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March 24, 2023, 03:02:20 AM

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TELAU PRIME - Update 7 - 31/05/08

Started by mightygoose, April 11, 2008, 06:51:16 PM

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The basis of this City Journal is a multiplayer made by me Collgab, Mightygoose, and TheQuiltedLlama. The story is basically about a small group of Humans escaping the destruction of their home world of Earth. They arrived at Telau Prime and now have to create a whole new Human Civilization. The three nations on Telau Prime that are currently active are The Democratic Republic of Scandanovia, The Workers Assembly, and the United Atal Empire. While not a true, scripted, story CJ, this CJ will be about the growth and interaction of three fledgling nations trying to rebuild what was left behind of a once great Human civilization. We will be updating seperatly, and each of our nations has different political views etc. This  page will be where we will post the table of contents once we get big enough, hope you enjoy!


TheQuiltedLlama's nation of The Democratic Republic of Scandanovia
A Democratic Republic on Telau Prime.

Mightygoose's nation of The Workers Assembly
An Autocracy on Telau Prime.

Collgab's nation of The United Atal Empire
An Imperialistic society on Telau Prime.


Page One:- Introduction Part One and Two, Update One

Page Two:- Updates Two, Three and four 

NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....

Shadow Assassin

Nice summary.

Though, I especially like the picture at the top... it's pretty awesome!
New Horizons Productions
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Yes, this does indeed look like this is going to be quite the nice MD.  I can't wait to see what you guys have in store. :)

-Alex (Tarkus)


Great start there! And the flags are also looking fantastic! Looking forward to more of TELAU PRIME!



- (163.14YT) - (June 2014) -

Gliese 9261 is discovered by Stephen Baxter, a student in the United Kingdom, using the LSST 8.4m optical internet telescope. The body was 4 times the diameter of the earth and 1600 times more massive. Believed to be a brown sub-dwarf, the ancient remnant of a distant supernova, it's trajectory through the solar system would catastrophically alter the orbits of Mars, Earth and millions of asteroids. Once this had been confirmed, the UK government contacted world leaders across the globe to discuss potential solutions. The body was too large and too dense to be destroyed or diverted so the only remaining option was to get out of the way. After ruling out Mars as a potential new home a great search for extra solar planets began in earnest.

- (125.01YT) - (May 2090) -

It was the 13th of May when Lawrence Telau discovered the binary star system that later took his name. Of all the surveyed stars with planetary systems this was the nearest that could support human life. At 106 light years away it would take a century or two to reach but was mankind's only option. Simultaneously scientists had been refining the predictions on Gliese 9261, nicknamed "Baxter's revenge" after the long dead Cassandra, and had discerned it would begin affecting Earths orbit in the year 2145. It was decided that the ship would need to leave by the year 2141 at the latest to ensure safe passage past the rogue body.

- (100.8YT) - (December 2140) -

The Titania, the largest man made structure ever built leaves earth orbit under the power of its massive NERVA rocket motors. Once this initial Burn took Titania out of high Earth orbit toward the inner solar system all pre-burn checks for the main flight sequence were conducted. Titania had a closer approach to the sun than any other probe launched. At Perihelion 50% of the fuel reserve was expended in a gravity assist burn that sent Titania hurtling toward its final destination. Once this risky and previously unattempted maneuver was complete the Titania's Ion propulsion system was fired up. This would gradually accelerate the ship from its already colossal speed to its maximum velocity of 0.6c roughly 100 years hence at the halfway point of the journey. It would then gradually slow the ship down until the final burn brought them safely into orbit around Telau Prime.

- (50.4YT) - (July 2240) -

The Titania reaches the halfway point of its journey and successfully completes it's attitude adjustment and begins breaking with its Ion drive.

NAM + CAM + RAM + SAM, that's how I roll....


Awesome start here Mg and Love the pics!!! I cant wait for more...

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Hmm, sounds really interesting, I'm going to try to keep up the tab's here :) I'l check in again next weekend and see where your all at.


Keeping tabs on this one.

