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Started by Diggis, April 08, 2008, 10:36:12 AM

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Finally after 81 posts the Watersford Councils have prepared Barby's Honour.  We would like to unveil the new online encyclopedia for Watersford:
Barbypedia: More alive than the Original.

Barby was has been elected to the keeper of all knowledge of Watersford, a role she has filled unofficially for many years already.

DTP: Yeah, it did sound suspicious...  Bear in mind most of the force were upfront and it really was only the communications officer changing the story.  ::)

BAT: Thanks, not my best effort, but fun none the less.

Kimcar: Thanks, It gets harder to come up with new tricks, but I've still got a few tricks up my sleeves.  I think I need to put on my long sleeve shirt again soon though.  :P

Paul: Yes, but how do you ask a question about something you weren't supposed to have seen?  ()what()

Joan: I promise I'll put up more soon, time has been short this month.  Working on it though.

Herdervriend: No problem, if I can be of more help, let me know. :thumbsup: Welcome to Watersford.

Alex: Don't watch the tanks too close, they travel sideways a wee bit.  &mmm

Meastro: Dag! You need to visit more often my Dutch friend.

Rushman: The streams are on the LEX, look under Diggis.  Those blank lots are actually zoned, but I turned the zones off for the pics.

Matt B: Yeah, thats you, causing bankruptcy trouble.  Please come back soon.  :)

Matt: Good point.  You know the saying, military intelligence is an oxymoron.  :D

Simpson: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.


Excellent stuff, Diggis. I hope no one actually finds Barbypedia or you may be in trouble $%Grinno$%
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Barbypedia: More alive than the original


great stuff on the animation an the Barbypedia  &apls
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Shaun - that is possibly the best "double zero award" I have ever seen.  Very clever - I like it loads.


Very clever, and oh so true! I've never asked her a game-related question that she didn't have an immediate and correct answer for it.

Looking forward to the next Watersford update, but willing to wait as long as it takes!


P.S. I used to be a walking encyclopaedia myself, but somewhere along the line the index got lost! ::)


Great work on the Barbypedia there! Looks nice!

Looking forward to the next update... ;)


Loved the tanks and a great Barbypedia  :D
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Barbypedia, as well as your city, are awesome! I love them! :thumbsup:
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Shaun that is a fantastic Barbypedia!!! talk about informative and also very captive to say the most and I cant wait for that tut that is still in the works somewhere lol....

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Quote29aug: Sebes spotted as SC4D

Sure - I was still looking for those thousands of soldiers in the fields  ;)
And, I know somebody who told me he was posting that day... unfortunatly missed the big event....

The Barbyipedia page is great Shaun. The content is hilarious, as usual, and it fun reading it.
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Brilliant update, Shaun!   &apls  I laughed... I cried... I bought a new laptop (due, of course, to the significant water damage sustained whilst the tears fell on the old one)... and then I decided to post.  I also enjoyed the previous update even though I failed to comment at the time (as usual).  Perhaps... but only perhaps as we all should know better by now... I'll do better with the next update.  I'm looking forward to it regardless of whether or not I remember to type something though! ;)


And I didn't even swear this time!

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It's been a while since we visited Watersford Forks.  Last time we were there big business were
poking their noses in. By the looks of things they may have got a foot hold.

Development in Watersford Forks is booming.  Many smaller inner city blocks are being turned into
highrises, both residential and commercial.   

More residents meant more schools were needed.  Chapman Banking Corp stepped up and helped
out with some top notch sports equipment for the schools.  The tennis facilities are particularly
popular and it's hoped future champions are being born.

Goobergen got a little carried away with the concept of a monopoly.  But for some reason all 9
shops are doing a roaring trade.  Seems Watersford Forks residents can't get enough of Goobers

There are still some farmers holding out from the developers.  Tage 'Ripped Jeans' Aland still has
his wee farm on the outskirts despite being the owner of the new Airport in Kerrysville.  He says
he likes the way the stream curves around his farm.

By night Watersford Forks lights up.  Seems many residents are working very hard at night
making money for their bosses.  Although I have it on good authority (read, I made it up) that
many of them are just surfing the net and creating custom content for games.  Some things
never change.

One of the more serious points is water pollution in Watersford.  Local Engineer and renowned
canoeist Arne Vester has investered money into the Shalloya Project to research ways of
minimizing water pollution and reducing the volume of water usage in the region.  They
commissioned local architect Cerulean of CHARCH to design a building for their needs.  Clever
use of lighting inside the 2 reservoirs at the front has given the building its unique blue glow. 
It looks great now, but you should see the colours it goes when the scientists contaminate
the water in the reservoirs.

