first building erected it naturally the Cathedral to the Great God Diggis.  This impressive building was built to host the daily ceremonies worshiping the benevolent God.

These keen workers are ready to move into their new Farms, complete with irrigation courtesy of SG contracting.

As you can see they were so keen SG contracting had to undertake extra work to keep up with the demand.

But whats this.  It seems the False Idol Samflash has tried to move into the neighbourhood.  Fortunately we have ways of dealing with him.

The people of Watersford are safe from temptation... For now...


Great, I'll be able to read this again. Thanks, Diggis.
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It's very cool to see your CJ/MD here.  I like the way you take care of problems.  ;)
Robin  :thumbsup:
Call me Robin, please.


Thanks guys.  I have a few updates all liked up so should be able to keep this active.  Barby, I know you feature in here at some point.  :P

I'll tie others in more when I have caught up.  At the moment the main characters are from SimPeg, or major players like SG and Andreas.


nice start  :thumbsup: and cool animation. hope to see more of them in the future


Diggis I cant wait to see this in full swing here woohoo!!!  Dont worry you brought this in the right place...

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Yes, it's great to see it here!

And wonderful start there! Like the pictures!

Looking forward to more...


The Lester family, one of the first families of  Watersford Forks decided to move south and establish
a town where they could build up some industry to service the region.  Being rich, and slightly
conceited, they naturally named this new town after themselves.

Being slightly less pious than their northern neighbours they decided against building a church to the
Great God Diggis straight off.  They'd better get one up soon, before Diggis gets vengeful.  They
should learn from the punishment of the Pretender Samflash.

Lester Industrial Park was laid out to encourage industry in the town.

As you see it worked, and developers were quick to expand the park and cash in.

As you can see some of the farmers from Watersford Forks were quick to expand some of their
operations south. 

Looks like life is booming in South Lester .

Squidi: Thanks, I enjoy making them mostly.  Sorry none this time, but there will be more

Pat: Thanks for the welcome.

Bat: Here's more for you now.


Nice work Diggis, I haven't read the PEG MD so this is all new to me.

I must say, I've seen plenty of things blown up around here, but that's the first time I've seen a maxis church meet a fate like that  :D

QuoteThough we are being a bit self-centered, eh, Great God Diggis? 
Not dreaming of being Jonah Lomu again are you  $%Grinno$%

Seriously, like the start and will be looking out for the next instalment. I'll leave the sheep jokes 'til later  ;)




Great to see Great Gods own MD here Diggis! I never read it at Peg's so it's all new to me. We better start worshipping or fear the consequences if I get the message straight, right? 
Check my MD:               


Damn Skippy to all three of you... Bow down in fear  ()flamdev()


Fantastic more new pictures, Diggis! And like the video at the beginnging! :thumbsup:


nice animation with the church going down in flames! well done!

waiting fore more!

... really, it is. I swear.


Great Update Great God Diggis!!!! I lurked at pegs but I wont lurk here or I might get hurt.....  Gotta avoid getting hurt nowadays lol....

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Excellent start, Diggis. This will be an interesting MD to follow, and I'm looking forward to doing just that.

Until next time...


In the few short years since the Lester family founded the town South Lester has grown. 

The farming is really taking off.  You can see the members of the Dutch community trying
to retain some of their heritage.

The Lester family's visions of an industrial centre sure are coming to fruition.  Cal Fame
have moved in, as have the brickworks over the road.

Looks like they'll be raking in the dosh for all rent they charge.

And here we have Pratt's Bottom nestled in amongst the trees of Pegasus Park. This small
Park was deeded to the town by the Pegasus family, South Lester's second oldest family.
This park is where the locals like to meet and tell lies.  You can usually find Sam, Naroc
and the Vicki's hiding behind one of the trees. Most of the locals visit occasionally, usually
when some of the local wildlife wanders by.


Looks like there might be a game going on at Pratt's Bottom, Let's take a look  Looks like a
match between South Lester and Waterford Forks. This is a very old rivalry going back to
the dawn of time (a whole 9 years).

On the sporting note, we also have the rugby ground in the new eastern suburb.  Here is
where the locals teams practice for the weekends games.  In summer the teams are hoping
to start a sevens tournament here.  Best of luck to them, but they may need to start a
couple more cities to stop if from being a two horse race.

Well, time to move on, looks like there may be plans of some expansion to the east so
maybe we'll keep an eye on that next time.

Forgot the replies:  &mmm

Bat: Glad you like it, it was my first attempt at Flash.

GMT: Thank, I had fun doing that one.  Here is another for you.

Pat: I could never smite you... Unless you angered me of course.  :o

Joan: Thanks Joan.  Keep an eye out for some Nutty stuff later on.


Nice farmfields, but industry bit less. But all is good.
Thank you for visiting Kolbrów, and for being for last ten years!


When i saw the first pic. i said ' ohhhh amateur " But when i saw the last pic. i said " ohhhh profesionalist " ;)
Well done ;)


heheehe well i sure do hope I never anger you Diggis lol, anyways M8 wondeful classical update here!!!

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Nice overview, Diggis, good looking farms and very workable layout. You have a lot of green space and I like that. As for Pratt's Bottom, rumor has it there might be a Nutty new cricket ground released soon, so maybe it will find a niche in Watersford, too! ;D