Shadow Assassin

An interesting start!

I'm a real sucker for this.  ;D
New Horizons Productions
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Fantastic part one there! And looking forward to the continuation... ;)


Wow, you're leading us to a whole new world. Interesting.... Looking forward to more!
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Finally! I've been waiting and waiting for this MD to come out, and now it has! You have a fantastic storyline set up now that will back everything up quite nicely. Absolutely can't wait for more! :)

Cheers! :thumbsup:


what an impressive start.
very well done  &apls
impressive pictures!

but... I think there's a spelling error in the very first picture... ManDkind...
anyways, minor flaw...

waiting for more!

... really, it is. I swear.


I will definitely agree with the consensus here--splendid start, mightygoose! It's going to be fun following this one!




- (0.0YT) - (12th March 2341) -

The Titania arrives in Telau Prime orbit after completing its final burn. Landing ships deployed to primary landing zone. Colony one established. Ships captain decides that he shall rule autocratically until basic civilization is achieved at which point he will host general free elections.

- (0.4YT) -

Basic civilization achieved. Colony one is now totally independent of all supplies and materials brought from Titania. Mines have been established as well as agriculture and manufacture. Commerce is starting to take off on a small scale. Leader maintains power.

- (0.9YT) -

By this interval Colony one has a population of nearly 10 000 people, a 5% increase on landing population. Education and healthcare systems have been setup as well as judiciary systems and emergency services. Leader maintains power.

- (0.11YT) -

Protests as to the leader's ongoing autocracy, fearing he has become power hungry. Demands of elections fall upon deaf ears. As popular unrest among supporters of the opposition grows Leader enforces stricter laws and enables emergency powers when political rioting begins. Angst amongst the loyalists combines with anger from the opposition culminating in mass demonstration outside the main government offices. 45% of the population protested with a significant proportion present to spectate. Armed enforcers block the steps and Leader offers an ultimatum: "Either you will agree to terms on which I have built the new colony, you will leave or you will enter servitude" It was rapidly decided that the opposition would exodus to find a new home where they could have democracy. Leader offered them use of the original landing ships, which they begrudgingly accepted and relocated to Scandanovia.

- (0.14YT) -

In Scandanovia it was decided a new Democratic republic would be set up. Within weeks the first elections were held. The two main parties to emerge were the Republican Party, which wanted to set up a democratic socialist country based on countries in the old Europe, and The Workers Assembly which wanted to form utopian communist state on the new planet. The Republican Party marginally won, however it was noted that many of those who worked in setting up these first elections were supporters of the Republicans. The Workers assembly demanded official enquiry as to the legitimacy of the results as preliminary polls showed their supporters to make up approximately 62% of the contemporary Scandanovian populace. The inquiry, known as the Fox-Hubbard report, revealed that the results were valid and so stood. This was not the answer the Workers Assembly were looking for and although suspecting republican treachery resolved to move to yet another of currently unoccupied continents.

- (0.15YT) -

The Workers Assembly settled on the Northern shore of Caprica. Founding an initial fishing colony and sending prospectors to evaluate the rest of the continent for mineral deposits.

- (1.0YT) -

All three nations have settled on different continents on the planet and have very little communication with each other, thus began a silent race to develope their nation so that when communication was reopened they were in the best possible stead as help would come from no one.


Oh, excellent work here! I really like this update, especially the images.


 :thumbsup:  Very good here Mjig!!!  I love that Riot shot  ;)

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Another wonderful update! Looking forward to more...


Wow - excellent pictures... looking forward to see how the 3 colonies will develop
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This shows the first farming community established on Scandanovia.

Such farming villages were soon set up all around the country, each would contain a small collection of housing and large farming areas where the inhabitants would work. This was the first major scheme that was started by the republican government and agriculture is expected to employ over 60% of the total population by 20.0YT. The Government is encouraging private enterprise by offer subsidies to establish privately-owned farms, but currently most are still state-owned. In the future there are plans to build large greenhouses to introduce more intensive farming into economy.