Finally a night shot of the sunken plazas.  We've shown a night shot to showcase the new
lighting put in after a local resident tried to sue DeadWoods Corp for injuries sustained after
falling into one of the entrances at night.  Head of DWC Brian D foughtthe case and once it
was discovered the 'resident' was on the property committing burglary Judge Edgren quickly
threw the case out and jailed the thief for both burglary and being an idiot.

Thank Diggis the court system is still using common sense in Watersford, as it's becoming less
common everywhere we look.  Looks like it's in safe hands for now, we'll drop back in soon
too see how the development is going.

Barby: It was a well deserved honour given all the help you have given me, and everyone else over the years.  &apls

Art128: Thanks, I had fun doing it.

Paul: Cheers Mate, I may have set the bar a little high given how close to 200 I am.  But nothing but the best for the Goddess.

Joan: You're right, although I did see her say 'I don't know' once... :shocked2:

Bat:  Thats, and here it is.

Catty: Always good to see a fellow Kiwi about.  You should see those tanks up close, not quite so lovable. :D

Sheep49: Thanks mate. And welcome to Watersford

Pat: Barbypedia is the most informative wiki I have found.  Not as editable as some of the others though.  :D

Sebes: Welcome back.  Good to see you around.  I had a lot of fun writing it, although had a bit of help on the headlines.

Jon: Feel free to send me the bill for that laptop, just don't expect me to pay it.  :D  Welcome back, hope to see a bit more of you you round more. (I saw where that was headed)


Hi Diggis  :)
Your new update is very fine as well, and I love your pond lol  ;D
The 4th pic is one of my preferate,  very réalistic
I'm until forward to the next update
My new city is now here
The région of Kaikoura

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hi my friend, very nice update  &apls realy realistic  &apls
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The big businesses don't have a foothold so much as... a good foundation at this point.  No doubt big things are on the way. Glad to see the schools and their facilities are well funded. Those courts look very nice. The 3rd pic seems to be a bit off for me (no GooberNuts that I can see, just the night pic of the idiot burglar incident -edit- seem that has been taken care of now). Tage has a nice farm setup there and he's right, that creek does look nice through there. The water building does have an interesting glow and I imagine that contamination might make it look a bit like a lava lamp. At least you'll know when to break out a new filter. I'm not going to even touch the attempted burglary (law school is done for the weekend, why am I thinking about licensees and invitees?) except to say I think he got what he deserved there. Great update here Shaun, and the Barbypedia page was interesting too. Long photoshop session or what? Take it easy and I'll look forward to the next update.


Another excellent update, Shaun, especially once you sorted out your nuts picture.
I like the variety in your cities as they seem to present a cohesive development.
Inside every old person is a young person wondering what happened. TP

Barbypedia: More alive than the original


That newest update is great there, Diggis!

And like the fourth picture! Wonderful using there of your river stuff!!!
Wonderful work, too!
The night shots are also looking fantastic...

Looking forward to more... ;)


Watersford Forks is looking good there Shaun - it's nice to include a pic of the develpoment in progress, something often overlooked.

And those tennis courts look good there, thanks for the plug - I think it's the first time I've seen them crop up in an MD.  And amongst those late night batters and lotters, I think I can see tow people in a pub learning to bat by candle light!

You're right about Tage's farm, it does look good there - your streams are a nice addition to the game and I really need to start using them.



Starbucks beware... Goober's Nuts has taken over!  :D

Nice update, Shaun.  It looks like Waterford Forks is experiencing quite a construction boom... it should be interesting to see what the results of all that will be.  The tennis courts do look nice, as does Ripped Jeans Acres.  I love the night shots!  Maybe I should finally install that mod and see what it can do...  &Thk/(

Quote from: paroch on September 06, 2008, 08:46:26 AM
And amongst those late night batters and lotters, I think I can see tow people in a pub learning to bat by candle light!

I have no idea who that could possibly mean...  ::)

The bill is on its way, but I assure you that I shant hold my breath for long.  ;)  I also promise not to show too much of myself (whatever that might mean)


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With the announcement of the SimCity Rugby Union Board Watersford have formed the Watersford Rugby Football Union to make a bid to join the SCRUB 12 Nations Tournament.

To celebrate the formation plans have been unveiled and marketing images released for the proposed Lancaster Park in downtown Watersford Forks.